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Phoenix Flight

March 3, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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''Wheeze' there is too much dust here. We can leave you know,' told Jrodan, the medic of the once alive Mortra team.

'No we can't, no matter how much dust is in the air, we can't leave 'til we get the phoenix egg,' explained the leader, Lionel, of the Mortra. The Mortra team was once a search and destroy team, and a search and retrieve team, but now they're a recon team for the Reilly Domain. The Reilly Domain team is a large team of soldiers meant to make the world a better.

The Mortra team is the Domain's lead team. But when Jrodan ran his mouth to much, he made the once whole team go on the deadliest mission of their career. Now Roran, Nen, and Croda are dead. Now Lionel is trying to make the mission a success, so it would not be in vain to lose 3 other members.

' Come on, we have to get out of here. Were lost and we can't see 5 feet in front of us,' complained Jrodan.

' Come forward, I have an extra flashlight we could use,' reassured Lionel. Once Lionel turned on his meager flashlight, they were on the way to getting the phoenix egg and destroying it.

The mission was to retrieve the egg a kill the phoenix baby. The adult phoenix would never lay another egg. So it would leave, and not come back.

'We are almost there, the ultrometer is picking up traces of phoenix heat. So stop complaining and come with me,' commanded Lionel. In about 5 minutes the ultrometer was going off the charts. They had to be close.

'W-w-what was that, I think I felt something,' stuttered Jrodan. Suddenly, the cave floor started shaking wildly. Next, out of no where, something tackled Lionel. He shook around to get the beast off. But the creature was not faltering. Lionel quickly fell to his back to try and smash the creature. Oddly, it worked greatly. The creature let go, which gave Lionel time to pull of his assault rifle and shoot the thing up. Lionel picked up his flashlight and aimed it at the thing. It was a cave spider. Cave spiders, or Arachnid duskas, are some of the deadliest creatures you can run into. Plus, if you run into one, there are probably 3 or more behind it.

'Run, there are probably more behind us. We need to get to the phoenix nest and get that egg,' explained Lionel.

Jrodan pulled out his ultrometer, since he saw that Lionel had lost his to the cave spider.
'We are about 300 yards from the egg, we could just jog it from here,' explained Jrodan. Luckily, the men had not run into any cave spiders. Which is very lucky because they normally swarm their victims.

Suddenly, Jrodan's ultrometer went above 65 PRHP (Phoenix Radiation Heat Points). If an ultrometer goes above 65, a grown phoenix is possibly near. If they were lucky, it could also be the phoenix egg.

Disturbingly, a blood-curdling scream pierced Lionel and Jrodan's ears. It's a phoenix. There have only been a few documented stories of single soldiers groups taking down full sized phoenixes. The only way to defeat a phoenix is to get a direct shot at its heart. Just so you know, phoenixes DON'T regenerate. That's a myth.

'We have to get that egg!' exclaimed Lionel. The two soldiers ducked behind a filling rock. Filling rocks can't be destroyed by human hands or weapons.

'I can see the egg. I'll distract the phoenix so you can get it and leave through the phoenix hole,' called Lionel. Phoenix holes are large holes that phoenixes can quickly fit through and invade towns.

"But what about you. How will you get out,' asked Jrodan unsurely.

Don't worry, I have handled myself with a phoenix before,' reassured Lionel.
Jrodan took a large sigh and ran for it. Nearly being burnt to a crisp, Jrodan tackled the egg and sprang through the phoenix.

Lionel pulled out 3 concussion grenades, and threw them. Thankfully, the grenades went far enough to momentarily stun the dragon. While the dragon was stunned, Lionel ran for the phoenix hole. He still shot at the head and heart areas before jumping out. Lionel threw 3 more concussion grenades and jumped like a rabbit over a log.

Once Lionel was out, he could see Jrodan at the domain. Lionel ran at full speed to get to the domain. Thanks to the adrenalin pumping through Lionel's body, he was there in a minute. He ran into the domain to see the headmaster had the egg already.

'Lionel, you made it, how great is that!' exclaimed the headmaster.

'I just want that egg destroyed,' told Lionel.

In three days, the egg was finally destroyed, and the dragon was no longer seen. Jrodan and Lionel had earned Medals of Honor. Roran, Nen, and Croda were placed in the hall of honor.

Thanks to the Mortra team's bravery, the towns were saved, the remaining team members went down in history, and Reilly's Domain became a known location of bravery, boldness, and strength.

The End

The author's comments:
Okay, so this is a story. It may not be real. It may inspire your imagination, or you may not care. All I know is this my story. I made it, so keep your opinion to your self. I hope you like it, but if you don't, then I hope you can keep it to yourself. So here it goes, all you young or old readers.

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on Mar. 20 2009 at 11:39 pm
splatterpunk PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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vary interesting story. but leave a nice authors comment it is the last inpression. so if you thank the reader and don't care about what they say and you think it is good then you won't get a bad comment. come on they took the time to read your work that should be statisfactory enough. But it was a great story a little bland but not bad. Keep writing practice makes purfect