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My Time is Now-Chapter 5

January 30, 2015
By CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
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Dinner was filled with questions about me, most of which I had to lie about the answers, I was tempted to tell the truth  just to see their reactions but I knew just from Andrew’s and Eve’s stares that I was to tell no one.
    After dinner I walk back to my room, hoping to lie down on my bed and watch some T.V. but my hopes to do so are diminished when Andrew catches up to me right before I get to the stairs to tell me to come with him.
    “There’s someone I want you to meet,” he says after a couple of minutes of us walking in silence.
    “Who?” I ask looking up at him, he was a good six or seven inches taller then me.
    “My brother Kalek. He’s about a year older than you and he just found out what he was a few weeks ago but his powers are stronger, in a way, for some reason his fires are fully blue, no hit of orange or anything,” he tells me, coming to a stop in front of a door in the hall we’re in. He knocks on the door and a moment later I hear a muffled voice call “Come in!”
        “Why wasn’t he at dinner?” I ask as I walk into what seems to be Kalek’s room. His room has dark red walls and a black shag carpet, jeans and tee shirts littered the floor.
    In the corner sat his bed next to a desk with three computer monitors on it on all of them games were open. On the bed sat a guy who I could tell right away was Andrew’s brother, they looked almost exactly alike, same bright blue eyes, black hair that was slightly curly that went down to the middle of his ears.
    “Who’s that?” he asks glancing at me and then back at Andrew.
    “This the girl we told you we’d be taking in for awhile from the foster care system,” Andrew looks at me out of the corner of his eye as if to say “introduce yourself”.
    “I’m Kristi,” I step forward and put my hand out for him to shake but all he does is look at it like I just sneezed in it. I step back and slowly bring my hand back down to my side.
    It’s quiet for a moment.
    “She’s like us,” Andrew tells him. “Only she was born a royal.”
    “She is?” He looks at me like he’s shocked about it. “What is she doing on Earth then?”
    “From what I’ve heard my parents fled once they saw my birthmark so their government couldn’t take me,” I interject.
    “Could I see the birthmark? Ever since I found out what I was I’ve been curious about what they look like.” I nod and move my hair from my shoulder, revealing the nasty yellow-brown colored birthmark.
    He stands up off of his bed and walks up to me to get a closer look at it.
    “So what I read was true,” he steps back a little to look at me and Andrew at the same time. “Look,” he tells Andrew and steps back to make some room for him. “It’s shaped like a flame,” he tells him and then steps back up to me to show Andrew.
        “It does,” he looks up at me. “We need to start teaching you how to control and use your powers because it’s only a matter of time before what happened at the other places happens here, too.”
    “What happened at the others?” Kalek asks.
    “I’ll tell you later. I’ll be back in a minutes, I'm going to go talk to Eve about teaching you some basics, I should be back soon,” he stands up and walks out of the room closing the door behind him, leaving me and Kalek standing in the middle of his room.
        It’s silent for a few moments before Kalek speaks up, “Did he tell you about what is wrong with my powers?” He had moved back onto his bed and was now leaning on the headboard, his hands behind his head.
    “He said whenever you use them the fires are all blue. Is that true?” He sits up straight and hangs his legs off of his bed then beckons me to sit on the bed beside him.
    “Watch.” He puts his hands out in front of himself out far enough for me to see. There’s a look on his face that tells me he’s concentrating on something, his eyebrow twitches a little because he looks at me knowing I’m watching his face not his hands. I look back at his hands just soon enough to see a small blue spark and then it grow bigger until the blue flames are engulfing both of his hands, the flames start to move slowly up his arms they nearly get to his elbows before they are gone. He drops his hands into his lap and looks at me, light flickering in his eyes

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