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The Raven hunters ruin

December 13, 2018
By Hiroshima SILVER, Raeford, North Carolina
Hiroshima SILVER, Raeford, North Carolina
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As I circled over Bird Academia, I saw Dia, limping towards the school gates. I turned from him, even the devastation that was brought upon BA was not enough to bring us together. I closed him out of my life like a flower encasing itself with its petals. I gently landed on the roof of our school and thought about the past months, that ravaged our lives, killing many. Two months ago, The Mysterious fogs rolled in, bringing the Raven hunters to our homeland. They killed and captured a multitude, and then demolished everything we had ever loved. Our school was almost all we had left. A single tear ran don my face as I thought about my little sister, Sirilda. She was just a ravenling. She died ignorant of her own defeat. I thought about my mother, Milagros, who had perished to save me , but almost failed... for a hunter cut off my right leg. I felt tears pouring from my normally blank, emotionless eyes as I thought about everyone who died trying to flee and save us. I felt a wing on my back. It was elder Raven. "I know you are sad about losing your loved ones, but do not forget why you are here," I shuddered at his gravelly voice. He lost as much as I did. I nodded and flew with him inside the school. I gagged. the smell of stale blood was lingering. I saw Dia in a corner picking up fallen rubble. We both volunteered to help fix the town. We were working on the school while the tiny proportion of our kind worked on the search and rescue for injured Ravens. We looked at each other and glanced away, knowing that even if we may have grieved and lost those who were closest to us, we were never able to be brought together, we were to different... and nothing could change that... White snow fell around us, but I couldn't feel it, I was numb. Nothing else could be as cold as my heart, which shattered and left me dead inside.

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