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September 30, 2012
By Artsygirl SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Artsygirl SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather that something is more important than fear.
" Let no one despise your youth instead be an example to the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. " 1 Timothy 4:12

Characters: Ammianus Diogenes: A seventy year old writer who lives in the house of Marcus Antonius. He was a lover of Julius Caesar and when he died, he became a lover of Augustus Caesar. He is very stuck in his ways and he doesn't like change.

Publius Scrofa: A thirty-two year old writer who lives in the house of Augustus Caesar. He is very into different opinions and likes to have heated discussions with people. He enjoys getting people to really think about what they believe in and he believes that change is a necessary part of life.

Januarius Lunior A forty-five year old writer who is opposed to the ideas of Augustus Caesar and believes that Rome could handle itself without a Caesar. He is mysterious and does not like to give away too much personal information about himself. He is a very proud citizen of Rome and wants the best for all the people who live there.

A spotlight is on Ammianus who sits at a desk stage right writing on a piece of papyrus. There is a door to the left of him. Another spotlight is on Publius who sits at a desk stage left writing on piece of papyrus. There is a door to the right of him. The rest of the stage is dark except for a light post that illuminates a small bench just under it. Enter Janarius. Janarius sits down on the bench and stares up at the stars. The spotlight is on him and for a moment all three writers are spotlighted. Then the spotlight goes down on Ammianus and Publius.

Janarius: ( To the stars) It is a beautiful night is it not my love? It is a night for things to happen. For change! A chance for Janarius to be a Caesar you would say. I shall not disagree too harshly my love for I know you are but a tender angel in the heavens now. But my love my sweet sweet Aemila the time is near for change. No more Caesars no more! The time has Come for Rome to be governed by the people of Rome as a whole, not just one man who is no more a god then I. Hark! Someone is Coming.

The spotlight is up on Ammianus who gets up from his desk and opens the door and walks outside. He walks over to the lamp where Janrius is sitting.

Ammianus: Janarius, my old friend is that you?

Janarius: Ammianus as I live and breathe I never knew this was your hometown. As I walked in the night trying to find a place that way quiet away from all the noise of the city, I thought this land looked familiar but now I know it is because of you old friend. I trust your family is well? No hardships? And the master of the house Marcus Antonius how bears he?

Ammianus: I'm afraid good Janarius that all is not well. My wife and children bear well thanks to the heavens. But I'm afraid all is not well in the house of Marcus Antonius

Janarius: Do tell Ammianus what troubles Marcus?

Ammianus: It is untold. Only in his eyes can I see that something is not well in him. But let us not dwell on unpleasant things. ( A pause) I saw you, while looking out my window taking a break from my letter to Publius talking to the stars. Are you becoming an Astronomer Janarius?

(A spotlight is on Publius. He gets up from his desk and opens the door. Publius turns his shoulder and says “ I'm going to get some fresh air,” He walks awhile until he reaches the lamp post and is just about to speak when he hears that Janarius talking to Ammianus.)

Janarius :( Laughs) No good Ammianus I was confiding in my wife about serious matters.

concerning.... Can I confide in you Ammianus?

Ammianus: As well as you can confide in your wife.

Janarius: I shall then. I was confiding in her that-what was that sound?

Ammianus: I do not know. ( He looks behind him nervously) Pray that it is not a criminal nor an evil man.

Janarius: I am sorry Ammianus but I can not confide in you less that I find out what that sound was.( He gets up from his seat and starts to search around nervously)

(Publius emerges from the shadows. Now the only light is the dim glow of the lamp post.)

Publius: Greetings good men. Do you welcome me to your company?

Ammianus: My friend Publius! As the heads of our houses are allies so we shall be now and always. Your presence is most welcomed here treasured friend. This is Janarius the writer.

Publius: A good trade. Same as my own. What great man do you write for? And may his name forever be blessed.

Janarius: Who I write for is not of importance. I may tell you that they are disliked by many therefore it is better that it remain secret. ( Coldly)

Publius: Well, I like a man who goes against the ways of what others think is right.

Janarius: I was about to confide in Ammianus about something that you might be able to benefit too. It seems as if you are a man of my own heart.

Publius: It seems that way. For Ammianus has told me many things about you. Speak and I will listen.

Janarius: I was confiding to my wife that I believe the time has come for action. Action against the Caesars.

( There is a pause. Ammianus starts to fume. After a moment Publius nods slowly.)

Publius: I have heard tell of a man named Janarius who is against all Caesars so you are he?

Janarius: The very man.

(Ammianus gasps. He points an accusing finger at Janarius )

Ammianus: You are a traitor to Rome! Caesar Augustus may he live forever is ruler of Rome and will be until the gods take him away from us! Caesar-

Janarius: Caesars are un-needed. The beautiful Rome is not in need of any Caesars so I believe. Join me brothers in the fight against Caesar Augustus. To fight against everything we have ever known so that in the end Rome will be better then we have ever known!

( Ammianus stormed away from the bench. Publius looks at Janarius with interest.)

Janarius: Ammianus Come back!( He sighs) Publius my good fellow, will you join me to bear arms against Caesar?

Publius: No Janarius. I will not join you to bear arms against Caesar. (Long Pause)

( Janarius looks at Publius in disgust.) But Janarius I will join you to draw pens against Caesar. We will change all of Rome with our writing. We will make Rome see it our way! We will win the citizens of blessed Rome over with our pens! Yes good Janarius we will fight but not with swords

Janarius: ( Almost to himself) We will fight with our words. (Louder) Yes we will overcome the Caesars with our powerful swords in the shape of pens!

Publius: Let's get back to work Janarius, we've got some writing to do!

The author's comments:
I wrote this last year and performed it with my parents. It is my first attempt at a play and I'm pleased with its result.

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