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The Vacation

March 2, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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It was a hot summer morning as I woke up. I could feel the moist wind blow through my hair. I knew today was the day that my family was going to China. The reason we're going is because my dad has a conference in China. He has to stay for three weeks and he found a good deal for all of us to go.

I rubbed my eyes and took off my covers. I got up enough to sit on my bed. I turned and shut off my fan. I got up and got dressed in some dark blue shorts, and a gray American Eagle t-shirt. I slowly walked downstairs and remembered I packed up all my clothes in my suit case. Since we were flying I put a jackknife and matches into my suit case. I did this because if we crash and I have to survive on an island, I want to live.

I then realized I was just standing there, half way down the stairs. I went down the last few steps. I heard the door open to the outside.

'Hey Alex, can you wake up your brother and sister for me?' my mom asked.

'Well...' I replied.

'Thank you,' she said in one of those do-it-or-you're-in-trouble tones.

Then she went into her room to wake up my dad. I went back upstairs and woke up my sister. Then I went back downstairs to wake up my brother. I went back upstairs and plopped onto the couch. I was wishing that we could just stay home because like I said before, I still don't trust planes. I kept thinking we were going to die, screaming to our death. I then smelt a delicious burst of bacon. I got up and went into the kitchen and saw the juicy bacon. I could remember the greasy, juicy, taste of the bacon. I could even hear the greasy bacon sizzle. I went to grab a piece of bacon when I totally forgot that when you touch hot stuff I get burned. That's exactly what happened.

'OUCH!' I yelled with horror.

'Are you alright?' my mom asked calmly.

'No, no, no, no! It hurts really bad, my whole hand hurts!' I replied in agony.

'Well let me see it.' She then walked up to me and looked at my hand. It was blistering red but seemed fine.

'Go put some lotion on it to make it feel better.'

Everyone was finally ready to eat. We scarfed down some pancakes, bacon, and orange juice to drink. It was 10:00 o'clock and my mom said we have to leave early so we can get good seats. We all piled into the car and drove to the Kalamazoo Airport. Our plan was to fly from Kalamazoo to Chicago then to Beijing, China.

We reached the airport and parked our car in one of those paid parking spots, so we could leave our car there for weeks. Before I knew it were on our plane to Chicago. The lift off was really bumpy, my dad even said that was unusual. We were in the sky in a matter of no time. After a while it got extremely bumpy. The plane was shaking like crazy, we heard the captain says that we somehow lost an engine. I was scared out of my mind. I wasn't sure what to do, either I could panic or I could stay calm and try to live.

I knew I had to think fast, I also knew that with only one jet engine left, we would be going down pretty fast. I also knew that if we still had one jet engine left, we would have a better chance of living then having both engines gone. The flight attendants were telling everyone to make sure your seat belt was on, because we were going to crash. Fortunately the captain said he saw an island near by us, and he said we may be able to crash land next to the island, in the water. It was risky, but we didn't have really much of a choice.

'Hey mom, its going to a little bumpy!' I screamed.

'Oh I know, I know,' my mom blurted out.

I could see the island to my side, through the window. I then got a very disturbing thought, if the captain doesn't land the plane correctly, a lot of people could die, or we could all die. I knew that we had a better chance of surviving since we were siting near the middle of the plane. The plane was screeching as we began our decent towards the water. I wasn't even scared anymore, I was just praying that we would land safe and that my family and I would live. We hit the water, hard, I would have flown forward without my seatbelt. I could hear everyone screaming like crazy, as I looked around the plane, I saw tons of water leaking in.

'Everyone, unbuckle your seat belt and follow me! We need to get out of here, and fast,' I yelled.

I went to ask a flight attendant how to open up the emergency doors, but she was no use, because she was in shock. I went to see how the emergency doors open, it said to spin the knob right to open it. That's exactly what I did; I could smell the salty water as I opened the door.

'Everyone, hurry, out this door! Swim to the island when you're out. Hurry!' I screamed.

Everyone started stumbling to get out, and one by one, everyone was getting out. I went to see how many people were left, everyone that was alive, got out. I saw a lot of dead bodies, they must have smashed their heads when we were landing. I went to the captains room and saw the pilots were dead, the impact must have killed them I thought. Water was everywhere, I knew I had to get out of there. Before I left, I went to my suitcase and grabbed my matches and my jackknife. I scrambled to the door and climbed out and then saw everyone swimming to the island's shore. I jumped into the water, I tirelessly crawled onto the shore. I saw my family and tried to run to them, but ended up walking to them.

'Alex, you're safe!' my mom said with joy.

'Yeah, wait whats that?' I screamed.

'It... it... looks like a helicopter!' a survivor yelled with joy.

'We must be on a civilized island, everyone follow me!' I roared.

'You heard the man, let's move it!' another survivor replied.

We all started to move up the shore and saw a path. We took the path and went on it for about 10 minutes. I then saw what it looked like, a hotel. Small, but nice, I bolted towards the hotel and was yelling with joy.

'Finally, some luck today!' I said quietly to myself.

'What are you doing here? Men get them!' a person yelled.

'What, who are you, what did we do?' I cried out.

'I am the owner of this island you fool. Everyone knows me, I'm the man behind the biggest terrorist group. It's a shame too, you managed to survive the plane wreck, but you won't survive being shot,' he said in an evil voice.

'You made that plane's engine die, didn't you?' I asked in shock.

'Yes, yes indeed; though both the engines should have died, but oh well. I'll have to just do it the old fashion way. Have my men kill you and the survivors. Men, put them in the cells.'

'What! You can't, I'm too young to die!' someone cried out with agony.

'Aren't we all!' he replied with a laugh.

He motioned his men to proceed. They pushed us towards the disturbing smell, it smelled like blood. I knew this wasn't going to end now, I knew I had to do something.

Though, I still thought, would this hot summer morning be the last thing that happened to me?

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