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I Am The Controller Of The Universe

December 5, 2014
By Chrissiana1320 BRONZE, Hypoluxo, Florida
Chrissiana1320 BRONZE, Hypoluxo, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"It isn't what you can do with your strength, but how you chose to use."

-By me, I think.

My life is hard, even as a immortal, everyone in my world is immortal. But i'm different, the king died, his son is prince Daring. Because he dares a lot of things, anyway, he's the same age as me. All his life it was chase and kill. I never knew that until he wanted to chase and kill me.

Chapter 1: Most Of My Troubles Or Problems

I, Jaden Vanderla, live in it’s called We’renalass. Here I am considered normal. We don’t go to school, in fact we haven’t even heard of such thing, instead we fight, daily, it’s tradition here, since I’m only a teenager, at the age of one hundred and one, we don’t fight until someone dies, we have until we’re one hundred and three. And at this point we don’t celebrate date of births, in two days, our ages will rise.


The library is the weirdest place you could come up with. A human named Martin Cane brought it up, we now, now that he’s dead, use the basement as a fighting arena. As matter a fact that’s where I am right now. In the arena. Fighting my butt off.


Sweat pours down my face, my heart races wildly, and every muscle in my body is throbbing with pain. I’m wearing tight shorts and a sleeveless shirt.


“Get her Jaden”, the crowd chants.


“Punch her in the head.” I do as exactly as the tell me, I land a punch for her chin, she dodges. And smacks me right in the face with her strong fists. Here girls are much, much stronger than guys when it comes to fighting.

The punch sends me walking backwards with my head to the ceiling. I squeeze my nose, to stop it from bleeding. Then I shake my head furiously; I’ve been in this ring for an hour, getting punched by a girl.


“What’s matter freak?” she taunts. Visa, the girl I’m fighting with, is not my friend, nor enemy or best friend, I don’t even know her to be exact. When you’re in the ring you have to insult one another on. If you don’t, you’ll be sentenced to be in the one hundred and three arena, fighting to death. And like, zero out of ten ever come out alright.


“Jaden you can do it, she’s just a small ton elf,” my mom in the crowd eggs me on. The arena is a large circle looking place, the ground is dirt. I kick her on the side of her calf, so hard it hurts me. And she drops to the brown dirt ground. The back of her head smack the ground a hear thud! I stare at her blank face; her eyes are now dead gray.


“Come on, Jaden finish her.” I bend down on both knees, and look at her. She looks so unconscious, her face is pale white and she isn’t moving. I raise my right arm, and punch her in the forehead.
Roars of applauses break the silence as I get up off my knees. Two men carrying a towards us, when they get close to us they set it down on the ground, and then move to lift up lifeless Visa. I follow them out of the ring.


“Is she going to be okay”, I ask Mr. Cartson our coach. He stares at me, everyone in the room stares at me.


“Don’t worry, Jade, you never do worry”, he says. “She’s already dead.” It is true she is dead, what did you expect she’s a vampire. I’m not, I’m a werewolf and so is my coach. Vampires and werewolves are best friends here. But on one knows that she is a vampire, the Kings Son Daring is out of all vampires to kill them. And she’s also my cousin. If anyone were to find out about us, we’d be dead, like honestly dead. Just like both our parents.

Chapter 2: Life Of An Un-normal Person I walk home that day, i always do. The 2035 streets are just the same as the 2014 ones, except that they are quiet, very quiet.

"Wait up Jade!" I hear someone shout i turn back to the voice, Visa my cousin. "You look sad." She says as she catches up to me.

"I'm just thinking", I reply.

"About mom and dad", she suggests.

"Yeah",i stare at the sidewalk ground as we walk. "But it's not like we have the same parents right."

"I guess. But we still are related."

"You miss your parents?" I ask.

"Not really. I mean they were great and all but i never really knew-You know what i mean." I nod. I can't blame her she never knew her parents, they died two days right after her birth.


Her mother hid her in a box in there home, before there house was raided by the government police. My mom found her visiting her family's home, then realizing that the house was burn down. Poor Visa, she could have died that day.

Anyway, two years went by. Visa and me were coming home from fighting, yes fighting, we had to fight and we were three years old. We got home from fighting.

"Jaden look", Visa cried, i looked at what she was pointing at. Our house was in ruins, totally burned down to the ground. We both dashed to the house like crazy monkeys. We began digging up the house looking for my parents. Gone. Totally gone. Visa sobbed. I found it hard to believe.

--End of flashback

We got home. We now live with Mr. Finch and Mrs. MacCredy. Their a nice couple that does know Visa and my secret. Two black car parked outside the big mansion-like house. We got to the door, and Visa went for the knob.

"Psss." I voice whispers. Visa and me jumb and then look at the voice.

"Mr. McCreddy. What are you doing there?" I whisper back. I have no idea why though. He signals me and Visa to come to him we do as told.

"What are you doing here", I finally say once we've all gathered together.

"No time to speak bout that", he says.

"What? What's going on?" I demand.

"Fine."He looks at us. "Did you both know about yourselves?"

"Yes McCredy. We did." Visa says.

"Did you know about your parents?"

"No. No we never seen em", Visa says. "But Jaden has."

"Okay, do you know why they died?" We both shook are heads. He sighs.

"Well. Two gentleman are here looking for you. They saw pictures of you and Visa in old photographs at that burned down house. Mrs. McCreddy is caring of them. But it's not going to be long until they start searching for the both of you."

"Why are they searching for us?" Visa. Just then looking at the expression on his told me that she shouldn't have asked that question. He swallows hard.

"To. To kill you", he manages.

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This article has 4 comments.

on Dec. 3 2015 at 9:32 am
Chrissiana1320 BRONZE, Hypoluxo, Florida
3 articles 0 photos 48 comments

Favorite Quote:
"It isn't what you can do with your strength, but how you chose to use."

-By me, I think.

Thank you!

on Aug. 14 2015 at 11:36 am
ThrillQueen126, Seattle, Washington
0 articles 0 photos 46 comments
This is pretty good, the plot keeps you interested and the world you came up with is fascinating. The only thing is, sometimes when you're adding in information about it, the flow of the story is disrupted. Try to slip it in in ways that don't stand out as much.

on Dec. 23 2014 at 12:49 pm
Chrissiana1320 BRONZE, Hypoluxo, Florida
3 articles 0 photos 48 comments

Favorite Quote:
"It isn't what you can do with your strength, but how you chose to use."

-By me, I think.

Thanks. And i will provide your suggestions. thanks

Redolvene GOLD said...
on Dec. 21 2014 at 3:02 pm
Redolvene GOLD, Sunny, Florida
10 articles 1 photo 33 comments
Your story has an awesome plot and interesting characters. My only suggestion is to expand more on the details and provide more character information. Other than that, great story! :)