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The Abandoned School

August 22, 2018
By lonely_much03 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
lonely_much03 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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It was a gloomy, dark day when Bobby and Robert Nolan went to the first day of school. They were in the 6th grade and it was the day of Halloween. They wanted to stay home but it was only Monday. They were walking to school when they heard a high pitched noise came from a house on the street near their school. They didn't think much of it and just kept walking to school. They arrived 10 minutes late, and walked in.

No one was in the front office so they just went to class. The whole school was dark, and gloomy. The lights were flickering and they didn't think about to much. They got in class and they saw everyone was already there. They walked by their friend, Nate, who didn't try to high five. They wanted to ask why, but class was starting. So they sat down in there seats and looked at the board. The teacher wasn't moving from her chair, so they figured they had free time. They were about to get up, when the teacher screamed, “SIT DOWN YOU FILTHY MUTTS!”

The lights flickered on and they saw that their teacher had a misshapen face, bloodshot eyes, and a broken smile. They sat down and their friend turned to face them, his face was the same way. They looked around and realized everyone was like this. The quickly grabbed their bags and ran out of the classroom. They ran to the doors, pulled on the greasy handles, realized they were locked in, and tried to find a new way out. The light went out and they used the flashlights on their keys to find their way around.

They were avoiding the broken glass on the floor as much as possible, steering clear of the webs and blood splatters. They were looking for a safe classroom to hide in, but they were all locked. They got to the teachers area and found a non infected person inside. It was Miss Ashley, the art teacher. They reached then end of the dark hallway to try the last room, which was unlocked. They walked in and turned on the lights, when they realized they were in the lunchroom. It had doors that locked on the inside with no way of getting in, windows you couldn't break, and food.

They sniffed the room to find a terrible smell coming from the oven. They opened it to find stale bread covered in red goop. They threw it away and tried to find food they could consume. Bobby, Robert, and Miss Ashley found good bread and some juice in the fridge. They tried to sit at the wooden tables, but quickly realized the hard way they had decayed and broke when they had tried to sit down. They found an okay corner and turned out the lights so the freakish people wouldn't find them. They locked the doors and moved some tables in the way.

“Do you know what happened, Miss. Ashley?” Bobby had asked her.

“I do. Would you like to?” she responded.

“Please,” said Robert.

She told them what had happened was the school was infected with some terrible disease and some of the teachers had contracted it when they arrived this morning, and that she was the only teacher who hadn’t.  Some of the students had as well, others didn't. She told them the other kids were hiding in the school basement.

“Can we go down to the basement? To figure out why we aren't infected and to stay safe until we can get home?” Robert asked.

“Yeah, let's go. Grab your bags and i have my key with me,” Miss Ashley had told them.

They walked in the dark to the basement, avoiding broken doors and hiding when they heard the groan of a nearby creature. The water fountains were creaking and leaking all over the floor. Rats coming in and out many holes in the wall, busted lockers with the doors creaking, and foul smells coming from the bathroom (nothing new there). They had made there way to the basement and saw 5 other kids without the disease. There was Charlie, Bailey, Darlene, Maria, Jada, and Dennis.

There was a total of four guys and five girls. Bobby was an intelligent boy, so he immediately started to mark their similarities in his head. He soon realized that it was the eye color, and no one in the whole school had this rare eye color.

“I know why we aren’t infected,” Bobby said.

“Then tell us, Bobby!” Charlie stated.

“It's our eye color. We are the only ones in school like this,” Bobby told the group.

“So anyone with our gray and purple eyes is okay?” Robert said.

“That’s right, brother. We are lucky we were both born identical,” Bobby said.

They ate whatever food they could find in the basement. Most of it was pretty good, but some was old and they couldn't touch or mess with. After a few hours, they heard banging on the door of the basement. Darlene and Miss Ashley went up to check through the keyhole in the door. There was another person out there, Darlene came back down to the others to stay safe while Miss Ashley stayed to see if the eye color was similar.

The eye color was and it was another teacher, Mr. Jamriska. He was the newest teacher at the school that they had gotten to teach English. No one knew his eye color or anything about him because he was very new. They let him come down to the basement and he had brought a backpack full of food, water, and supplies. The teachers tried to call the police, but it was hard to get good service. Even with service, they wouldn't answer or would and got put on hold for a long time. After awhile, they gave up trying. The kids called their parents, but none of them answered.

After a few hours, the kids got hungry again. Miss Ashley volunteered to go find food for everyone to eat. She got up and Mr. Jamriska locked the door once she left. They waited an extreme amount of time and started wondering what had happened. The kids said she was probably going slow to make sure she stayed away from the ‘zombies’ as they were now calling them.

After another hour, they heard more banging. It was the cops and they said to get out quick. All but one of them had the gray and purple eyes.

“Sir, he has to stay. He is infected,” Jada stated, pointing to the officer.

“Why does Officer Charles have to stay?” the chief said.

“Because he isn’t immune to the disease. He doesn't have gray and purple eyes,” Dennis said.

“It okay, boss. I'll stay until we can get us to a quarantine,” Officer Charles told them.

“Okay then,” the chief stated.

They got everyone out and barricaded all the doors, all the schools were closed until further notice, and no one was allowed to leave their homes unless they were getting the food packages from their door steps. It was about a month later when everything cleared up. No one was allowed in the schools still, but everyone could leave their house again.

The group of kids were playing around at the playground near the school one day when Bailey shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Bailey!?” Bobby said. “Are you okay?”

“I just remembered… we left Miss Ashley behind,” Bailey said.

And the kids froze. A white truck pulled up. The kids didn't move at all. 4 men got out and took them all. The van drove until they arrived at the school where the disease had started. They took the kids inside and strapped them to tables. After a couple hours, the kids finally unfroze and didn't remember what had happened. A person was coming so they stopped talking. The person enter the room.

“Hello kids,” said Miss Ashley. “Miss me?”




The author's comments:

I wrote this piece as a school project, there will be a second part. Coming soon, I hope. Thank you, Mr. Jamriska, for inspiring me to write this.

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