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The Night Light

February 23, 2009
By Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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-Phil, the youngest Kalins Uzin

Apollo was a good driver of the Sun, and he got his license at sixteen. His sister Artemis was also a good Moon driver, and got her license at sixteen. Since the two were twins, they had to follow the stereotype of twins in those days, and fought a lot, (otherwise the other gods would tease them) but they really loved each other very much.

One day came when Apollo (following the stereotype, I am forced to believe) began teasing his sister about her driving. Where he flew straight she wobbled and turned and spun everywhere. During the full moon, she was a better driver, but when the moon had waned she was wobbly. She went to Zeus and asked the God to make her a light to drive by.

Zeus gathered his blacksmiths and they created several small glass balls filled with pitch and lit them. The lights would never burn out. So Artemis threw them into the sky and was given more light and drove the carriage with ease.

Now, the stars were stuck in the sky and did not go down, and so the day was very bright. People went blind from the light, and that is how blindness came into the world.

Apollo complained of his sisters folly to Zeus, who then went to Prometheus and told him to pick a maiden and a youth to become Immortal so they could throw the stars into the sky at night and take them out during the day.

So down Prometheus went. Soon he returned, and Zeus tattooed the woman's forehead with a moon, and the man with a sun. He placed them on the top of the Mountain and they took the lights out during daylight and tossed them in at night. Now the people did not go blind, and Artemis was still able to drive well.

Presently the humans came to liking the stars and they climbed Mount Olympus'now called Mount Everest' without waking the guards. They waited for the next day and made their move.

As the Immortal couple placed the lights in the bowls, the humans stole them. Zeus was very angry with the theft and got the stars back. He made them very hot and brighter, so the humans could not take them again. He gave the couple gloves to protect them from the heat and cloaks to protect their eyes from the light, and the cloaks helped with the flames.

Humans still tried to steal them, making metal tongs to take them from the sky, but Zeus took the mountain the couple were on and filed it down so it could not be scaled.

The lights were dubbed Stars, and the couple was christened the Starkeepers. Artemis and Apollo were so happy with the couple that they let them fly with them in their carriages and feed the horses, silver as the moonlight and as fiery as the sun.

And to this day Humanity had been kept from stealing the stars.

The author's comments:
I did this in 7th grade for a mythology unit in Lit.

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