I'll Say What I Want to Say

October 29, 2017
By HenryMartin BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
HenryMartin BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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CHRIS: A handsome young athlete who is very popular and almost perfect. He is a drummer/ musician. His nickname is lil’ trap, due to his last name of Atrap. His girlfriend CASSIDY is very controlling.
CORY: CHRIS’ best friend since Pre-K. Together, they make an awesome team. They are the best basketball duo in their High School’s history.
CASSIDY: CHRIS’ girlfriend, who pretty much arranges everything that CHRIS does and does not let him have free time. She has multiple calendars that organize CHRIS’ life.
CADENCE: CASSIDY’s best friend who has a crush on CORY, but the feeling isn’t always mutual. She is very sweet, but also persuasive. She has wealthy parents who express their wealth to the fullest.

Act One

Setting: The Westchester High private school courtyard. CASSIDY is yapping to CHRIS about something he has to do that afternoon, he doesn’t listen to her. CORY enters from stage left, and CADENCE enters immediately after him from stage left as well, calling after CORY.
Time: 3:00 after school on a Thursday

CADENCE: (Yelling) Cory wait! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spill that on you! It was an accident, I swear.

CORY turns and has a clear patch on his shirt, near his right shoulder. He is aggravated and looks like he could hit someone.

CORY: Just leave me alone! You ruined my favorite shirt! (He growls) Just go away please I don’t want to hear it.

CASSIDY: (Curious) What happened?

CORY: (Frustrated) Your idiot friend over here spilled Sulfuric Acid on me and burned right through my shirt, (Points to his right shoulder) and a little on my skin.

CADENCE: C’mon, just forgive me! You know that I wouldn’t have done that on purpose. It was a friggin’ accident!

CHRIS: (Calmly) Bro, chill.

CASSIDY: (Clears her throat) That wasn’t on your agenda, Chris.

CHRIS: Jeez, Cass, chill.

CASSIDY: (Through her teeth) You are wasting SO much time right now. You have a lot of homework tonight and that math homework won’t solve itself.

CHRIS: Shut. Up. I can do it myself.

CASSIDY: I’m sorry, but you need to time everything out or else your 98.75 in Geometry could drop to a 98 if you don’t do this homework.

CHRIS: Just leave me alone. (He switches the topic) Cory wanna go play basketball? I’ll cross you up! I’ll ball, ‘till you fall!

CORY: Hey! I’ll dunk on you right back if you cross me up.

CHRIS and CORY get up to go to the gym, but CASSIDY snatches CHRIS’ arm, and yanks him down.

CASSIDY: (Angrily) How many times have I told you that (snarly) BASKETBALL comes after homework?

CHRIS: Jeez, Cass, chill. I’ll do it after. Besides, this game will only take a few minutes. I’ll win eleven to nothing after I drain a few shots in his face.

CORY: Hey! Not true! I’ll kick your ass. First one to the gym gets ball first!

End Scene

Scene Two

Setting: School Gym. It is very spacious due to the large grant that the school got to build a new gym. CHRIS and CORY are each dribbling a basketball. CHRIS is obviously a better dribbler, yet CORY can dunk but CHRIS can’t.
Time: 5 minutes later

CORY: So, how are things going with Cassidy? He implies that something is wrong.

CHRIS: Ugh. Don’t get me started on her.

CORY: What happened? (Almost sarcastically, yet not wanting to give away what he knew)

CHRIS: She can be so… rude, sometimes. (Keeping his secret between him and CASSIDY)

CORY: (Under his breath) Maybe even more than that.

CHRIS: What did you say? I didn’t hear you.

CORY: I said, “I wouldn’t ignore that”. And you shouldn’t. What if that escalates? What if (He whispers) she rapes you?

CHRIS laughs. And CORY fake laughs. It is obvious because of his facial expressions.

CHRIS: (Bluffing) Cassidy barely knows what sex is, let alone rape? You’ve gotta be kidding me? (Tries to change the subject) I don’t want to talk about her.

CORY: (He sighs) Ok. (He switches the subject, but fails) So how’s everything else? (Pause) You would tell me if Cassidy did something to you.

CHRIS: (Curious) Why? (Catches on) What do you know? Tell me.

CORY: Alright she told me that she got mad at you because you weren’t doing homework or something. That’s all I know, but I think it could get worse. Maybe it already has…

CHRIS: (Giving in) All right, all right, all right. (He sighs) She hit me.

CORY: Oh. My. God. (He pauses) How? When? Why?
CHRIS: It was when she yelled at me for my homework. (He sits down and sulks) I just don’t understand. I have to do something about it but whenever I try and talk, she says that I’m either wasting time or that it isn’t on my schedule. I just can’t stand her.

CORY: You need to do something about it. (Clearly concerned for his friend’s well being).

CHRIS: But what? (Interested)

CORY: You need to break up with her.

CHRIS: How? (Curious)

CORY: Well, just go up to her and tell her that you guys are done. (Sarcastically, although Chris takes it seriously

CHRIS: Ok, thanks. See ya. (He exits)

Cory starts to take some shots and dunks. Lights fade to black.

End Scene

Scene Three
Setting: Courtyard. CASSIDY is ranting to CHRIS about something, but he still won’t listen. He is obviously trying to do homework but cant because CASSIDY won’t stop talking. CADENCE is sitting on the other side of the table chewing gum.
Time: The next day.

CASSIDY: Chris, you need to go to basketball after school. You have absolutely no time to waste. I already ordered you an Uber. It will get there at exactly 5:00 when practice ends –

CHRIS: Jeez, Cass, it’s a game. It’s not just any game! It’s the Chip!

CASSIDY: Ok. Stop interrupting me. And what’s a Chip?

CHRIS: It’s the championship game, and you aren’t even coming!

CASSIDY: I have better things to do.

CHRIS: Whoa. Offense taken.

CASSIDY: (Snarly¬¬) Shut up. Just because I don’t go to your "Chip” doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.

CADENCE: Stop fighting you guys. Cass that was mean, though. You should go to his game. It’s important.

CASSIDY: (Furious) Stay. Out. Of. My. Life. CADENCE!

CADENCE: (Taken aback) God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.

CASSIDY: Chris. The game ends at 5:00 so get in your Uber after the game ends.

CORY enters from stage right. He yells to CHRIS.

CORY: (Screaming) Chris! You need to break up with her. (He stops and realizes that CASSIDY is sitting there. Everyone gasps) Of course. She’s sitting right there.


There is a long silence. Everyone is looking at CASSIDY. CASSIDY opens her mouth to speak, but CHRIS cuts her off.

CHRIS: (Quietly) Cass. He’s right, We’re done.
CASSIDY: (Confused) B… B… But you d… d… don’t decide wh… -

CHRIS: ENOUGH with telling me that I don’t have a say in (makes air quotes) “your” relationship.

CASSIDY: Why are you making air quotes around that? This is MY RELATIONSHIP!

CHRIS: That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

CASSIDY: You aren’t supposed to talk. You agreed in our contract.

CHRIS: What contract? (Confused)

She pulls out a packet of paper. CHRIS clearly doesn’t remember this by the look on his face.

CASSIDY: When you had your wisdom teeth removed… I had you… I mean… You signed a contract about our relationship saying, (She takes out a pair of fake spectacles) “I Chris Atrap agree to a relationship with Cassidy Pearson until death, or anytime upon her approval - ”


CHRIS grabs the papers before she can react, and tears them right down the middle, and once again the other way.

CHRIS: I guess I literally just ripped your heart apart.

CASSIDY runs off in tears. CORY, CADENCE, and CHRIS laugh.

CORY: Hey, good for you Chris. You finally came to your senses.

CADENCE: Good decision. (She kisses him on the cheek, then kisses CORY on the lips and winks, then exits stage right)

CORY: (Dumbfounded) Well, see ya around. (He exits stage left)

??The End??

The author's comments:

As an aspiring Actor, writing plays comes easy to me. I had a random thought about a controlling girl friend when I heard a choice of voiceless characters as a topic. I hope you enjoy!

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