Family Disaster

March 2, 2018
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(The family is getting ready to leave the house for a picnic. It’s a bright and shiny summer day and they wanted to spend it together as a family.)
Rose - Is everyone ready to leave?
(Mary runs down the stairs with Belle and Billy. Joseph is still putting together the picnic basket in the kitchen. He puts everything that is needed into the picnic basket and rushes out into the house’s entryway.)
Mary - We’re ready!
Joseph - Ready.
(The family leaves the house and walks a few blocks to the town park. They find a good spot to set up, and Joseph rolls out the picnic blanket and lays down the picnic basket. Belle and Billy run and lay down on the blanket and relax. Mary opens the picnic basket and eats a sandwich.)
Rose - Billy!
(Rose is a few meters away from Billy - who’s still laying on the picnic blanket - holding a ball for Billy to fetch. Billy runs to Rose and Rose throws the ball for Billy. Billy runs and gets the ball.)
Joseph - It’s almost your birthday, Mary. Have you decided what you wanna do for it?
Mary - Yeah! I think I’m gonna have a small party with some friends. Is that okay?
Joseph - Of course, Mary.
(Suddenly, the sky turns from bright and shiny to dark and stormy. Slowly it begins to rain.)
Rose & Mary - NO! Our family day!
(The family runs back into their car along with Belle and Billy. Everyone in the car is soaking wet.)
Joseph - I’m sorry this didn’t work out, girls. We can still do something together as a family at home. I know how much you guys were looking forward to this.
Rose - It’s okay. I guess we can have fun at home.
(The family gets home to find the front door wide open. They walk in and the house is trashed. Things are missing, like the TV, Mary’s laptop, and family pictures.)
Joseph - I’m gonna kill whoever did this.
Rose - Honey, let’s just call the police and let them do their job.
(Rose calls the police and they show a few minutes later)
Joseph- Do you have any leads?
Police-Yes we found bear furr a tie and a green hat
Police- Yes
Mary- No
Police- Yogi.


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