The Gullible

May 24, 2012
By Il-Jasper GOLD, Tifton, Georgia
Il-Jasper GOLD, Tifton, Georgia
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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."


THE BEGGAR/ABERCIO "The eldest brother of the royal family which Damario descends from.

THE BLIND DAMARIO-Younger brother of Abercio that was blind since childbirth.

GREY-EYED ATHENA-The goddess of wisdom and warfare.


Morning light filters through vacant windowsills; a shady travel-worn man appears followed by a faction of well-armed men. The shady man waved a gesture and the group dispersed into the shadows. The man than began prattling along the buildings, occasionally looking in a window or two while muttering an unfolding plot to himself.

Abercio: (Mutters to himself and walks to and fro, making ponderous gestures in it all) A fool, my father is to have an affair with a goddess, and then leave her for a mere mortal! Now he will repent for following such a fateful choice of roads! How amusing it is, for the seed of his life and blood, to be the cause of his demise! Now I cannot carry out any actions but wait I’ve heard the townspeople speak of how easily deceived the blind prince is. So naïve as he, that it would be all too easy for myself to ruse him into revealing vital information about an entrance into the palace. My men will be ready to attack and see myself as the true king! (Exits and waits for Damario to come)

Enters Damario, Abercio walks up to Damario and readys himself as a beggar

Damario :( Stops what he is doing and hears footsteps) Who’s there?

Abercio: (Walks clumsily up to the blind man and croaks out his question) Are you perhaps the blind prince whom I may seek supplement?

Damario: (Clenches his brows in thought) I am indeed the blind prince, who goes there?

Abercio: (Sounds frightened) Forgive me my lord, for I am just a old beggar and I’ve heard words of your benevolent manner and wish to receive nourishment from your table.

Damario: I suppose you’ve heard correct. Most men would take advantage of a blind prince such as myself and ask for riches, but you poor beggar has only asked for simple supplement, I shall provide thy with what you seek. (Hands Abercio a loaf of bread.)

Abercio: (Happiness spills over with his words) Oh, thank you for your kindness, may the Olympian gods bless you. (Eclipsed silence passes between them while Abercio pretends to eat)

Damario: So what is your title do you go by?

Abercio: (Stops midway through eating and clears his throat) Abercio, my lord! Although, I only know you as the blind prince do tell me your name!

Damario: Not many know my real name; it is Damario.

Abercio: (With a hint of sarcasm) Damario, I would’ve never fathom that name. What a nice name it is.

Damario: (Curiously inquire) I know very little about you stranger, please tell me about yourself?

Abercio:(Sounds sad and forlorn) My father abandoned my mother before she knew she was impregnated with me, therefore my father does not know that I exist. I also have a brother, although we aren’t very close. My family is very poor. I have been a beggar for too many of these days.

Damarrio: (Melancholic) I am grieved by your story. May I assist you in any other way dear friend?

Abercio: My lord, since you are so noble and kind. May I reside in thy’s castle for the night? The skies are awfully dark; I fear there may be a tempest nearby.

Damario: Well you don’t seem to pose a threat; perhaps maybe one night won’t hurt.

Abercio: My lord, may Zeus come down from Olympus cliffs and bless you upon the temple of your brow. Your kindness never seems to fade.

Damario: (Withdraws a key from his robes) Here is the key to the only door that is not guarded in the palace. From this door you shall find the sleeping corridor near the king’s corridor.

Abercio: (Takes key from Damario and bluntly knocks the prince in the head) To think that we share the same blood. (Shakes head and frown in mutual disgust at his brother)

Abercio waves a familiar gesture and the faction appear out of nowhere, Abercio unlocks the door and withdraws from his robes; a sinister-looking dagger. The group sheathed their weapons and quietly sneaked in. They trail close to the king’s door and in a single cue abruptly broke the door, and at the heat of the moment slewing the King and his wife in their sleep. They searched and killed anyone else in the palace, and then proceeded to rejoice their success in the dining hall.

Enters Damario, the blow to his head rendered him to be able see and he tries to grasp on what happened. Damario recalls the beggar and cringes to the last words that he heard only “Brother”. He staggers up and sees the door awry. Damario walks in, and finally reached the king’s corridor. He sees his parents dead in their bed, but he does not know they are his parents. He dashes all among the palace finding death in every corner. Then laughter and the chinking of glass could be heard somewhere in the palace. Damario hurries to the sound and finds them celebrating.

Damario: What Is this?! Have I only regain my eyesight to see bloodshed?! Who was the cause of this?!

Everyone stops clattering and all turn their heads to Damario.

Abercio:(Mocks in beggar’s voice)Don’t you recognize this voice? For I am just a wee beggar, hahahaha!

Damario:(hesitate and confused) It was you behind all of this?!

Abercio:(Laughs evilly) You fool! Don’t you know not to trust strangers?! Or perhaps your own brother?

Damario:(Silence for a moment) What do you mean? My brother cannot be someone so wicked.

Abercio: Your father was the one who had an affair with my mother Aphrodite and now he already came to decide his own fate!

Damario: (Shocked) No! My father has always remained loyal to my mother.

Abercio: I am your father’s eldest son, and the throne was rightfully mine!

Damario:(Absolutely stupefied) My father, my mother, my brother, all lying in the pool of their own blood. Oh woe is me, why has such tragedy befallen me!

Abercio: I do apologize for the bloodshed, although there was no other way. Guards get him out of here!( Gestures to group and the group roughly kicked Damario out of the palace and into the dark streets)

Damario: Oh god and goddesses please lend me your ears, why give me sight if only the things I see appall me! For I truly see how the world is! The corrupting nature of men, what should I do!

Enters Athena, whom has watched the entire ordeal from the beginning.

Athena: Your imploring cries I have heard poor Damario. What a wretched life that lies before your newfound sight, but there lies a resolve. The only road left for you is death, let it be by no hands except for yours to lead you on this road.

Damario: I never knew my fate as it is now, may I take this road for my own! (Kills himself with sword or dagger).

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on Dec. 14 2012 at 8:09 pm
cayaTW PLATINUM, Yuma, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Those who forget history will often repeat it

this dialouge i really convincing and effective.  in other words each character is distingushable.  i just think you could work a little more on the stage directions and the like.  i liked it.

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