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The Boyfriend Conundrum

December 17, 2018
By nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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[Stage instruction] The stage is set in a small dorm room center stage with only a bed and a desk piled up with books and papers. A short, brown haired, 24-year-old girl named Rose sits on the bed with her laptop. Rose is intellectual and also introverted. She will soon graduate from a prestigious college where she has a full scholarship. Many of the students there are wealthy and she is the opposite. She struggles to fit in, is bullied and feels a lot of hate. She gets through it partly because of her best childhood friend, Josh, who was always available to call or text, and sometimes visited her at school, but now he is not around. One of her biggest tormentors is a very popular guy in school, Liam, who always seems to be around making life difficult for her. This last year, things are changed for Rose. She is doing very well at school, loves the subject of artificial intelligence, and wants to go to graduate school to study Robotics, an area of study not many women pursue.  She is working on a research paper to submit to a conference in Stockholm, and if it’s accepted, she will be invited to attend. It would be a big honor, and boost her career plans. Love is still the one thing that is missing from her life. She’s never had a real boyfriend and strangely one day she finds herself having to choose between two.

[monologue] [In a frustrated tone.] Ugh! I can’t concentrate! I’ve got to get this paper finished by the deadline for the Stockholm conference. [Two spotlights on stage left and stage right light up softly on a boy standing on each side.] [One boy is very tall and athletic, with dark hair and is wearing a team jacket. The other boy is medium height, blond hair, and wearing a jean jacket.] Yes! You guys are keeping me from what’s important in my life. You can’t just confess to me suddenly! [Lights go off them.] [Rose then sits on her bed and groans while putting her fingers through her hair.] Wow, Rose, this is different! I don’t often have a problem where I just don’t know what to do. There has to be a logical solution. [Dim light shines on a guy on stage right. She walks over.][softly] Liam, you… you made my life miserable since the moment we saw each other. I thought you never cared about me, but you say all this time you did. Now you claim that you’re actually a caring guy, and you’re sorry. [Light turns and moves onto the other man on stage left. She walks to the other guy.]  And you Josh, you have been by my side since we were babies. I tell you everything. I just never knew you felt this way. [she pauses] I think a part of me has always had feelings for you. [light goes off him. She walks to her bed.] You know what, I bet I just need a nap! Yeah! I can sleep on it. [she lies down but tosses and turns. The lights go on and off on the boys. Rose sits up.]  Ugh! None of this is working! Maybe a little research on the subject will help. [A spotlight shines on a big diary. She rises and grabs it and reads aloud.] “September 12, 2014, first day of college. Today was the first day of college and it was a nightmare! I am so out of place here, and I feel like I’m being judged by everyone. There is this great-looking popular guy in a couple of my classes, and already he seems to be laughing at me with his friends.” [Rose turns the pages and continues reading.] “October 15, 2016, Josh, my only true friend, has been avoiding me. I don’t know why, but it’s breaking me inside. I used to text with him every day, but I feel like he’s ghosting me.” [She flips the page, reading aloud.] “February 1, 2018, Today something different happened. Liam asked me to go to a café with him to study.” [Rose continues to flip through the diary and reading. She stops, pauses, then picks up a pen and writes while speaking aloud.] So for today’s entry… “April 29, 2018: This was the weirdest day! My “study-buddy” Liam and I were in the café having a serious conversation. He told me that he’s been interested in me since we first met. He wants to go out with me! [Short pause.] Just then who walks in but Josh and he sits down with us. (I’ve only seen him off and on for ages). When we got up to leave, Liam gave me a big hug. In the next moment, Josh took my hand and gave me a kiss. Liam then took my wrist and pulled me toward him.” [Stops writing and speaks loudly in a questioning tone.] Were they fighting over me, these two grown men? [She shakes her head and writes and reads on.] “While they were glaring at each other, I left to work on my Robotics paper.” [Stops writing and looks up.] So it seems like I find myself with a big decision to make, to choose between these two “off and on” friends. I have never in my life had so much attention from one guy, let alone two! [speaking slowly] I’ve read my diary, done the research, but what does my heart tell me? [She looks off into the distance.] I think I know. [Rose looks down and picks up her pen, writes while speaking emphatically.] “Today I choose me! I’m going to get to Stockholm, and who knows, I could meet anyone there.” [Smiles and puts down pen.] [Lights out.] [end]

The author's comments:

A dramatic monoluge that I wrote. 

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