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Chemical Unbalance

May 26, 2013
By Shayy_Scene GOLD, Cadiz, Ohio
Shayy_Scene GOLD, Cadiz, Ohio
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[Setting: An empty abandoned warehouse very late at night. It’s very quite.] (A commotion comes from the left. A large flashlight fills the room. Two young people enter and sit on the floor, center stage.)

Rosie: I know why you asked me here, Darren. The answer is no.

Darren: (shakes head) I wasn’t going to ask anything; I just wanted to hang out,,,, like we used too. Tretan has been utilizing all your free time. I miss you Z-sie.

Rosie: (disbelieving) And that’s all you wanted to tell me?

Darren: (Moment of silence) Yes.,,, No,, I don’t know. Z-sie do you really think he’s right for you?

Rosie: YES! Dare, I know you don’t understand but, I’m in love! (Get’s up and spins in a circle; vivid red hair flying around her.)

Darren: (runs hand through long bleached blonde spikes) Z-sie, (stands up) does he tell you that you are beautiful everyday? Does he treat you the way you deserve to be treated? Does he appreciate what an amazing person you are? Does he see how smart and kind you are? Can he tell how you are feeling when he looks in those gorgeous olive eyes? (gets close) Does he kiss you like this? (kisses Rosie)

Rosie: (steps back gasping) Darren! Stop it. You know I love you but not like that.

Darren: Ten years. Ten years we’ve been friends and you never felt that way at all?

Rosie: (hesitantly) Maybe I did, a little bit, for a while. But it was just because you were, ARE, my best friend, and I was confused how I love you. But then I met tretan….
(A groan is heard form Darren)
Rosie; Darren, I know you don’t like him or want to hear this but it needs to be said. I love him and he loves me. You will always be my best friend but as soon as I met him I knew.

Darren: (mutters under breathe) Knew he was a cheater?

Rosie: What was that?

Darren: I didn’t want to tell you this, but I have no choice. Tretan is cheating on you with that blonde named Sarina.

Rosie: No, that’s not true. Darren, how could you stoop so low.

Darren; Think about it Z-sie! Why else would you have to keep your relationship a secret.

Rosie: (screams) I refuse to believe it! Do you have proof?

Darren: (stammers) Not exactly,,, but I still know it’s true. I mean she hangs all over him.

Rosie: (crosses arms and sits back down) We are going to settle this. I called Tretan before we got here because I knew you were planning something. He should be here any minute. And don’t even try to talk to me before he gets here because I won’t say another word. I WON’T!
(Darren lays down in silence; a few moments pass)
(A boy with short black hair is seen entering)

Rosie: (leaps up and throws herself at the boy) TRETAN! I’m so glad you are here. Darren is silly enough to think you are dating Sarina! (laughs)

Tretan: (Casually) I am.

(Darren and Rosie speak in unison)
Darren: I told you Z-sie!
Rosie: What? But, what about me?

Tretan: (shrugs) You’re fun but why would I care about you?

Rosie: ( pulls away with tears streaming down her cheeks) I thought,,, I thought you loved me.

Darren: He doesn’t love anyone.

Tretan: Once again your friend’s right. I’m sorry but it’s just never gonna work between us.

Rosie: Oh.
(Rosie runs out crying)

Tretan: (a pained look crosses his face) That was so harsh. For a guy who says he loves her, you are so mean, Darren.

Darren: It had to be done.

Tretan: (exasperated) But why? You asked me to date her when I moved here because you said she needed to see you were the only one right for her. I know you were jealous of guys who looked at her, I know you didn’t expect her to fall for me. But why did you have me end it so cruelly, cousin?

Darren: You can tell she’s the only one for me.

Tretan: It’s obvious you should be together,,,

Darren( interrupts Tretan) Well that’s your answer. This was the only way. I hate it. But I had too.

Tretan: Just make sure you do this the right way. Don’t mess this up. I don’t like hurting people so it better have been worth it. Especially because I would have loved to have gotten to know her.

(Tretan leaves.)

Darren: (whispers to no one) I hope it’s worth it too…..
(Darren leaves the stage)


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