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Flames of the Fey Realm

October 22, 2015
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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Emilian sulked in the elongated shadows of the forest among the outskirts of the city of Torill. His own heart louder than the whisper of the leaves themselves. He looked past them all to see into the precious night sky. Hanging high above his head, shown the slim laughing moon, mocking his failure and his rejection. He frowned as he felt the unseen gods’ taunting glares upon him. Envious that they had a control he could only dream to one day have. He rose to his feet, hearing the leaves crackle and dissemble below him.

Emilian was tall and slender, his facial structure showed bright, wide emerald eyes upon high slim cheekbones that slipped down to a pair of thin lips and a sharp edged chin with no facial hair. He was no older than the age of nineteen, with a handsome muscular structure. His tattered and ripped shirt, as well as dirt smothered vest made him look poor and unclean, his pants rough and slightly too slim for him showed his desperation for money. He belonged to the Argentum Linguis Clan, a band of gypsies who were known to travel with rare Fay Realm creatures that all would come to see. While he did belong to them, he was to fend for himself. Yet, his luck of finding and capturing a Fay Realm creature on his own has been all but successful.

Slipping through the forest as quietly as any Vandi possibly could manage, he began to make his way towards the camp that lay just within the outskirts of the city. He held his breath as he intensely listened to the sounds of his own footsteps, trying to concentrate on making them more silent. As he continued on, he heard the sound of distant beating wings, drawing him to a stop as he turned towards the growing noise. What met his sight struck him deep with horror and fright.

     A large silver horse like creature rushed him, its wings folded as it dove, its speed causing the figure to seem like a blur as it aimed to land on the forest floor.  Branches and twigs snapped clean off the trees and it heavily hit the ground, landing before his feet with a great heaving sound.

   He stared in utter surprise, paralyzed by this beast’s sight. It twisted and turned, getting its footing back before standing beside him in a mild manner, glaring into his eyes. He held the softened grey eyes’ stare, unaware as to how he had grown so calm. He only glanced away from its stare to gaze upon the magnificent creature’s form. It portrayed an average alicorn, a black horn protruding from its forehead and  a set of four soft grey feathered wings extended from its back, the front pair significantly larger than the pair behind them. He noticed this alicorn was quite different from others as well, it had a mane of silver scales and its pelt withered to reveal metallic white rib bones with tree roots enveloping them. He was amazed as to how this creature could even exist without having true organs to function. He gazed into its rib to notice that the bark was pulsing slightly, rippling as it softly rose and fell. That was when he realized that the tree roots must hold its vital organs.

       The creature let out a terrifying screech of a whinny and reared back on its hind legs, shuffling its hooves and beating its wings before, once again, falling back into a standing position beside him with a huff of air. Emilian looked at the monstrous abomination, startled by its sound. It sounded like a creature from the depths of hell itself. The alicorn like beast glanced at him and softly nuzzled his shoulder with its snout. Suddenly, Emilian had an idea.

         “Hey,” he whispered to the magnificent being before him, “Would you like to accompany me back to camp? I can offer you food and shelter.”

       As though understanding his words, the fiery tone of the beast’s answer gave to him a ‘yes’. Emilian reached a gentle hand to the creature and ran his fingers down its hard, smooth scales.

     “Tutores,” He said aloud. “I’ll call you Tutores Inferos. Guardian of Hell.”

Tutores huffed in acceptance of such a name, stomping his hoof and shaking his head up and down, as though quite pleased. Emilian kept his hand firm on the scaled mane of the Tutores Inferos and began to slowly guide the creature towards his clan. They slipped through the forest, the leaves beneath their feet softly crumpling, giving off their position as they entered the camp. Suddenly, the clearing was illuminated in a dim glowing light that flickered and danced against the trees that surrounded the camp. The Vandi who sat around the fire at the center turned to gaze at Emilian and the creature in which he brought into the camp, startled by its appearance.

   A tall, large and oldened gypsy approached him, his soft blue eyes cold as ice as he glared down upon Emilian and the Tutores Inferos.

“What is this monstrosity?” demanded the patriarch as he suspiciously eyed the beast. He seemed unnerved as it caught his eyes, Emilian shifted in slight fear as he prepared his explanation.

“Merripen, I bring to you a fey creature in which none have ever seen before, one I myself have tamed. This creature is Tutores Inferos, a dragon and unicorn hybrid. It is peaceful despite its terrifying look, but it is sure to bring a lot of attention to our attractions, which means more money for the clan.” Emilian said in a soothing and mild mannered tone.

“Are you sure this creature is safe, Emilian?” concern filled Merripen’s voice as he continued to examine the Tutores.

“Yes,” Emilian cried as though anxious now. “It is honestly quite harmless, even to a point where a young child could pet his muzzle and be completely fine.” With a sigh, the patriarch turned to Emilian, a calm expressionless look upon his face as he gave a curt nod.

“Fine, there is an empty show cart over there near Charani’s Dragora. You can put this, ‘Tutores Inferos’ there,” he spoke, his voice as harsh as the desert sun. Emilian gave him a brief bow and lead the fey creature towards the cage. He looked over  to see a massive, scaled dragon with features quite similar to that of a person, it wore tattered garments that seem unkempt and uncared for, giving off that it truly had been imprisoned. This creature was called a Dragora. Unlike others of its kind, this one had been drained of its magical abilities when it had been captured.  As he approached the door to the empty cage, the Dragora gave him a look of interest. He did not pity the creature even though it had its freedom stolen from it, if anything, due to the beast’s poor attitude and foul breath, he almost wished such a monster never existed. It now shifted uncomfortably as it forced itself to turn towards him, cramped among its prison. Emilian shot it a cold, unwelcoming glare, causing the beast to chuckle deeply.

As he opened the cage for the willing Tutores, the Dragora spoke up in a voice that was deep and lathered with pure hatred for the Vandi.

“Foolish boy,” he laughed, “You have lead your own race to its death, this creature is not loyal to you. It truly is a fire that you have brought among your people.” Emilian grimaced as he processed the Dragora’s words. The Tutores clambered up into its new home and turned to stare at him, waiting for him to close the door and leave it in peace. Emilian turned to catch its gaze and tried to search its expression for some type of emotion or secret intent but only read a blank  face. He looked to examine it further, its soft eyes glinting beneath the dim moonlight, protruding scales ran down from the center of its forehead, encircling its cheek bones, a soft fur covered its muzzle up to the brim of its nose, the nose and mouth themselves were bare and pink, beneath the flesh hid a mouth that Emilian could not quite see nor picture. He pondered what sort of teeth a creature like the Tutores would have. He began to imagine the flat, thick teeth of a grazing animal and then the sharpened, thin teeth of a dragon. Emilian quickly shook the thoughts from his head, aware that he still needed to leave the beast to rest.

With a sigh of frustration he closed the cage and clasped the lock, trying to block out yet another chuckle from the fey creature behind him. He clenched his teeth as his anger finally took over.

“Do you even know the capabilities of this creature? Do you know what it eats or how it feels? Do you really think you have gained its respect?” the Dragora shot in Emilian’s direction. Emilian ignored the persistent and taunting beast, storming away from the area, attempting to cool down.

He was soon greeted by a young, beautiful female with dashing blue eyes that were somewhat hidden by curled locks of flame colored hair. She had a small shy smile that made Emilian’s heart skip a beat as she hugged him softly, drawing him to embrace her in the same manner.

“I heard the news that you have finally tamed your own fey creature, Emilian. I wanted to congratulate you and tell you that I’m happy for you,” came her soft words as her lips brushed against his ear. Emilian shivered, his mind beginning to buzz as he fell victim to her charm.

“Thank you Charani,” he said as his voice shook slightly with embarrassment, his cheeks hot and bright with shades of a blooming rose. He released her from his grip and let out a sigh of distant longing as her arms slipped from him. He looked to the ground as she turned away, her red locks bouncing upon her shoulders as she began to walk towards the creatures.

“Wait,” he said as he lashed out, he retrieved her arm in a firm grip, his eyes flashing with concern as he looked up, “Where are you going?” He felt his stomach churn as the Dragora’s haunted chuckle burned in his brain, Foolish boy, you have lead your own race to its death, this creature is not loyal to you. It truly is a fire that you have brought among your people. Charani whipped around, a more playful and comforting smile crossed her face, her cheeks a soft pink tone.

“I was going to go check out your fey creature, I heard it even scared the patriarch at first sight, so it has to be pretty intriguing.” She beamed with curiosity, her blue eyes glimmering with interest. Emilian shuffled his feet, his stare back at the ground as he sorted out some excuse to draw her away from such an idea.

“You should wait until tomorrow, that way you can be just as surprised as all of the new and old customers.” He suggested in a flirtatious voice, a fake grin played upon his lips as he gave a teasing wink. Deep inside, his heart ached and his lungs felt as though they had been penetrated. Thoughts raced through his mind of how he may have just blown his chances of ever possibly becoming close to Charani. She giggled and stepped towards him, a genuine smile on her face as she playfully nudged his shoulder.

“Alright, fine.” She laughed, “but this creature must be extremely different if I am going to wait until tomorrow.”

“Trust me, if you aren’t shocked by its looks then I’ll give you my earnings for the day,” he bargained with a light and humorous attitude.Charani continued to giggle and nodded in agreement, shaking his hand to seal the bet without saying a word. The two exchanged smiles as they both faded off to their resting places. Emilian lay himself down, turning back to look at the sky, the stars still gleaming and the laughing moon still hanging above his head.

“Thank you.” He whispered to the sky before letting sleep claim him.

The next day the camp was full of visitors from all different places in Torill. Most of them were crowded around Emilian and his magnificent Tutores Inferos. The beast seemed as calm as the night before, its soft grey coat almost silver in the light of the sun. Everyone gazed in amazement as he began to explain a made up background story for the fey creature.

“Gather one and all, and come see the magnificent Tutores Inferos! This creature here is a fierce yet beautiful hybrid creature from a mysterious molten realm. Just look at its amazing horn or its dazzling wings. For a  small price, you can pet this graceful beast,” He called out to the crowd in which he had drawn. Many looked at one another, looks of unease and curiosity washed over the faces of the people.

“Do not fear him my friends! For he is as peaceful as a newborn child. He is no harm to anyone! Don’t tell me you fear a unicorn.” He said in a persuasive taunt. With that, many lined up to touch Tutores, the beast staying relaxed as unknown hands wandered over its body, one by one, until finally late sundown had approached and the camp was closed to outsiders.

The Vandi were energetic and filled with joy as they all gathered in the clearing to speak of their earnings at the end of their day.

“Today’s success is owed to Emilian. We have not been this successful since Charani had caught and tamed that Dragora, and we thank him for it. To Emilian!” Merripen called out as he raised a pitcher full of beer.

“To Emilian!” the Vandi cried in unison, raising mugs to the toast. Glass clanked together as many chugged upon the drinks in their hand. Emilian’s heart grew warm and a smile cross his face as he enjoyed the attention. He too, took a drag from his beer, trying not to pucker his lips from the displeasing taste. He turned in surprise as he felt Charani's elbow dig into his side. His eyes met hers as her warm smile only added to his joyous feelings.

“You were right,” she laughed, “That creature definitely surprised me. I have to hand it to you, you really are something amazing, Emilian.” His eyes flashed with sincerity as he choked on words he wished to speak. Charani winked at him, as though secretly saying that she too, had feelings that were deeper than friendship.

“It’s about time we feed our creatures,” Emilian said, his voice coated with shyness as he scurried to his feet.

“I suppose you’re right.” Charani sighed, her facial expression changing to hidden disappointment. She rose from her position and followed him. Standing by his side with her head down as they walked towards the cages that held their creatures.

At the sight of Emilian, Tutores Inferos let out the same terrifying whinny that it had when he originally found it in the depths of the forest. It seemed upset as it stomped its hooves and beat its wings against the cold metal.

“Easy, easy!” Emilian cried as he approached the beast with his hinds raised and extended to calm it, “I’m here to feed you. I bet that you’re hungry, am I right?” It let out a sigh of impatience, glaring at Charani who had her back turned to them, her words to soft to make out as she spoke to the Dragora. The Dragora seemed soothed by her gentle words, and almost came off as calm and somewhat happy.

Tutores turned its gaze back to Emilian, its eyes flashing with annoyance as he struggled to unlock its cage. Once he had finally released the lock, Tutores Inferos slammed its body against the door, sending it crashing into Emilian and knocking him to the ground in sudden surprise. A flash of silver caught his eyes as he tried to concentrate on what was going on.

Before he could regain his full consciousness, he could see a crimson puddle began to grow upon the dirt floor. Suddenly he felt his heart drop as his eyes fell upon a gruesome and horrifying sight. Charani, no longer had her gorgeous face, nor a head at all. The Tutores Inferos stood above a crumpled convulsing corpse of what used to be Emilian’s hope for young love, the body draining out on the floor before him, crushing all feelings he once had for the dear girl. The beast’s mouth was opened unnaturally wide, the sound of bones popping from socket could be heard as its jaw hung limply to reveal sharp, jagged teeth and a hideous forked tongue that slithered back and forth against its gums. Blood trickled in a thin trail from its mouth. Unable to move, he watched as the beast bent down to finish the rest of the body, slowly Tutores Inferos quickly devoured her flesh and thirstily licked up the leftover pool, cleaning the blood from the floor and leaving nothing but a damp, soft mud upon the dirt ground.

Emilian rose to his feet, his legs shaking slightly as the creature began to prune its feathers, making its way back into its cage as though satisfied with its meal. The Dragora, seemed to be expressionless as it gazed down at what was once the spot where Charani had stood.

“Wise creature,” it mumbled in a dark and disheartened voice, “Devouring the head to stop her from screaming and giving away your responsibility for this wretched attack. Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps it has been tamed by you and will serve you as long as it gets its nightly meal. I feel a hatred burn within me to say that you too, benefit from such a blood driven creature. For you get claim over the property the deceased has left behind…” The Dragora refused to meet the gaze of Emilian as he silently took in what it had just said. Before speaking,Emilian drew in a deep breath and gazed over at Tutores Inferos who seemed to be eyeing him curiously, waiting for the lock to be reattached.

“So,” he sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair in thought, “What you are telling me is that all of Charani’s things are mine now?”

The Dragora’s eyes burned into his heart as it gave a grim nod. A devious smile crossed Emilian’s face as he began to think of the valuable belongings that Charani owned. She had many expensive items and she had the Dragora himself under her possession, which was sure to bring him a good fortune. He sighed in content as he let the memory of the sweet girl herself fade from him, his only concern now were her belongings.

Emilian paced towards Tutores Inferos’s cage, placing the lock securely on the door once again. He turned to face the Dragora, his eyes no longer gleamed with hope of young love, but now were dull with dark intent.

“I only have one last question for you,” he whispered to the Dragora, “Can I choose his next targets?” The fey creature gazed in disgust at Emilian, baring its teeth as it spat its answer.

“Yes, but eventually this fire will be uncontrollable and will sear you for your crimes….” Emilian ignored its warning and turned his attention back to Tutores Inferos, laying a gentle hand upon its scales, feeling as though he now attained a power that could practically make him a king if he desired to be so. He ran his fingers over the beast, tracing its body before kissing the coldness of the metal bars that held the magnificent creature.

“Goodnight sweet prince,” Emilian chuckled, “I will give you a meal that is fit for a king tomorrow.”

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