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My Time is Now-Chapter 3

January 30, 2015
By CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
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I step back in shock. How could this be me? I had only just met Eve and Andrew. How would they have a painting of me?
    “Krista?” I hear someone walking down the hallway. I turn to see who it is; it’s Andrew. “What’s wrong?” he asks noticing my face, but his facial expression completely changing as soon as he realizes what’s behind me. “It’s you,” he mumbles, his face softening. “Krista come with me, I- we need to tell you something.”
            “Why does this painting look so much like me, and why does she have flames all over her hands?”
    “That’s what I was going to explain, now please, come with me,” he says and then starts to walk down the hall towards where my bedroom is, he stops at the door next to mine. “Stand out here for a second while I go see if Eve wants to go for a ride while we explain all this to you. Then we don’t have to worry about being interrupted.” He opens the door and walks into the room. A few moments later he walks out but with Eve at his side.
    “Come on,” Andrew tells me, waving his hand in my direction while he continues to walk down the hall towards the staircase.

    As we are getting into the car Eve finally speaks up but in a whisper to Andrew, “I didn’t think this was gonna be the one Andrew, I didn’t think that Krista was her until she said that stuff about her other foster homes to me,” she pauses and starts to talk to me, not whispering this time. “Krista, are you sure you don’t know how those fires started?”
    I don’t answer for a moment. How am I supposed to tell her what I saw that one time? “I-I,” nervously I stutter.
    “Did you have like an outer body experience and sort of- how do I put this- like watched your hands catch on fire and then the people you were with fall to the ground burning?” she asks me as though it happened everyday.
    “Yeah, but it wasn’t really like an outer body experience, I was still like watching it from my eyes when it happened and then I passed out and woke up in a hospital, my hands all blistered up.”
    “Did it leave any scarring or burn pains?” She grabs my hands and pulls up my jacket sleeves and turning my arm back and forth checking for any scarring.
    “Andrew, this is her, she has the birthmark,” she turns to him and says, still holding my arms.
    “Where? I don’t see it,” he tilts his head and tries to look over Eve’s shoulder.
    “Right here,” she grabs my ponytail and moves it behind my shoulder and then points to where my birthmark is. My birthmark kind of looked like a brown sun or a paint splatter with a slight yellow hint to it, it is a really nasty looking color. “I saw it earlier but I just thought it was a normal birthmark; I just placed it when she said that she doesn’t get pains or anything.”
    “Do you really think this is her?” Andrew asks. Have they completely forgotten I’m here?
    “I do. Krista do you know what you are?” Eve asks, finally acknowledging me for the first time in like five minutes.
    “Of course, I’m a person.” To me it sounded like the dumbest question in the world.
    “No, like seriously.”
    “I don’t know. Why? Does this have anything to do with anything about my other foster parents?”
    “I think it does, but do you know that mural you were asking about?”
    “Yes,” I reply, remembering the painting of the girl that looked just like me. I pull my hair out of my ponytail. “Why? Is that me?”
    “Yes, but she’s also the lost Goddess of the sun.”

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