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January 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I really like Kate; she’s real nice and you can do something really stupid and she won’t tease you for it. I did like her but a lot of things she says makes me think that she knows something that I don’t. For example the other night we were watching TV and talking. I can’t remember what it was she was babbling about when I heard a knock at the door. I walked up and saw what I thought was a man running away from my house into the woods. I didn’t really care until I saw a big X on my door, and that kind of ticked me off. My first thought was to just clean it off and go back inside, but then something clicked on in my 15 year old head that said to chase that guy into the woods, so I did. I was on the track team in school and so I was fast but this guy was bookin. I chased and chased and then I just gave up and stopped running.
I looked and realized that I was in the middle of the woods. I looked around for my house but I couldn’t find it. I decided to sit down for a sec because I was pooped so I sat down just for a little on a big tree. At that moment I heard something, a kind of growling. At first I just thought it was my stomach when I heard it again right behind me. I stood up and turned, afraid of what was growling but when I turned all I saw was the swirling of leaves. After a minute I turned back around and decided to go back and try to find my house. After walking for what seemed like forever in this soundless forest I saw my house and ran up to it. As I walked up I looked at the door and there it was, the big red X. I walked in and heard Kate’s voice.

“Jake where did you go? You just bolted out of the house”

“It was some vandal. He put a big X on the door.”

“If it was a vandal then why did they ring the door bell?”

“I’m not sure, but that is kind of strange. I think I’ll ask my dad about it.”

“Ok, do you want me to help you clean the door?”

“No it’s ok you can go home if you want. My dad will be home soon and you probably won’t want to be here when he sees the door.”

“So you’re telling me to leave…. That’s real polite.”

“I didn’t say you had to leave, but you’re not going like my dad so much when he sees this door.”

“That’s ok I know what you mean. I was just messin.”

“Ok I guess I’ll see you tomorrow”
When she left I thought I heard her say that she thought they left. I guess I should have cleaned that door but I just sat down and thought about the man. It was what Kate said that made me think. “If it was a vandal then why did they ring the door bell?” It occurred to me that old man Lilly, (an old guy who lives near Kate), had told me a story when I was little. It was about vampires of course, that was all he talked about. He had said that when a vampire chose who it was going to kill it would put a big black X on their door. Then I thought to myself that it just was a stupid vampire story. I also remember that he told me about the amount of blood they drank, so it was probabally just a story to scare me and the other little kids. Another thing was that this X was red not black. I felt a little better knowing that there was nothing going on except some vandal, but what Kate said was making me feel weird. I wonder what she meant by, “I thought they left.” The slam of the car door shattered my thoughts and I remembered that my dad was coming home. Well I guess he was home because I heard the door open and then shut then open again then slammed shut. I guessed that he found the X.

It’s a good thing Kate wasn’t here because I would have been pretty embarrassed.

“Oh, hey dad what’s up?”

“Don’t give me what’s up, what happened to my door!”

“Dad just cool your jets. It was a vandal.”

“Well then why didn’t you clean it up”

“I don’t know. I’ll get right to that. Ok?”

My dad’s a cop so he doesn’t like vandalism very much. Not that it happens often, or any crimes for that matter. Montrose is in the country so nothing really happens here. I decided to clean it up before he gets too ticked. I went out to the door and looked at it. I’ve used spray paint before and this didn’t look like spray paint. It looked kind of runny not like spray paint. I really didn’t care, spray paint was hard to get off and if this was as runny as it looked it would be easy to clean up. I cleaned it up and went inside. I had a look at the clock and it was like 12:00 I decided not to go and talk to my dad right now because he was steaming. I got changed and went to bed. When I laid down I realized how tired I was so I just went to sleep. The last thought that went through my mind was that tomorrow was the 2nd day of winter break and I spent a lot of the first one chasing some guy.
Chapter 2
I woke up to a weird sound coming from my window. I looked up at my clock and realized that it was 2 in the morning. I looked around and saw that my window was open. That was a little weird because I don’t remember opening it. I got and walked over to the window and looked out. It was some guy staring up at my window. I looked closer and saw that this was the same guy from last night. For a second we just looked at each other. Then he smiled this real toothy smile and started to walk away. Quickly I decided to chase him. I threw on my running shoes and a sweatshirt and ran out my door, down the steps and ran out the front door. I saw him and he wasn’t too far away so I started to run after him. At the same time as I started running he looked back and started running as well. As I chased him I noticed that he was going into the forest again. I ran even harder because I didn’t want to lose him in the forest. As I started to catch up he bolted going even faster than yesterday. He ran into the forest and I chased even harder, but he was always just a little faster than I was. Then he just stopped and turned around to face me. I stopped and looked at him. He was really really good looking. Then he spoke to me.

“Are you Jacob?”

“Yeah, who are you?”

“You don’t need to know my name. All you need to know is that you have been chosen by the greatest vampire of all time”
This guy was pretty good looking but he was loopy, or my dad would say that he fell off the crazy tree and hit all the branches on the way down.
“Now please don’t ask any more questions. I just want to put you down very easily.”
Now I had no idea what this guy was talking about, but I really didn’t like the sound of it.
“I don’t know what are you talking about. but you should probably get back to your mental institute.”
“Your taunts are very trivial. I think we should get this over with. I’m quite parched”
This guy was starting to freak me out, but I didn’t want to look like a wimp stood there and laughed. I guess I shouldn’t have done that because his smile went away and he started to walk toward me. This was getting freaky. I didn’t care if he thought I was a wimp,I was getting out of there. I turned and started to run when something hit me from behind. I fell and turned over on my back. What I saw really scared me because this guy was standing next to me. He wasn’t smiling anymore. He bent down and picked me up by my neck.
“I told you not to run. Your just making it harder for yourself”
“Please leave me alone, I didn’t do anything”
“I cant leave you alone. I have to use you as an example to the female”
“ What female? If you tell me what you want and let me go I can give her your message!”
“No I’m afraid I cant do that.”
He started to lean towards me with his mouth open like he was going to bite me. In that second I understood what was going on. This guy was a vampire. When I thought that, I finally believed that the stories that old man Lilly had told me wasn’t a story but the truth, the god’s honest truth. Then I heard a familiar voice but my brain was frozen. I knew that voice but I couldn’t place it. The voice said,
“Black let him go. You want me, not him.”
“Oh hello Katlyn. I was hoping you would come to save your little boyfriend.”
Holy crow it was Katlyn. The girl Katlyn was standing up for me when I couldn’t even defend myself. Holy crow!
“Just let him go Black.”
“Oh but he’s so precious to you. I could kill him then you will submit to me. It would be so easy”
“Black let him go. If you don’t let him go I will rip you limb from limb”
“I’ll take my chances little girl”

Then he looked at me and leaned in. Then His face reached my neck. And as he was about to bite me he just disappeared. I heard a big thump and I looked up and saw the guy Black up against a tree. He was held there by Kate. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up. He looked at her and smiled and then threw her into a huge tree. She slumped on the ground and then looked up. I wasn’t paying any attention to Black, but a few seconds later I felt a hand picking me up again. I looked up and looked in his eyes. They were cold and dark and they were empty. I looked at his whole face and saw that he was smiling again. He leaned in and then everything went black.
Chapter 3
I woke up and looked around. I realized that I was in the middle of the woods. What was I doing in the forest, I thought to myself. I sat up and looked around. Then I saw Kate and it all came back to me. The vampire, Kate fighting him, the vampire leaning in to bight me. I quick reached up and touched my neck. I felt two little bumps.
“Yes, you were bitten.” Kate said.
“What do you mean bitten?”
“Black did bite you.”
“Well if Black did bite me then why am I not dead?”
“I was able to stop Black and I sent him back to his little gang of vampires.’
She said this as if it were all ordinary things.
“Gang of vampires?”
“Yes the gang of vampires. The name is the Bloods.”
“Wait a second, how were you able to beat Black?”
“I am much stronger than him.”
“How are you stronger than him when he’s this super strong vampire.”
“I have been a vampire much longer then he has.
“WHAT! You’re a vampire!”
Very calmly she said, “Of course how else could I beat him. If I wasn’t a vampire than how would I know Black?”
“This can’ be happening. This must be a bad dream”
I started to pinch myself, but I wasn’t able to wake up.
“Jake stop it your just going to hurt yourself. It won’t be good if you hurt yourself and get angry. New vampires have to refrain from hurting themselves.”
“What, I’m not a vampire. How could I be a vampire without knowing it?”
“Don’t you remember. Black bit you before I could get at him.”
That must have been when I passed out because I don’t remember getting bitten by a vampire.
“So I’m a vampire?”
“Yes Jake. I know its hard to believe but its true. You need to make the best of it. You’ll be a vampire for the rest of your life.”
I couldn’t believe it I was a vampire and I wasn’t going to be a human again for the rest of my life.
“Ok so what do we do now go to our coffins, and sleep for the rest of the day, t then when night comes we go out killing people for their blood.”
“Jake being sarcastic isn’t going to help right now.”
“Oh I’d hate to be sarcastic right now. I mean its so nice being a vampire for the rest of my life. That would be just mean to be sarcastic right now.”
“ Jake stop it you need to accept that you are a vampire now.”
I stopped talking and looked at her. Her face perfectly beautiful. I looked at her eyes and realized that she was just trying to help me.
“Ok. I’m sorry, I’m just upset and scared…Very scared.”
“ I know Jake but I’m here to help you.”
“Well now I need to know stuff about being a vampire. What I can and can’t do.”
“I’ll tell you tomorrow but right now you need to go home and sleep. I’ll come over in the morning.”
With that she started walking toward her house on the other side of the forest where her house was. I decided, that I couldn’t just sit here not doing any thing so I started to go back home to my house to get some sleep. As I was walking back I thought about what had happened. When I was thinking about what happened I got kind of scared so I stopped thinking about it. I got up to my house without even knowing it. I opened the door and walked upstairs into my room. Im glad I was so tired because if as soon as I hit the bed I was out, without having to think about today.
Chapter 4
I awoke to a quiet voice. At first I didn’t know who it was but then I recognized the voice. It was Kate. She woke me up with a start and told me to wake up. I looked up at her and then I remembered everything that happened the other night. I ran into the bathroom to look in the mirror. I turned my head so my neck faced the mirror, but nothing was there. I turned my face back to the mirror and saw Kate through the mirror.
“Yes, it’s gone. Bites go away when the new vampire sleeps for the first time.”
“Oh.” I said. “I was hoping that it didn’t happen, But I guess it did.”
“Yes” she paused for a second and then said “Jake I was going to tell you about being a vampire today, but the White Roses want to talk to you.”
“ The White Roses are a group of vampires who keep the world safe from vampire gangs like the Bloods.”
“So we’re going to see them?”
“Im not sure we will know when the time comes.” She said.
With that she walked out of my room. I sat there for a second and she came back in.
“I think you should start writing a journal. It helped me when I first became a vampire.”
Then she left. This is where I’m going to end this first journal. This is going to get interesting.
End of Journal 1

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