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Human Robot
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James Five piercing beebs sounded from my alarm clock. Its display reading 0600 as it did every day. I quickly got out of the bed and walked across the room to the closet. I changed into the uniform required to be worn by all. The uniform was... (more »)
Time Jump
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On regular day in a small regular town of Belmont, Massachusetts a not so regular boy named Parker just got out of school. Parker was an 11-year-old boy with brown hair, brown eyes, and freckles on his nose. He looks like a typical 5th grade... (more »)
Husky and the Girl
By , Tampa, FL
I sighed and glanced around the blank white walls of the hospital room. I’ve been here for what felt like centuries, partly because of the cancer I’ve been fighting, and the fact that I’ve actually been here for quite a while.... (more »)
A Different Type of Immortality
By , Sugar Land, TX
Han kicks a rock off the bridge, shoves his hands deeper into his pockets, and shudders. It is a cold day, the kind that only happens by surprise -- the kind of cold that everyone expects but no one is truly prepared for. It is the kind of cold... (more »)
Straight On Till Morning
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The blaring sound of car alarms and shuffling feet against the wet pavement echoed all throughout the streets and down long, narrow alleyways. It was a restless city, London, one that seldom ever slept, but at least that way you never felt... (more »)
Excerpt From the Time Traveler's Days
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The man was odd. There was no questioning that. He wore a top hat with spectacles, and a gold chain dangling from his waistcoat. To one of the modern day, you might say that he appeared as everything a man from the nineteenth century would look... (more »)
The One Simple Cybro
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My name is Simple Cybro and I live on planet Cybrolandia. Everyone else on the planet is a different version of our god, Cybro the Great. Let me give you some examples of Cybros: Tall Cybro, Quick Cybro, Lizard Cybro, Inside out Cybro, Beast... (more »)
The Wish Maker
By , Hartsel, CO
Picnic blanket sprawled under her, a dark veil sparkling with glitter above, the night was perfect. At least that’s what Anna thought when she leaned against her beloved boyfriend’s shoulder. Caspian had spread a picnic below the stars for... (more »)
The Beast
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    The beast suddenly let go of him and fell to the ground, dead. He stared at it for  a moment, and bracinged for another attack, but it never came. Breathing heavily, he warily turned away warily and sat down on the ground, exhausted.... (more »)
the sad, but happy story
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One day on a nice Saturday afternoon Iasiah, a kid with depression, sits on his bed, listening to Five Finger Death Punch through his Playstation, while texting his crush.  Trying to relax, Richard bursts his fat stomach in the door then, yells... (more »)
The Capital Punishment
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A brown rabbit crouched low to the ground, sniffing for signs of food, it’s furry ears oblivious to the imminent danger. Overhead, the morning sky turned red as the sun peeked over the horizon. Suddenly, with a twang,  a sleek arrow embedded... (more »)
The Light Within
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The Light Within It had been five years since the sun had fallen from the sky. Everyone had their own theory about why it had happened, but no one could really come up with a good answer. The fact was that the sun had been there, and now it was... (more »)
I'm In
By , Roslyn, NY
“Have you ever heard of the name, Red Grau?” Titus sat in a cold, metal seat at one end of a long table. There were two agents on either side with a stern lady on the opposite side. When Titus arrived, she introduced herself as... (more »)
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Ever since he was young, Elijah always had a strong sense of justice. Now, that sense had helped, and yet also harmed him for all his life. It helped by not letting him get corrupted by horrible people, criminal or otherwise. It harmed him by... (more »)
Food or lover?
Dear Espelia. Please find Dmitri Stinewall. He is to be your next victim. Kill him quickly and roast him gently. I walk into my sophomore homeroom. I have no idea who this “Dmitri” is, but he will most certainly be dead within the... (more »)
Escape Plan For the Lonely Seven
By , Englewood, CO
  As night falls upon a high school somewhere in a big city, a group of seven friends are planning an escape from their high school that they are stuck in. As they are planning one of them is looking out the window at the hundreds of... (more »)
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