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The Dollhouse

December 16, 2016
By BoobooBeetle DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
BoobooBeetle DIAMOND, Jacksonville, Florida
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Characters: Kora and Mr. Chuckles

Setting: The Dollhouse

Situation: Kora is a porcelain doll forged from the purest crystal. After years of neglect, she’s become insane. She talks to the other items in the room and very rarely do they ever reply to her, well, they reply in her head anyways.

(Kora sits on the top bunk of a child’s bed and talks to Mr. Chuckles about how life would be like to be loved.)

Kora: Mr. Chuckles, what day is it? (Kora turns her head to the right to look over at the teddy bear that sits, unstuffed, in the corner of the dollhouse then nods.) You’re right, Mr. Chuckles, it matters not!

Mr. Chuckles: I did not say that…

Kora: Oh, Mr. Chuckles, I didn’t ask about what you said. I simply made a statement and you just aren’t willing to accept it! (Kora turns her head back to in front of her and stares off into the distance.) The other dolls are lucky in life, portrayed as beauty to those of this society that love beauty over individuality. Is it worth it, just to be loved?

Mr. Chuckles: You and I will never find out, Kora. So please, let me rest.

Kora: (Kora lies down on the bed with the back of her head on the pillow.) OK, I am sorry. Goodnight, Mr. Chuckles. (Mr. Chuckles stays silent.) Mr. Chuckles, I want to be loved. (Mr. Chuckles doesn’t reply.) Mr. Chuckles doesn’t reply when he doesn’t like me anymore. Mr. Chuckles, do you not like me? Of course I don’t, why would I? Oh, but Mr. Chuckles, you’re my only friend. I’m not your friend; I would never be your friend. Mr. Chuckles, you’re going to make me cry… (Mr. Chuckles never replies and Kora stops talking.)

Mr. Chuckles: Goodnight, Kora. 

Kora: I cannot cry. (Kora turns her head and looks at Mr. Chuckles and realizes he never spoke.) Oh, I’m so silly… I was talking to myself… (Kora continues to stare at the teddy bear in the corner of the room and eventually, it turns her head towards her.) Oh, Mr. Chuckles, you do love to fool me.

Mr. Chuckles: Yes…silly me.

Kora: Don’t you worry, Mr. Chuckles, I believe you. (Kora closes her eyes and opens them, finding the teddy bear beside her.) I knew you loved me…

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This is really original and strangely good! I never could have thought of this idea in a million years, and the fact that it has so little background and doesn't make complete sense makes it even better. I like it a lot!