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Abby's been captured

February 18, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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She longed to gaze into those big brown eyes. She wished she could see his perfect smile. But now, she can't. Now, she's trapped.

Abby is the princess of Chine. Her long blond hair shimmered in the light. Her dazzling blue eyes caught everyones attention. Abby's voice was calm, and relaxing. It reminded people of waves lapping onto shore. She smelled like raspberries. Her skin was smooth, and darkly tanned. (specific details for effect). Abby had everything she ever wanted. Everything that is except friends. She wanted to get away from her control freak father, away from having to be ladylike, and away from a mother who treats her like a baby when she's 20 years old. (repetition for effect)

One day Abby was out on her usual daily walk around the kingdom. She spotted a boy who looked 22 years old. Wow, he's cute, Abby thought to herself. He had big brown eyes, a perfect smile, and chestnut brown hair. Strutting over to him she managed to squeak out a shy ?Hello.?

?Hello, aren't you Princess Abby?? the boy inquired.

?Why, yes, I am. I'm just going on my daily walk. Would you like to join me? It gets pretty lonely being by yourself for 2 hours.?

?You don't have any friends?? the boy asked.

?No. My father doesn't let me out. I have to sneak out. My father thinks I'll get captured or something. How stupid is that? By the way, what's your name??

?My name's Myles,? he explained.

?I like that name. Let's go on the walk now, before my father finds out I'm gone. How about we go through the woods? It's not as hot in there. It's hot as the Sahara desert on a summer day out here, so we should go in the woods, ? Abby suggested. (figurative language)

The two strolled into the woods. Conversations ranged from sports to weather. Abby and Myles lost track of time. They also lost the path they were on. It was starting to get dark and they were as hungry as lions that hadn't eaten in two days.

* * *

Abby was only scared of one thing...... Frederik. Frederik had been known to capture daughters of rich and powerful men. Mainly kings. Frederik lived out in the woods. Some would call him an evil hermit. A hermit that came out only to capture girls and collect the ransom money. Frederik started to think up another plan.

Ha ha! I'm a genius, Frederik thought. Since her father is the king with millions of chice, I'll capture her and hold her for ransom. Yes, yes, that's what I'll do!

Frederik was convinced that Abby's father, King Rupert would give him millions of chice, (the local money), for Abby. Frederik was sitting on his cushy chair, scheming how to capture Princess Abby and laughing at the thought of how many chice he'd get. (Magic 3)

* * *

?Oh my! I'm getting scared. Are you sure the kingdom is this way?? Abby asked

?Yes, I'm sure. Quit worrying would ya?? Myles mumbled impatiently

Frederik tiptoed on the soft brown earth. He was amused at how easy this was going to be. Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot. Quiet as a mouse. Slowly he reached out his arms. Spreading out his fingers he snatched Abby while covering her mouth. Dragging her back he could feel her warm breath on his hand. (expanded moment)

He made sure she couldn't scream. Frederik dragged her to his evil lair. Abby was frightened.
The very next morning Frederik sent a message on a pigeon's leg to King Rupert that said if he ever wanted to see Abby again he'd have to bring millions of chice. It also said that he had to meet him at the bridge at midnight.

Lucky for the king, Myles found his way to the castle before the pigeon did and he told the king the whole story. Now the king had more time to think about what to do. Myles proposed that they surround the place with snipers and threaten that if he doesn't hand over Abby, they'd shoot.

* * *

Man, I wish I could see his smile. Oh, and to gaze into his big brown eyes. I guess I'll never see him again. I'm going to be stuck here forever, Abby thought.

* * *

King Rupert assembled his best snipers. ?Abby's been captured! We have to save her!? the king explained to the snipers. Together they marched and one by one the snipers split off to go to their shooting positions.

* * *

Frederik pulled Abby to the bridge. ?Give me the million chice, and no one gets hurt,? Frederik stated.

?Give me my daughter, and you don't die. You see, I have, oh, I don't know 20 snipers waiting for me to give the signal to shoot,? King Rupert informed Frederik.

Frederik handed over Abby with that I'm-going-to-get-you look. (hyphenated modifier) The king and Abby hugged, while Frederik made a quick getaway. King Rupert, Myles, and Abby all strolled back to the castle.

Back at the castle King Rupert exclaimed, ?Myles, how can I ever repay you??

?Let me marry Abby,? Myles replied.

?Alright then, you can have her as your wife tomorrow!?

The very next day Myles and Abby were married. They were both very happy. Myles treated Abby well, and Abby treated Myles well. They were in love.

Now, she doesn't have to long to gaze into his big brown eyes. Now she can just turn her head to the left or right and he's there. His perfect smile is just a glance away. They loved their new life together. They couldn't complain. (full circle ending)

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