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First Life Final Death

October 1, 2014
By GusTheBus BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
GusTheBus BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Everyone is dying and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop this.  There is a virus outbreak but no one seems to care until it hits home. But they remain oblivious to what’s going on around them but once they care its too late. They are dead. Everyone they know, or once knew dead as well, but it’s too late now. It’s too late for any of us, too late for everyone. But, what lead to this you may be asking yourself. Well, I don’t know either. For you see, this may have been real and I may or may not be dead already but you don’t know that, do you. But, I will just let you ponder upon that until it starts eating you inside. Are you feeling that, the curiosity for you to know the higher truth? Well, just let that feeling sink in.
June 8, 2014 12:00 P.M: It was like any other day as it started off normal, with me waking up from my bed, and my parents driving me to school. As I got there the sky was blue, there were birds in the sky, sunshine everywhere. And what I thought was going to be a good day, turned for the worst. I was in lunch with my friends Jennifer Wallace, Nico Martinez, and Penny Smith. My name, if you’re wondering, is Calcifer Travis. It was just another day of high school. We were in the cafeteria eating our lunch, it was noisy as usual, maybe a little too noisy. The TV was turned on to the news. But no one was paying attention to it. Neither was I for that matter. But, what was on the TV were images of people walking on the street and policemen shooting at them, buildings on fire and people running in every which way. I paid no attention to the TV, as I should have that day. What caught me off guard was, as I was getting up to throw away my lunch, a senior pushes me out of the way and knocks me to the ground. I get up, ready to fight him but, he just keeps on running. The last thing I saw was the look of fear on his face. There was something wrong. I could feel it. As I got up the lights and everything got caught off. The only light came from the sunlight piercing through the windows. Everyone got silent for a second wondering what happened. That was when we heard the scream of a girl coming from outside. Everyone got up to go see who it was and what had happened. Everyone was lead outside. To our surprise, there was a man at the gates biting into a teacher. Everyone was shocked at what was happening also by the gates was Mrs. Collins trying to get the teacher away from the grasp of the other man. But to her misfortune by getting too close to the man he got of the ground and grabbed Mrs. Collins and started biting her. We all stood silent, until everybody started to scream. We ran inside the school to escape what was going on but the rest of the faculty staid by the doors to examine the situation. The teachers stood by the doors while everyone ran back to the cafeteria. I, on the other hand, at the first chance I got drifted away from the other students. And stood near the entrance and watched over the corner of a wall to see what was happening. I stood there, listening and watching to what was going on, and to the teachers as well.
“The man at the gates…” One of them said, “His skin is gray, and his mouth is drenched with blood and in his mouth, flesh.” Another one exclaimed, as they further examined the man from the window they notice that the man himself had lost most of his skin, and everywhere he walked left a trail of dark, dense blood. They could see some of the bones from inside his body, most of his organs as well. But finally they all came with the same question, if he was dead. “Certainly!” They all thought, for how can a man with so much injury be walking about? But, why or how was he standing? There was no time nor did anyone want to find out. As soon as they all were about to go and check on the students there was another teacher shaking, pointing at the scene of where it all happened. The teachers that should have been dead started to get up. Their skin was grey even though a few seconds ago was a dark tan peach. Their muscle torn and as they stood, blood ripped from the holes in their skin. The first teacher to have gotten eaten stood first followed by Mrs. Collins. Their eyes were focused up to the sky until their heads turned and now they were focused at the doors, at us. There was something quite weird about it they had a dumb expression on their face, and their eyes. Their eyes looked as if they had no color, a pure white but their pupils were a grey.
“Could they see us?” I whispered. They just stood there until one of the teachers screamed at the top of their lungs. At which point they started to speed walk at our direction. With each step they took forward, the teachers took a step back away from the doors. They were next to the doors when all of the sudden they crash and collided with them. They continued for a little bit as I came to the assumption they are attracted to sound. Whatever they are now, they can’t see but one thing is for sure they are ready to feast.
“ Lets block up all the entrances and tell the kids to remain quiet.” The teachers exclaimed to themselves. At which point they left the entrance to go to the cafeteria. Even from down the hall all they could hear was the shouting of the students. Once there all they could do was exclaim to the students to remain quiet. I could hear this even though I was still where I was from the start. I remained there to see the two teachers turned. But for the one-minute I was distracted, as I turned back they were gone. I rushed to the doors and opened them. I looked around but regardless of how much I looked they were nowhere to be seen. So pondering where they could be I went towards the cafeteria.
Once I stepped into the cafeteria’s doors everything was quiet. Everywhere I laid my eyes upon I saw the blank expression on peoples faces, the blank expression of fear. Some were whispering to each other and others on their phones trying to contact their family or loved ones. I still did not know what was going on but I was very confused and wanted to learn the truth. So I turned to face where the TV always was, but to my surprise. There was only static across of it. So I go to pull out my phone to call my parents but there is no signal. The phone keeps telling me there are no towers detected or in range. I find this as a shock seeing as my phone always has full bars and signal. This doesn’t stop me what so ever as I attempt to call my parents only to hear a beeping noise. I keep on trying to call and call but it never works. I see my friends off to the corner and I go quickly towards them.
“ Do any of you know what’s going on?” I ask.
“ No we tried calling our parents but our phones keep telling us there is no service.”
“ Only Jennifer got ahold of anyone and it was only for a couple seconds at that.”
I turn to look at Juniper but only see her hands cuffed to her face. I can immediately tell she had been crying. “ They…they were scared. I could hear it in their voices. I kept trying to ask what was going on. But all they said was stay at the school we will come for you. In the background I heard gunshots, followed by my mom’s scream. Then, nothing.” At which point Jennifer starts crying into her hands again.
“ Lets go around the school and see if we have a chance of getting a signal somewhere else.” I say
“ We aren’t allowed to leave. We need to stay here.” Nico says with a burning sign of hate in his eyes.
“ Would you rather stay here trapped and not know anything? Look I don’t know about you but whoever wants to come with me to find out what’s going on can come. I don’t care if any of you don’t want to come but I want to figure this out so either you’re with me or you’re not. You choose.” I say.
Jennifer and Penny look at each other, both with blank expressions. Nico is facing the other way being stubborn as always. They are just sitting there so I get up and start to walk away. I am by the doors and as I go to open them Jennifer and Penny get up and start running towards me, and so does Nico but he is behind them slowly walking.
“ So what are we going to do?” Penny asks.
“ I say lets go to the roof and see if we get a signal.” I say.
So as we all start to run towards the stairs that leads to the roof. Its dark and out in the distant, in the sky, it appears to be covered with smoke. We all see this, look at each other and start to run faster up the stairs. We open the doors and as they open we stand in shock at the view of the city. The city was in flames smoke is everywhere, the sound of sirens incased the city. At that moment, we realized, it was the end of the world, and that we must survive to see it through.

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