Attention All Passengers, This Is a Massacre

March 7, 2017
By 13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
13Oli13 SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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"Are you sure this is the right place? Look how old and run down it is," I asked.

"I'm positive, Kiki. This is the address on the ticket: 666 Wood Acre Drive," my newlywed husband responded. I shrugged then got out of the door. I reached into the trunk and pulled out my two suitcases. "Got everything? We'll be gone for three weeks."

"Yes, Jeremiah. And I somehow managed to fit it in only two bags." He laughed at me then wrapped an arm around my waist leading me to the station. We are traveling from our home in Moscow, Russia to Paris, France. First, we take a train ride to Frankfurt Germany then fly from there to Paris. I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to Paris.

"Ma' lady." I giggled like a schoolgirl as he opened the door for me and bowed. The inside of the station was much unlike the outside. It was big, open and full of people running around trying not to miss their train.

"Wow, this place is beautiful. The designs on the ceiling are so ornate." I didn't realize I had stopped in the middle of the walkway until I felt my husband trying to push me along, subtly. We found the right gate.

"Tickets please," the bored old man working asked. Jeremiah pulled out the tickets and the old man greedily snatches them out of his hands. The man pulls the pieces of paper up to his nose and takes a sniff. I cast a curious glance over at Jer. He shrugged then turned back to the man. He has started licking the tickets and rubbing them all over his face. My husband tried to reach over and grab them but was stopped.

"Not yet sonny," the man growled. I looked closer at his tattered name tag and made out Daimon. Huh, interesting name. He continued sniffing and licking the tickets for five more minutes then ate them. "Ok, before you get on the train, you must go through the cleaning process. He doesn't like his...guests dirty. Follow me." The pudgy man turned on his heel and signaled for a worker to take our bags. We had no choice but to follow him. 

"Jeremiah, what's going on," I whispered as we were led down a long dark hallway.

"I honestly don't know. The reviews said only good things. Nothing about creepy workers and the 'cleansing process'." He sounded angry and frustrated.

"Mr. Daimon, how much longer until we board the train?" This is taking forever.

"Not much longer. Ah, here we are. Lunch, I mean, women to the left and dinner, uh, men to the right." Hesitantly I stepped in to look around. I was not staying in here. The door was open and many women were sharing a big bathtub with female workers scrubbing their skin with hard bristled brushes. Before I could run out to my husband, a hand grabbed my shoulder.

"No exit dearie. Once in here, no one escapes until they have been cleaned." I shot a worried glance out the door only to see Jere in the same dilemma. Two women undressed me and led me to the tub. It took a lot of pulling as I was resisting the entire way. As I took a closer look at the women in the tub with me, I choked back a scream. They were decomposing bodies.

"There must be some kind of misunderstanding. I should be on a train to Germany now. I should really be going. I need to-" I was interrupted by a familiar hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see my husband in disheveled clothes and a hand over his eyes.

"Get changed. We are leaving. Now." As I got out of the bath, I saw my husband fighting off the ladies working here. I quickly threw my clothes on then grabbed his hand and ran out. I found the platform we were supposed to leave from and saw the train already boarding.

"Finally. Thank gosh." I sighed in relief. We were welcomed aboard and we rushed to find our seats. We were across from each other with a table in between.

"Go to sleep, you look tired. I'll wake you up when we get there." I nodded then slowly drifted off to dreamland.

"Attention all passengers, this is a massacre." I was awoken by a very weird announcement and screaming. There was blood everywhere and people moving about. I looked across from me and saw my husband, dead. His neck was slit and the blood dripped down into his lap and onto the table. I was horrified! Who would do this?! I looked around and was met face to face with someone in a mask holding a bloody knife.

"Sleep tight, dearie," my attacker snarled. I screamed as my vision went black. Goodbye.

"Police still have no idea how or why the train stopped running. It seems someone on the train killed everyone, and then himself." The camera panned out to show a young couple sitting across from each other holding hands, dead, surrounded by blood."

The author's comments:

During the time of my life I wrote this, I was going through horrible depression and anxiety. Writing is my way out of the real world and to let my emotions flow freely without judgment.  

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