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Snickers, Or Twix?

November 20, 2018
By Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
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                                                             Snickers, or Twix?


Alex, the main character, is a seven-year-old boy who is mildly obese. He must go to fat camp for a week in the summer and is very upset about it. He is in a Jaws t-shirt, dark jeans, worn shoes that are bursting out at the sides, and a gray jacket that obviously can’t zip up. He is blonde with blue eyes and has a Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack on that has a candy bar sticking out of the pocket.

Vanessa: she is very tall with huge broad shoulders and extremely overweight as well. She is in a purple dress with black sneakers, and she has dark hair with chocolate brown eyes.  Her nails are chipped and very short, but you can see the remnants of old pink nail polish.

Adults: There are two adults, in the back of the set, talking to each other. They are dressed in khakis and camp shirts.

Time: present day

Setting:  The set is the outside of the camp with a cabin in the background. There is a campfire with stumps sitting all around the firepit. There is a banner on the cabin that says, “Welcome to camp!”, but it looks like it’s about to fall off. It is in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is about 7:00. Curtain opens, and the lights come on to reveal the set. Alex is already on stage, looking around with a smile wide on his face.

Vanessa: (walking up to Alex and keeping a straight face, shy, with hands on backpack, looking at the floor) So, uh, what are you here for?

Alex: (with a wide smile, taking a deep breath) Oh! Well you see, my momma said that I was getting kinda big and eating too many chocolate-covered strawberries and that I needed to go to camp. I don’t know what she meant by that, though, specially cause strawberries are good for ya and all. (chuckles at Vanessa’s expression, which is dumfounded) I mean, I know the chocolate isn’t, you don’t gotta look at me that way. (Alex’s face looks kind of sad) But still, I don’t know why my momma had to send me here. (with a smile spreading across his face) Either way, I sure am excited! Oh, do you want a candy bar? I don’t usually share my food, but you seem nice. Here, take it! (Vanessa takes candy bar) You know, I think my favorite candy bar is Three Musketeers. Oh, and don’t even get me started on cake. Cake is my favorite food. I really like chocolate and vanilla and strawberry and lemon cake, and I also like Mountain Dew cake, but Coke cake is not good. You should drink Coke with cake, not eat them together. It’s not good at all. And my mom always wants me to pick that cake because its her favorite and she tries to not have sweets in the house, but when she makes cakes, she wants to make them for herself. My mom is so skinny and pretty. Even though she used to be fat. She was pretty then too. I don’t have a dad. My dad died when I was little. Mommy says he was too fat, and that’s why I’m coming here now. She doesn’t want me to end up like Daddy. Even though I never would because I’m not old, so I can’t die. But whatever makes her feel better. (has a lightbulb moment. Vanessa continues to just stare at him while he keeps talking) Oh, right, I was telling you my favorite candy bar. Oh, it’s not Three Musketeers. Probably Twix. So yeah. I think that I’ll have fun here. A camp for eating? Sounds fun to me. You think it’ll be fun? (Vanessa shakes head yes) Yeah, me too. I could really use a nap. But I don’t want to go to bed yet; I’ll just sleep later. (they sit in silence for about twenty seconds) Do you think I could end up like my daddy? (Vanessa shakes head no) Yeah, me neither. You sure don’t talk much do you? (Vanessa shakes head no) Yeah, I used to not talk much either. Right after my daddy died. And then I got over it and here I am! (kids start running out from the cabin, with adults behind them)

Adult 1: Is everyone ready to play some games? Tag, duck duck goose?

Adult 2: Anything to get the blood flowin!

Alex: (distraught expression on face) I don’t think that this is a camp for eating, I think they’re trying to get us to exercise! I haven’t done that for four years! Momma ain’t never said I had to! I wanna go home! (Alex starts to whimper and whine. Alex walks toward adult one and starts begging at their feet) Please let me go home! I miss my momma! (tears up) Where’s my momma? (adult one gets Alex off their leg and he walks back toward Vanessa. He dries his tears) You know, I think my favorite candy bar might not be Twix. I think its’s Snickers. But I could be wrong about that too. (banner in the background that says “Welcome to camp” falls, and the lights dim as the curtain closes)

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