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A Horrible Night of Normality

October 31, 2019
By anna_hurst_ SILVER, Edmond, Oklahoma
anna_hurst_ SILVER, Edmond, Oklahoma
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As I walked through the doors of Walmart, I immediately felt eyes on me. I look back over my shoulder to find a sweet old man looking at me. I smiled at him as I grab my shopping cart and smiles warmly back at me.  I make my way towards the grocery section when the sound system starts playing music louder than I would have liked it, but it drowns out all of the other people around me. 

I bend over to grab a plastic sack for my bananas. As I grab the bag I feel a cool breath on my neck. I immediately jump up and turn around. When I look around there’s no one behind me or anywhere in sight. I must be imagining things because I could have sworn there was someone behind me. Like  they were so close I could feel their ice cold breath on my neck. Deciding to just move on I grab my fruit and head towards the isle of soups. 

The loud music distracts me from the nervous feeling in my belly. I push my cart all the way to the isle with the mushroom soup. I am looking for a can that’s not dented when I nearly scream. I turned around to find an entire row of soup cans on the floor. This is not happening! It’s impossible! Someone must have just walked by and accidently knocked over the cans, right? 

Moving on from that isle, I decide ice cream sounded good. I head over to the freezer section and the store music gets even louder. Once I reach the small pints of ice cream I park my cart and walk over to the freezer door. There are so many different flavors to choose from that I have an incredibly hard time deciding which I should buy. 

I finally chose the chocolate fudge brownie kind but it is in the very back of the freezer shelf. I open the freezer door to grab the pint however the pint seems to be stuck to the shelf. I grab the pint with both hands and pull it out with a thud. It sounded like the pint was broken off the shelf, it must have just frozen to the bottom of the shelf

I am still crotched down as I look down only to notice there is something red on the bottom of the ice cream. I bring the bottom of the container to my nose and the smell of copper inhales my nostrils.  As I wrap my head around what the red frozen substance is my eyes widen in fear. This can’t be true. No. There is blood on the bottom of my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Whose blood is on my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream? Why is there someone  frozen blood on my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream? 

Before any questions pop into my head, a hand reaches out from the back of the freezer. I am in so much shock that I don't even flinch when it's cold fingers wrap around my throat. The scream in my lungs only comes out inaudible. I have a realization as the hand pulls me into the freezer, the blood on the next chocolate fudge brownie ice cream will be mine.

The author's comments:

THis short horror story is sure to give you the spooks!

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