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Time Warp

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous


They were all around me now. Closing in for the kill. They were hunters with a few of their Seekers in front. I could hear them all around me in the woods now, crashing through without any care. The only thing on their mind was… me.

The year is 2730, in an ever changing future only one thing stays the same. The Hunters, The Seekers and the other hybrid monsters that were created by the scientists to “improve” our lives. Although the original scientists are long dead their factories keep creating more hybrids and making more of the ones they already have. No one knows how more keep being created but obviously someone likes to play god.

That’s where I come in. I’m the only one who hasn’t been taken yet of my little group. They were all taken not within two weeks of each other. Sam yesterday, Anna the day before, and the rest, all seven of them were taken last week on our last trip back in time. Somehow a couple of Seekers followed us back a hundred and fifty years. We kept going back but they kept following. They were a new breed. They didn’t mind following us back that amount of time like the old Seekers would have.

So I was alone again. I never seem to be able to protect those who side with me in this fight. It always seems that I run and if anyone in my group can’t keep up, they get killed.

Now I was on the run again. Through time and space, but they won’t catch me, oh no, I won’t let them.
Chapter One

It had been a week since our disastrous trip through time, and Sam and Anna were fading fast. They needed rest, I needed rest, but I couldn’t stop. There were Hunters following us now. Hunters don’t stop if they can catch their prey, if they can’t… they still don’t stop.

Hunters were animals just like the rest of the scientists’ creations, but they were the only ones who had human genes mixed in with theirs. Basically Hunters were this: 30% wolf for stamina, 30% tiger for hunting perseverance, 20% pit bull for ruthlessness, 5% cheetah for speed, and 5% human for intelligence. They could stand on their hind legs like a human, but when hunting, they mostly ran on all fours.

If you ever see a hunter there are sure to be Seekers within 30 yards of them, and vice versa. Seekers are a strange breed, or genetic abomination, which ever you prefer. Their faces are somewhat like a star nosed mole, but unlike the mole there nose is for smelling. They are also able to see behind walls when their eyes flash gold.

Now imagine 10 Hunters and twice as many Seekers all running through a thick forest. If you’re imagining that you’d be able to hear them a mile away your dead wrong. These creatures, everything that comes out of the factories and is created to hunt us down, is extremely agile and stealthy. Most of the time you won’t be able to hear them until it’s too late. They only ever make themselves known when they are absolutely sure they can capture their prey. If they can’t catch you, you won’t know they’re there.

Now you understand our problem. There are three genetically correct humans, one who can travel freely through time and space, and two who at the moment can barely walk, against 10 or so Hunters and 20 Seekers.

“How much father do we have to go Warp, I feel like my legs are made of stone.” Sam said gasping for air.

“I agree Warp, we need to stop, if we don’t, we won’t have enough energy to fight off the Hunters when they come.” Anna said, in her quaint Middle Eastern accent.

I had gone back in time almost 200 years one time trying to outrun one of a then newly created creature. I call them Warpers. Somehow the scientists had created a creature that could do what I could, warp through time. Although they didn’t make very many of them for some reason, I think it had to do with that they were too hard to perfect. Anyways, that was when I had met Anna and her brother Souel. Poor guy, he was one of the first ones taken last week.

“Alright, fine, we need to stop, but let’s find some place we can hide out in at like a cave or something, so we don’t camp out in the open.”

I’d learned from experience that the best thing to do when you’re being followed by a creature is to bottle up somewhere and get ready for a siege. The reason for this is that most creatures have a strange form of claustrophobia. For some reason they can’t be in anything with a ceiling. However if they really wanted to, or if they had orders to, they could follow you into the hole you were hiding in.

Chapter Two

We found a place to stay by the end of a couple of hours. It was an abandoned building that I take had been standing nearly 150 years. We were amazed that it was still standing. Barely any door was left on it, except the rusted remains of hinges. The glass in the windows had long ago been smashed out of them, and the roof was thankfully intact, but was in need of repair some 100 years ago, but to Sam and Anna it was like a five star hotel. Me I’m just paranoid but it looked like one part of the roof had caved in, but thanks to Sam and Anna’s begging that we just stay the night, just one night, I had to give in.

The inside of the building wasn’t much different from the outside of it for comfort points, but hey at least we had a roof over our heads, and you know what, that’s not just a saying, a roof is the thing between you and death by the creatures… most of the time.

I was right about the hole in the roof, by the way. After I saw that I was convinced that we were walking into a death trap. The only thing about it was that the whole interior of the building was one big room. There wasn’t a wall or another room in the entire building. Sure there were a couple of doors just out in the open but hey what’s the harm in that? Just a couple of doors right? Well… the only thing about the doors was that they were under the hole in the roof. I didn’t like the look of it… at all.

“You know what guys I don’t think that we should stay here, we should keep moving, there’s just something not right about this building.”

“Aww come on Warp, you’re not sacred of a hole in the roof and some doors under it are you?”

“Listen Sam I know you’re just tired, but come on man, think! Are you really going to look at a couple of doors just standing out in the open and say ‘oh sweet random doors! And to top that there’s a hole in the roof right above them!’ Please, Sam, think about it before you try and taunt me into staying here the night.”

“No Sam is right I think you’re over reacting. I mean, how do we know that the people who gutted this place didn’t just accidently leave those doors there.”

Ok Anna had a point but still, I know there’s something not right with this building.

“Ok fine Anna has a point; I’m just over reacting, we should stay the night.”

That was the last time we saw Anna. When we woke up in the morning she was gone. We would have searched for her inside the building but there wasn’t anywhere to search for her in there. We both knew that she knew that she needed to stay inside so we ruled out that she had gone outside. We also both knew where she had gone.
Chapter Three

It was late in the afternoon when we finally decided to open one of the doors. When we did there was only one thing we could do. I had to warp us out of there. Inside the door was a room and although we couldn’t tell from where we were sleeping it had walls. They were the same color as the other walls, a slightly brownish wood finish. Inside the room was, well, pretty much our worst nightmare. During the night the Hunters had climbed into the room through the hole in the roof and since there wasn’t any ceiling they stayed in the room no problem. When we opened the door four hunters who must have been waiting for just this moment came charging at us at their full speed. They came with their jaws snapping and their long claws slashing at us, we slammed the door and ran for the farthest part of the building from the room. We knew they wouldn’t follow us but still we ran.

The moment we were as far away as possible I started to warp.

“Ok Sam if you want to get out of here alive grab onto me.” Needless to say he grabbed on.

Both a warp and a time warp are really amazing things to see. The first time someone ever sees one they usually are speechless. They’re like an aurora borealis brought down to earth. There’s deep greens and blues, and even a few purples. But as soon as we warp they’re gone. Only a slight tingle in the air is left. The only thing about these warps is that they leave warp holes which Seekers and other creatures can follow through.

We had warped somewhere wet… really wet. We had gone through the warp so fast that I didn’t get the place quite right. So we landed 100 yards off shore of a city that was at one time named Naples. Now it’s not named anything, for all that is left of it is a few remains of buildings and houses. Although the docks and the port were still there, they hadn’t had a ship sail into them for over 300 years.

When we got to shore soaking wet and tired we were happy to just find a cave to sleep in. But we didn’t find a cave; we found a building that was still up, somehow. And this one didn’t have a hole in its roof.

We left in the morning. There wasn’t anything there for us anyways.

Now that we were moving again I intended to keep my eye on Sam. More than one time I had seen members of my team go out for revenge on the creatures when another member was taken. I didn’t want to lose Sam like I had the rest of my team.

“So where do you plan on going Warp?”Sam asked, with an emphasis on the you.

“Where do I plan on going? No no no Sam you’ve got it all wrong, it’s where do we plan on going.”

“No Warp, I can’t stay with you, I need to go back, I need to finish this.”

“Finish what Sam, your life? There’s no way you can make it more than ten feet without getting killed by the creatures.”

There was a noise in the bushes behind us. We knew what it was. It had to be Hunters; they only make themselves known when they are closing in for the kill. There was no way for us to run I couldn’t warp again for another 3 hours at least. We had to stand our ground.

We didn’t need to wait long for them to show themselves. Five Hunters in all, they actually looked somewhat surprised we hadn’t run. Sam and I both had picked up some thick sticks we had found on the ground and were using them as clubs. They came at us in pairs with one staying in the background. That one seemed to be the leader of the group. The first pair came at me, and I barely held them off with a smash to the head on one and a slice to the gut on another. Sam wasn’t that lucky. One grabbed a hold of his stick with its mouth and the other sank its teeth into his right leg. The leader and the other pair ran up to help and before I could blink they were pulling him back into the woods. There was screaming from Sam but not for long, not after they got into the cover of the woods, were they knew he couldn’t get away. There wasn’t any hope for Sam now. He was gone just like the rest of my team.

If you think I ran to help Sam and try and kick those Hunters butts, you’re wrong. There was no way I could have beaten those two Hunters if they had kept coming at me, let alone five. I ran, and I ran, and I ran. I took the opportunity while they were occupied and ran.

I ran until I couldn’t run anymore, even then I tried to keep running.So I was alone again. I never seem to be able to protect those who side with me in this fight. It always seems that I run and if anyone in my group can’t keep up, they get killed.

Now I was on the run again. Through time and space, but they won’t catch me, oh no, I won’t let them.

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