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The Wind

June 28, 2016
By justwriting2 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
justwriting2 BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Lily stood in the wind, it blew her blonde hair around her face, but she didn’t mind.  Her mother always said she was a wild girl.  Her hair always stuck up in the back, no matter how many times her mother sprayed it with water and pinned it up.  Her green eyes were like a horses.  Not crazy, but not tame.  Lily had played in the fields every summer since she could walk, resulting in a smattering of freckles across her face and arms. 
Lily stood now in a field.  No brothers were around her.  It was not summer, it was autumn and the wind was harsh, biting.
She thought over what her mother had said.  It rang clear in her head: You are 12 now, it is time to attend Bogsworth Boarding School.  Marcus Griffin will take you in the morning.  Now go pack, Lillian and say goodbye to your brothers.
Lily had run out at that point.  Into the wind, into the field.  Her light blue dress and blue shoes are stained with mud.  She lays down on the soft wheat.  No doubt her four older brothers were looking for her.  they would find her soon enough, this was her second favorite place to hide.
Her first favorite was down by the water.  The docks to be specific.  She loved how the water lapped against the shore.  How when you stuck your feet in the water fish came and sucked your toes. 
The reason Lily had hidden in her second favorite spot was that she wanted to be found.  She knew that her brothers would look by the water first, then in the fields, where she was.   The fact was she wanted sympathy, her brother’s deep voices, soft but firm, telling her that she must go to the boarding school. 
She would agree then, she would do anything to please her brothers.  She would come home over Christmas and share with them all the things she had learned while away. 
Just then she heard a voice calling: ‘Lillian, Lillian.’  She smoothed down her dress and hair.  There were two problems with the voice.  One, it was female.  Two, her brothers never called her Lillian.  It was always ‘Little Lil’ or ‘’Lil Lil’.  Thomas, her eldest brother, called her ‘My Lily Flower.’ 
Suddenly a woman stepped out from behind an apple tree.
“My name is Fiona.  I am the Queen of the Wind.  Come
with me, Lillian Mattson and you will be freed of your bonds to this world.” The woman said. 
“What about my brothers?” Lily asked.
“Them and your mother are the only things holding you to this world.”
“Can’t they come with?”
“No, Lillian Mattson.  Only females between the ages 8 and 16 are allowed to enter my world.”
“Where is your world?” Lily asked. 
“It is in the wind, my dear girl, in the wind.”  Fiona said this as if fascinated by the concept.
“Will I be able to visit my family?”
“In time, girl, in time.”
“I will go with you then.” Lily agreed.
The Queen created a tornado and swept Lily into it.  it was only then that Lily realized her mistake.  Lily looked down at her feet.  They were pixelating, blowing away in the wind.  The Queen cackled as Lily’s legs were swept into the wind. 
“Why are you doing this?”  Lily screamed. 
“Foolish girl, in order to get to the wind, you must become the wind!” the Queen said as Lily’s arms and torso began to blow away. 
Nothing was ever seen of Lillian Mattson again.  When her brothers went to the field all they found was an imprint in the grass where a small girl of 12 may have lain.  Sometimes on windy days Lily’s family can still her calling to them, as if she was the wind… 

The author's comments:

I wrote this last year for a writing camp.  I hope you enjoy it!

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Amazing work. I am in love! You are so detailed and descriptive that it makes me feel as if I'm living your character's life. Keep up the wonderful work.