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My Time is Now-Chapter 2

January 30, 2015
By CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
CreativeFreakkk DIAMOND, Spencer, Iowa
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Eve and Andrew ended up taking me to the mall and spending over five hundred dollars just on clothes for me. As it turned out Eve’s parents owned a famous resort in Florida, and Andrew’s parents owned a few amusement parks throughout Florida.
    As we begin to near the ocean I begin to see a huge building come to view, Vaca Inn, as Eve tells me, the hotel her parents own. It’s a huge like five or six story house but they made it into a hotel. The grounds are equally beautiful from what I can see, there’s a tennis court off to the left on the left side of the circle drive and there’s a basketball court in the middle of the circle drive that looks brand new, but that’s all I can see from where I am in the car.
    “Welcome back, Eve,” A guy opens her door and says, I glance at Andrew and when I do I see that he is glaring at the guy like ‘How dare you talk to her’. Andrew quickly opens his door and practically runs in the revolving door. When the guy sees me step out of the car a look of shock coats his face.
    “And who’s this?” he asks turning towards Eve.
    “The girl who I told you me and Andrew were taking in for the foster care system. Krista this is my dad,” she says gesturing towards the guy near the end of the sentence.
    He doesn’t look enough to be a dad, he looks barely thirty and he doesn‘t have any gray hairs, I think to myself. He seriously has no wrinkles and doesn’t slouch or anything.
    “Nice to meet you,” he says turning towards me. His eyes were a really bright green, probably colored contact lenses. “How old are you?”
    “I just turned fifteen last week.”
    “Krista, come on, we gotta go put up your clothes and organize your room. Then I’ll give you a tour of the hotel and its grounds.” She takes my bag and pretty much skips up to the revolving door, knowing I have no other choice I follow her.
    When I first walk into the hotel I am awestruck, the lobby looks like the ball room in Beauty and the Beast, just everything isn’t in cartoon form. A doorman greets us by taking out bags and slowly making his way up a spiral staircase, the marble looked as though it were glittering.            
    “You’ll get used to it,” Eve tells me, slowing down so she is going the same pace as me up the stairs. Finally we reach a landing. “This will be your room.” She takes the bags from the doorman and leads the way into the room. There’s a huge king size bed sitting along the back wall and right where the bed ends is a double door balcony that over looks the back of the hotel grounds. I close the door behind me as we walk into the room and when I do I’m glad I did, where I couldn’t see because the door was blocking it was a enormous flat screen television set, probably the biggest I have ever seen.     
    She opens a door that’s next to a vanity table and flips a light switch, as soon as she does I think I see another bedroom that just adjoined with mine but as I step closer I see shelves and I realize it’s a closet.
    “Are you okay?” She must of seen me not moving and just staring at my room in awe.
    “Umm, yeah, sorry,” I say snapping back to attention. “Are you sure this is my room?”
    “Yep,” she says with a curious look on her face, she shakes her head like she’s trying to keep cobwebs from it and turns around. “Could you bring me your bag of shirts?”
    I grab it off the bed and walk towards the closet where she stands with a waiting hand, in the other hand she is holding a hanger.
    “How many schools have you gone to,” she asks, pulling a shirt out of the bag, and slowly beginning to put it on the hanger.
    It takes me a minute to think, “About fifteen.” When I say that she looks at me with a shocked look on her face.
    “But I thought you have only lived in five foster homes.” I shake my head, a questioning look on my face.
    “Where did you hear that at?”
    “No where I just assumed because your such a nice girl.” That comment really shocked me, how could she think that when she’s known me for all of a couple hours. “How come you lived in so many foster homes and have gone to so many schools?”
    Didn't Brisa tell her?
    “I, uhh,” I pause, not wanting to word it to where she was scared of me. “Every one that I have lived in the people have dies because somehow a fire started at each one.” She looks shocked I realize.
    “H-how?” she stutters.
    “I don’t know, I always passed out and woke up in a hospital with my hands blistered up,” I didn’t want to tell her what I had witnessed for fear she would take me back.
    “That’s terrible. I’m sorry you've had to move so much. Let’s just hope this is your last one.” She leans over and hugs me. Not sure what to do at first I just stand there like a total idiot. “Don’t worry,” she says pulling away. “We have guards and police that are constantly roaming around; if there’s a fire they’ll see it and get us out before anything happens to us. I need to go talk to Andrew for a little bit and see what we’re going to do for dinner, like if we’re going out or not. You can just lay up here and watch T.V. for a bit or you can explore the hotel, just don’t go in any of the hotel rooms,” she says, walking towards the door and turning towards me to close it. “I’ll see you in a bit.” That’s all she says and then she’s gone, the door clicking silently behind her.
    What should I do? I don’t know where to start. I’ve only watched T.V. a couple times in my life because the foster home doesn’t have one, so I’m debating on watching T.V. but I also want to see more of where I’ll be staying.
    In the end I decide to explore the hotel.
    As soon as I walk out the door of my room I can see three maids cleaning and the doorman bringing some one down the hall, turning the corner at the end. At the end of the hall where that doorman had just turned there’s a huge mural of someone with red hair, fire covering her hands. It sparking my interest I walk down the hall to get a closer look at it, but when I get to it all I can notice is one thing.


It’s me.

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