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My Time is Now-Chapter 4

January 30, 2015
By CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
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I look at the both of them my eyes feeling as though they are glossed over. “Wha- how is that me? Sun Goddesses aren’t even real.”
    “There’s only one,” Andrew mutters to where you can barely make out what he was saying.
    “Only one what?” I ask, what did he mean only one? “How do I know that any of this is true? I barely know you guys.”
    “I know Krista, we’re trying our best to let you know that you can trust us, but as you can tell none of this was expected to happen. We didn’t even think you would be her.”
    “How do you know I’m really her?” I ask Eve.
    “She had a birthmark the shape of a sun, that’s the way to know if someone is royalty. Most of the time royalties are born to other families and at birth if the doctors see the birthmark they are to take the baby to the kingdom, whether the parents want the child to stay or not, it’s illegal to not give a child with a royalty mark to the current rulers, if you don’t then you are an exile and no longer have any powers and don’t have anymore access to the sun.”
    “Was my mom my real mom or-” Eve interrupts.
    “Yes, but before we saw the birthmark after she gave birth, she took you and fled. Once we found out your mom and dad had took a kid with a royalty mark they were put into the system as exiles, but the guards never found them so they could revoke their powers.”
    “How come I never knew about my parent’s powers then?”
    “If they were trained correctly they could of easily just not of used them, but, I don’t know how they kept your powers from acting out for the five years you were with them. In kinds with these powers it’s really hard to control them,” Andrew says. “But I’m pretty sure we can figure that out sometime soon.”
    “How do you get from their home place to here?” I ask, not realizing how dumb the question sounded and how hard it was to understand.
    “Warlocks still live on this planet and the sun and they have the ability to open portals for us when we need them, but of course, for a price,” Eve tells me. “Warlocks have been roaming Earth for hundreds of years, they actually at one point burned on a cross if they were thought to have powers, it didn’t matter if the powers weren’t demonic in origin, if they were thought to have them they’d be dead as soon as possible.”
    “When did people stop doing that to them?”
    “When the rulers of the sun at the time decided to bring them to the sun so humans didn’t wipe out their race. Because of that warlocks can be rare to find unless you know where to look,” Eve says. She gives Andrew a sideways glace as if to say, ‘What else should we tell her’.
    “Is there anything else you want to know?” Andrew steps in.
    “Yes. How do I get to the sun?”
    Shock covers Eve’s and Andrew’s faces when they hear those words come out of my mouth.
    “Why would you want to?” Andrew is the first to speak up, he looks like his head has exploded or something. “They will probably end up killing you the first chance they get because you didn’t turn yourself in eleven years ago.”
    “How did they expect me to? I didn’t know what I was until literally ten minutes ago!” I scream at them, my face turning red from he anger.
    “They don’t know that!” fires back Eve, Andrew looking as though Eve read his mind and shouted it out before he could. “They don’t know that,” she says quieter this time. “How do you expect them to? They don’t even know what your name is, your parents took off to fast for the government to even choose a name for you.”
    “Why would the government choose my name?”
    “Your birthmark,” Andrew says. “We need to head back to the hotel, it’s about time for supper,” he pulls into someone’s driveway to turn around, driving back the way we came along the coast.
    We get back to the hotel a matter of minutes later, Eve’s dad once again meeting us in the drive ready to open our doors.
    “What were you guys out doing,” he asks opening Eve’s door and then coming to my door to see that I had already gotten out.
    “We were just going for a drive,” says Andrew and then he walks off in the doors of the hotel.

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