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March 3, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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I got kicked out of the 'popular crowd' yesterday. I live at Rockyridge Orphanage in Barcelona, Spain because my parents died in World War 2, when I was 5. All of my relatives lived out of the country and I didn't have enough money to fly there. As an added plus, I was diagnosed with a certain disease which enables me to never walk again and received a wheelchair.(lead)

My name is Cecelia Amber McCormick and I am 13 years old. I have a 2 month old kitten named Snowbelle Kayt McCormick. When I met her, she was squeaking like a rubber ducky at bathtime, sweating like a fluffy dog during summer and whining like a lost little kid.(magic 3) She had on the best take-me-home(hyphenated modifier) face, on I couldn't help but adopt her. She was an excited little baby who looked like freshly fallen snow, sounded like a motor in a car, smelled like old dust and felt as soft as silk.(4 senses) Jordan Delmarco was the one who helped me pick her out. She was as nice as old ladies to very young people.(figurative language)

I was metaphorically 'saved' by a lonely kitten with no relatives and was helped in return.(full
circle ending part 1) She needed so much attention that she was banished from the orphanage veterinarian, banished from the rest of the orphanage for being nosy and banished from everybody except me.(repetition for effect) She was a helpful little sassy butterball of play and nap. Together we showed Brittany(the most popular girl in school) what it's like to be rejected. The press found out about our Dynamic Duo and were always on our heels. One day, Ms. Shannel wanted me to bring in Snowbelle.
She was there the next day, sporting a new diamond-studded orange collar with a bell and I had on a bright orange sweater, tan khaki's and blood red flip-flops.(snapshot) She had two second s to run, but it was too late. She was scooped up and rushed away to be hidden. But the perpetrator was no match for
the animal. She sprung and penetrated the lip and nose and gashed the cheek, leaving a jealous, broken-hearted girl rushing to be comforted by another girl only to be tossed aside as she reached to help the owner and mentioned animal.(expanded moment)

'How could you, Jordan? You're my best friend, notCici's!' Brittany cried out.

'No! I want to run you out of town and burn down your house! How can you steal a girl's kitten,
say it was your's to the press for more publicity, try to hurt the cat and expect me to deal with it? That was heartless! I don't ever want to see you again!' screeched Jordan.

'No! I'm prettier, more popular, smarter and nicer than Cici! Why can't she just crawl into a hole, curl up into a ball and just die!' Brittany squealed and ran off.

Nobody liked Brittany. She WAS heartless, mean and not smart at all. She thought she ruled the school. As an added bonus, she never came back to Hillside Junior High again. I have always trusted Snowbelle to guide me through some tough spots.

I owe my life to a cat with no parents, brothers or sisters. Just me and her.(full circle ending part

The End!

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