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Underworld: Whispers of the Dead

October 13, 2014
By Rae_Cobra GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Rae_Cobra GOLD, Altamonte Springs, Florida
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"We are destroying the world. We should fix it. We are killing our planet. We should revive it. We are not doing much to help the people. We should do more for the people. We are always fighting. We should try loving." -Rae Cobra

Mackinzie Monroe is an oddball in the world of humans. She always knew something was different about her. And she knew it had to do with who her father was. Growing up with just her mother, Mac never started asking questions about her father until the nightmares started happening. 


William Sabr trained to be a guardian his whole life. His assignment was always to protect The Chosen One. He always did his duty no matter what. Sadly, fifty thousand years ago he let her down. He had gotten her killed. Now, she had ressurected in a new body, Mackinzie Monroe. Once he found her, he would train her to do her duty to her race, to her father, to her God.

Chapter 1: I

I landed on my back feeling the cold stone touch my skin. Trying to gain my balance back, I roll over just in time to see the allazei running towards me, her blades swinging in a deadly arch. I get up unsteadily to my feet, my body screaming from all my wounds. I raised my two double-sided celtic swords and then let them burst with angelfire.

The allazei’s features looked even more clearer and hideous then I remembered. My fire reflected off her dark eyes as she stared at me for a moment before lunging for me. I spun around, did a flip, and landed on my feet. The allazei followed me with her gaze before disappearing. I looked around, confused before I feel claws rake my back. I screamed and slumped down onto my knees.

“Your Protector is down and you have no one to help you. What a shame.” The

allazei leaned forwards and licked my blood.

“Blood of an Archangel. How delicious.” Turning towards me she snapped her



I woke up, screaming and sweating, and found that my mom was on my bed

beside me. She looked worried. I looked at her and shook my head as if I read

her thoughts.

“Hon. I really think you should-”

“No mom. I’m fine. It was just a nightmare. That’s all.” I meant it when I

said it. It really was a nightmare but it felt to me like it was as real as I was right

now. My mom left sometime after she thought I was a sleep and shut the door

quietly. A little later I went back to sleep. School was the next day and I didn’t

want to be tired.

I made a X formation with my swords before I stabbed him in the chest. The werewolf howled in pain, blood spilled out when I pulled my swords away.

The moment I pulled them out the werewolf burst into flames, disintegrating into ashes. Breathing hard I spun around and met the next target. It was another


I grabbed her by the scruff and through her at the building next to us. She

crashed through the window, which under her vast weight, shattered. I followed,

stepping onto glass which crunched under my feet. The werewolf got up, grunting

and swearing. “What did I do to you to deserve this Archangel?” it growled, lunging

at me, claws stretched out, eyes burning with hate.

I didn’t waste my breath speaking, so I stepped aside swinging my blades

which lit up with my Angelfire. I said nothing while I plunged them into the

werewolf’s heart. The monster howled and disintegrated into ashes.

Its packmates yowled in dismay and fear, before running off in different

directions. I gave a wicked grin before melting into the shadows.

~ ~ ~

I stared out the window of the classroom, bored to whatever Mr. Rivera was

saying. The last time I was listening to him was when he was talking about oil in

Antarctica or something. I saw that Katie Brooks was messing in her notebook to

entertain herself. The bell rang loudly and Mr. Rivera dismissed the class saying

something about turning in some papers. I got up and walked to the door with

Kate but Mr. Rivera called me back.

“Ms. Monroe, do you have a moment? I have to talk to you.”

“Yeah?” I asked, walking towards him, slinging my pack over my shoulder.

Mr. Rivera starred at me before he says, “It’s about your homework. I know it’s

hard with your family right now, but you haven’t been doing the work I have

given you. If this keeps up then you’ll have lower grades and may have to go to

summer school.” He pauses before adding, “I’m trying to help you as a teacher.”

Honestly, I didn’t need help. My mom and dad have been arguing but that’s

not the reason why I haven’t done well in school. The real reason was because

I’ve been very busy having nightmares. But that reason was really lame so I said,

“My family isn’t the reason I haven’t gotten cruddy grades.”

Mr. Rivera starred at me like he was struck dumb. I continue. “See, the real

reason is because I’ve been very busy with my other homework.” There. It

sounded like a good lie in my head, but now that I said it, it sounded equally as

lame as the nightmare thing. Mr. Rivera narrowed his eyes at me, as if wondering

what to do with me.

“Then if that’s all . . .” Mr. Rivera trailed off.

“Well, nice talking to you.” I gather my things and start to leave when Mr.

Rivera says, “You too Ms. Monroe. You can’t even imagine what an honor it is to

met you in person.” He chuckled softly. Mr. Rivera walked off in the opposite

direction I was going in, so I didn’t have time to ask him what he meant.

“There you are!” I spin around and see Kate striding towards me. “

“What?” I ask, falling into pace with my best friend. “So what’s sup? I hear

that Donny has a crush on you.” I give a sly smile. Donny is a senior this year

and is like the hottest boy on the campus.

“Jeez. You’re so jealous.” Returning my sly smile with her own, she

stopped in front of our lockers and picked out some math papers. “If we’re

talking about this topic, then how’s it going with you and Mr. Martinez?” She

“Nothing much.” I say.

“That’s not what Zack’s portraying it. Just the other day, he was asking me

rather or not he should ask you to the dance this Friday. I said yes, of course, and

he said that he’ll think about it.”

I gape at her. Astonished and horrified. I am way, way, too young for him. He’s

like two years older then I was.

“Katie. Zack and I are just friends. There is nothing between us, and there’ll

never be. I’ll just let him down lightly when he asks me to the dance. I’m going

with Ethan.” I said, facing my best friend.


“You know. You’ve seen him hang at my house. Has tan skin, brown eyes

and his voice is so . . .” My voice trails off.

“Ooh, him. Right. But don’t you think you should go to the dance with Zack? I mean, Ethan doesn’t even go to our school for crying out loud. Besides, you just meet him like last month!” I stare at my best friend, dumbfounded, before I turn my back and angrily grab my math folder.

“Who cares?! I'm going with Ethan. End of discussion.” I hiss before spinning around and storm off towards AP English.

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