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Trip of a Liftime

March 4, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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I was just sitting calmly when all of a sudden somebody picked me up using their muscular system which is held together by their skeletal system. The muscular system is a bunch of muscles that work together to do daily jobs like walk. The skeletal system is a system of 206 bones that support the body and give it shape. He raised me up to his mouth and started to put me in. I waved good-bye to my fellow strawberry cake buddies. As soon as he dropped me into his mouth I was being digested in the digestive system. You digestive system is made up of lots of organs such as you liver, esophagus, stomach, etc. The digestive system is responsible for digesting the food so your body can take the energy from it so you can use that energy to feed your body. Your probably wondering how the arm knew to move and pick me up. It knew because the brain sent a signal through nerves that moved to the arm muscles telling it to move to the cake and pick me up. This is the nervous systems job to send messages. As he was chewing me inside his mouth I could hear all sorts of sounds like a really giant air conditioner. I finally realized it was the person breathing. When a person breathes, the air enters through the mouth or nose and goes down the bronchi tube and enters the lungs. The lungs take the oxygen from the air and uses it to feed the heart. Finally the gut swallowed me and I started to drop down the esophagus and I plopped into the stomach. After spending 4 hours in their I got dumped into the small intestine as chyme. All my nutrients got absorbed by villi while I was traveling down the small intestine. Then after the nutrients was sucked out of me I was shoved into the large intestine. While I was in the large intestine I got the waster reabsorbed out of me and I was turned into a hard substance called stool. I was stored in the rectum for a while and then dumped out through the anus. I was so tired out after taking that 24 hour trip. The organ that keeps this body running is the heart that pumps blood to supply energy to all the other organs. The kidney needs a thanks to for cleaning all the blood so it can be used.

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