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Blooming Love

July 8, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Rockledge, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Rockledge, Florida
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Sometime only paper will listen to you.-Unknown

She always came to me and sung. Ever since being young she would come with a guitar and sing a song I heard others sing before. She was young when she first visited me she didn’t sing a song but strummed sour notes and would get mad because she couldn’t get it. I felt bad because she would sit beside me but I couldn’t help her, I can’t even talk to her. And yet she always remembers me.


When she got older she would sing and play but still snicker when she messed up. She always sat by me still, even though time passes and I only age while she grows more beautiful. She never brings people with her here. She always came when their wasn’t any people and would strum her guitar and sing.


I’ll admit it some days she would come to me with tears down her face and I could never ask why she was crying. Never give advice and never give her a shoulder to cry on. On a few occasions she visited me in the rain screaming in between her sob, hitting me repeatedly then when she was calm enough she would sing a sad tune.


Then there were good days that she would sing a happy tune while strumming and she would smile. She had a smile brighter than the sun. It wasn’t real. Like it couldn’t be but it was.


One day when she was older she stopped in the middle of a song and laid on the ground. Her words made me sad that day. ‘I’ll be going off to college so I won’t be able to come here much.’


Years passed and my sobbing could be heard by everyone. She wasn’t coming back not after years. Getting fed up with my crying a man visited me and freed me from my chains. That held me captive for hundred of years but I was bound to this place still.


That’s when I learned how to sing. I would sing the songs she sang to me and the songs I heard other sing and make up my own with the help of my friends around me.
“Are you going back to your hometown already?” My room mate ask


“Yeah. I’m going to go to my favorite spot.” I say slinging my guitar case over my shoulder.


When I arrive at the forest I look around and I can’t find the tree. I see the almost closed up opening and from a distance I see a person sitting on a stump. He sings a song I sang many times when I felt lonely and this was the only place I could go.


I go up to the person and I see their legs attached to the stump by wooden straps and vines. “Are you okay?” I ask hesitantly.
“Yeah. Would you believe me if I told you I was this tree?”


They can’t be serious but they look deadly serious. “Tell me.”
She’s here I can’t believe it. Wait! I can’t let happiness consume me I have to keep my deal with the man.


“Are you okay?” She ask.


Oh yeah I am tied to this stump. “Yeah. Would you believe me if I told you I was this tree?”

That sounded really weird. I’m bad at this I scream at myself mentally. Unlike a normal person she sits down in front of me and says words two words.


“Tell me.”


“I was this tree for so long and I when you came along I became sad because I could never help you when you cried. First I wanted to help you, then I wanted to become your friend and lastly I fell in love with you. When you left I became lonely and sad and cried. A man came to me one day fed up with my crying and set me free for a two sided deal. The deal was to become human but to be bound by this stump till the day I you came back and sang a song with me.” Does that even make sense? She looks me up and down and shrugs. She gets up and sits beside me on the stump.


“All we have to do is sing a song together and to free you. That’ll be easy but you gotta follow my lead.” She smiles at me and I almost pass out but restrain myself to deal with the task at hand.


“Since you always were technically there for me and listen to my bad singing and playing. My screams, tears, stories and I also hit you I think I have a good song.”


She starts to play and I know the song instantly. I heard someone sing it.


“Can you see me, my love?Up there above? When you were dying, I was dying too.Look for meaning in song,but the meaning was gone cause I was crying right along with you. If the heavens may break, I hope for our sake that if they ever do, I'll Be There with you!” We sing the course to the song back to back. My restrainments becoming looser as we sing and finally when the last note is played I can stand up. What do I do now? She helped me that’s all. I guess I have to go now.

I get up and turn around to see them leaving. “Wait what’s you name?” I ask on whim, wanting for him not to go.


“My name’s? I don’t have a name. I was a maple tree. Call me Acer.”


“Acer want to join a band together?” I say holding out my hand. He grabs it and we shake on the deal and the unknown future.
“Awwww young love.” A woman in a silk blue dress says nudging a man.


“Shut it, I’m tired of your squealing.” He yells. “I was just tired of his crying.”


“Hump.” She frowns. “Don’t you act like you weren’t once like him that’s the only reason you’re human because your lovely wife helped you.” She points to herself smirking.


“Whatever.” He rolls his eyes taking the woman's hand in his.
The pairs walk in different directions. One’s love fully bloomed and has faced the different storms of love. The other has just budded and awaits to bloom not knowing the hardships it will have to face to survive and become a bright flower.


Though not all flowers may stay bright................. 

The author's comments:

The song in this story is I'll be there by Hollywood Undead. 

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