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Lucas the Alligator

February 26, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Once upon a time there was an alligator named Lucas who didn't want to eat people because he thought it was wrong to harm innocent human beings. The people in his village didn't like him because of that. One day he was at his village, by the lake and he found an alligator that didn't like to eat humans either. Her name was Allie. She told him that if you bring the king alligator, named Matt, birds , human, and cat that you could get three wishes but they all had to be alive. Lucas thought this idea was brilliant but he didn't want to harm anybody. After he thought about, he decided he wanted that wish and so he would bring those three things to the king. One day he was swimming and he found a human. He told the human named Haleigh, that he needed her help. She was a very nice and kind person so she said sure! He told her how they would have to travel for two days to find the king alligator. He told her about the wishes, but not that she was going to be eaten! They went back to their villages to pack up and in the morning they were going to leave.

Morning came and they meet up at the fountain between both of their villages. They were walking when out of nowhere this bird hit Lucas on the head! He was mad at first but then he realized he needed the bird for the wishes. Lucas asked the bird what his name was and he said it was Henry. Lucas told him about the wishes and how he needed his help, but once again he left out the being eaten part. As they were walking Lucas was thinking about his wishes. The first wish would be that he would have friends. The second wish was for him to be a normal alligator and not have a problem with eating people. The third wish Lucas couldn't decide on so he thought he would think about it later.

The next day came soon and Lucas was so excited. While they were walking they came across a lost cat. Lucas once again, told the cat about how he needed help to get three wishes. He left out the hole being eaten part, again. The cat named Claira agreed to help and go along with them. Lucas was so excited that he was going to be able to have all three wishes. After they were only a few blocks away, Lucas finally thought of his third wish and that was to be that he could be the king of his village one day.

They went up to a man and asked were the king Matt was and he told them to take a left down billboard road and then a right in to sweet street. Then he said they would find two doors made out of diamonds that you would have to give a guy named frank the password. The password was 123wishes.
After that there will be a man named Travis would take them to the king. They did what the guy told them and he was right. They found the man and he took them to the king. The king had a red long robe that made his red diamond necklace stand out. After the alligator asked for the the bird, cat , and human, they realized what was going to happen. Lucas felt bad for them and a little guilty. The king was grateful so he said that he would grant Lucas his three wishes. Lucas told him the first wish and he gave him the wish. On the second wish he started to stutter. He felt the guilt wash over him and he decided to say the third wish and skip the second. The king granted him the third wish. Lucas changed his second wish and decided that it would be, not to harm the bird, cat, and human. The king was upset with his choice but he granted him the wish anyway. After he let Haleigh, Henry, and Claira out they were upset with him at first but then they realized what he did and they all became friends. Lucas realized that he already had everything he wanted. He had friends now and he realized that just because he didn't eat humans didn't mean he wasn't normal. He still hoped one day he would become king, but for right now he had everything. The king let them go freely and showed them a shortcut out. They were on the road again and this time they were going to go somewhere where they could all live happily ever after!

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