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The Sun Man

October 31, 2013
By Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
Sadielib SILVER, Letcher, South Dakota
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“The sun man is very unique. He takes men, women, and children alike. The sun man takes people aged five to 90. They have to live on the sun.” Don’t worry. They didn’t burn. The sun is dark until the ozone layer which gives off the light. “So far the sun man has taken 200 people over the 100 years there has been the sun man. Each person had to complete five tasks. The tasks vary person to person. Each task will push you to the very limit of your mind. If you are chosen you will have to go. There is no bargaining. You must remember what to call him and how to speak to him properly. Only the people that have completed the tasks can see him. Those who have not gone can sense his presents.”
“Yes, Grandmother. I have been given this speech for the past 12 years. I owe you my life after my parents were taken. Do you see other people who have been taken?” The blonde 17 year old looks to her grandmother for information about the mysterious man.
“Now, my dear, Nadi, you know that you may or may not see them and they may or may not know you because of the man. You may see friends or family but they may not know you.”
“Grandmother? What happens if I don’t accomplish the tasks? What happens if I don’t want to come back? What happens if some people remember me like my parents and friends?” Nadi is now crying because she has no idea what to do if she gets chosen.
“Nadi, child, don’t cry. Things happen for a reason and a purpose. You have to trust the other gods to help you on this journey. I will always be here for you.”
Nadi rolled her eyes because she knew Grandmother would not always be there. She knew Grandmother was ninety-five and would only last until she was a hundred. Nadi feared she would get picked. Every year the sun man takes two people a year and there was always a ceremony. Nadi had a one in three thousand chance of getting taken but she held fear. No one knows how the sun man chooses but they had ideas. None of them were ever really true because every time they thought they had it figured out he would change it up.
Nadi was an intelligent person but she had her downsides too. She only had two friends in the village and that included Grandmother. Everyone thought she was unlucky so they didn’t acknowledge her when she went to get supplies. The sun man took her parents and grandparents. She got one of her grandmothers back but she wanted them all back. Her only other friend was someone who had the same thing happen to him. Logan lived with his parents friends against Grandmother’s wishes. Even his “family” didn’t like Nadi even though she is going through the same thing as him. Nadi and Logan thought of each other as the siblings they will never have. They told each other everything and trusted each other.
Nadi ran out on Grandmother to Logan’s house because she needed to talk. “Logan, are you home? I need to talk,” she whispers into his window. She waited until she heard the lightest sound. “Logan is that you?”
“Nadi? It’s midnight. What are you doing here? Are you crying?”
“Grandmother gave me the speech and we talked about my parents again. I just need a friend to talk to.”
“Come on.” Nadi climbs through his window. “At least someone talks about your parents. And you live with family so you can’t really complain.”
“Logan! Don’t talk like that! We asked them if you could live with us but you know what they said. And Grandmother isn’t family. She is a friend of my grandmother but she isn’t related. She doesn’t think I know this but I do. She pretends she knows me but she doesn’t. My real grandparents are up there too. You are the only family I have left on this world and we aren’t even family.”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought-“
“Yeah I know what you thought. Everyone thinks that and I wish they wouldn’t. I just wish…”
“How did you even find that out? You couldn’t have asked her. Do you even remember your parents or grandparents?”
“How dare you ask me that! I could ask you the same thing! I overheard her talking to them. They know now too. Are they awake?”
“Um… No so we should be quiet because it sounds like they are coming to see what’s going on down here. Get in the closet. They won’t look there. Quick!” Nadi hid and Logan got back in bed just in time before the door opened and closed just to make sure Logan was okay in his bed. “Nadi, all clear. Nadi?” Nadi had fallen asleep in the closet so Logan decided to leave her until morning.

“Why did you let me sleep? Grandmother will kill me if she finds me gone. What about them? What happens if they find out?”
“They won’t find out. No go before Grandmother finds out that you spent the night here. Nothing happened they won’t worry that much if they find out.” Nadi goes to leave and just when she is about out the window Logan’s door opens and in steps Suz.
“I’m gonna tell mom and dad. Nadi isn’t supposed to be here anymore. You’re gonna be in trouble.” She turns and starts to her parents’ room. “Mom! Dad! Guess what?!”
“Suz! Stop! I’ll give you $50 if you be quiet about this.” Suz ponders this a minute before nodding.
“Mommy. Daddy. Never mind I just wanted everyone to be up early for this special day.” She turns to go to her room with the bribe money and no more questions.
“What does she mean ‘I’m not supposed to be here’? When were you going to tell me this?”
“This has nothing to do with you. Suz got pictures of us hugging that day you found out about Grandmother I’m guessing. She also got random pics of us being us. She then showed them to the adults of the house and they decided no more you. They think we are too young to date and that you may be a bad influence. I’ll see you at the square later, right?”
“Sure. If they will allow it.” She jumps out the window and back to her house. She climbs into her room and finds Grandmother sitting in the chair that faces the window. “Hi. How was your night, Grandmother?” she asked trying to sound normal.
Grandmother worries about Nadi like her own so she goes all parental. “I’m sure not as fun as yours. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing?”
“One: I doubt it. Two: Logan’s. Three: Logan. Four: Talking and I fell asleep and he didn’t wake me up until this morning. Nothing happened. Why do you worry so much?”
“I’m your grandmother. So-“
“No. You are not. I heard you talking. You are my grandmother’s friend. Just tell me the truth. Please.” She was crying again. “This is why I went to Logan’s. I needed someone I could talk to and trust.”
“Why didn’t you come to me? You did overhear me, didn’t you? Yes, it’s true. I am your real grandmother’s friend. She is on the sun with the sun man.”
“Didn’t she finish her tasks? Why is she still there?” Nadi then saw the look on Grandmother’s face. “Will you at least tell me your name? Or am I still to call you ‘Grandmother’?”
“I cannot answer the first two questions but, I am Rawna and you may call me that or grandmother if you wish. Now go get all shined up for the celebration at the square.” Nadi still looked depressed and Rawna had an idea of what was bugging her. “Now, child, you will tell me what else happened at Logan’s.”
“We didn’t do anything!”
“Not that. Something else is bothering you. It either happened there or on your way back. So just tell me then go get ready or get ready then tell me and that’s an order.”
“Ok. Suz walked in while I was just getting ready to leave and she said I’m not supposed to be there anymore. Which I could’ve handled coming from Logan but not like that.”
“Oh my dear. Would you like me to talk to them about this?”
“No Rawna. I will do it. Suz was being herself and got us into this. So I was planning on having a little discussion about this with her.” She saw the horror on Rawna’s face, “Just a discussion nothing else. I promise. Then I will talk to them and maybe so will Suz.” She left the room to shower and get ready for the party.

Nadi saw the familiar blue-black hair and went up behind her. “Suz. We need to talk. You know Logan and I are only friends, I know that, and Logan knows that. Now do you have anything to say to your parents? Or do I need to tell them about some other things?” Nadi watched Suz’s face go from ‘No’ to ‘Oh no’.
“Let me go find them and tell them I made those pictures. I’m sorry. I didn’t want Logan to get hurt. He’s my big brother and I think you will get taken. Plus that can be reversed because I feel the same way about you. I just hope none of us get taken. Why does he do this?”
Nadi didn’t know how to respond to this. “Oh sweetie. I don’t know what to tell you I feel the same way. The way my family is I have a very strong feeling that I will be taken no matter how much we don’t want it to happen it will happen. It inevitable that someone will get taken.”
“Ok. I will go talk to my parents and help you find Logan. Did you have a spot you were going to meet at?”
“No we just said the square. Did he say which way he was going?”
“He’s probably with mom and dad at the fountain. Let’s head that way.” They continue their conversation and start for the fountain. They get to the fountain and Suz’s family isn’t there. They walked around until they found Suz’s mom. “Mommy. I made those pictures of Nadi and Logan. They are best friends. I didn’t want them to be close in case one of them got chosen. I couldn’t live to see either one of them hurt. I wanted some adult to make sure they weren’t friends. By the way, where is Logan?”
“Now, Suz, we talked about this. Don’t meddle in lives that aren’t yours. Nadi, we are sorry. You can hang out with Logan again. If you are going to come over in the night, please keep your voice down. Logan is down by the clock. He said if either of you are looking for him that is where he would be until the Choosing.”
“Thank you and how did you know that was me?”
“We didn’t know for sure but now we do. I thought it was your voice I just wasn’t sure. Now go have fun. Suz hang out with your own friends.” Suz went one direction and Nadi went to the clock.
“Hey. Are you trying to hide? Or are you just trying to stay away from the crowd?”
“Oh hi. No and yes. We didn’t set a spot to meet did we?”
“No we didn’t. I was busy trying not to kill Suz. We got it all sorted out. She talked to her parents. We are permitted to hang out. So where should we start?”
“I say food then vendors and then it will be time for the Choosing. What did Grandmother say about last night?”
“How did you know- never mind I know how you knew. I climbed through my window and she was sitting there. Then I asked her about the stuff from last night. Her name is Rawna. She is a friend of my real grandmother. She couldn’t tell me if my family had finished their tasks or not. I have heard stories that my grandmother has finished her tasks but they are stories I’m guessing. I just wish I knew. Wait! Are the announcers from the sun as one of their tasks?! Maybe they know!”
“I don’t think you should ask them because it looks like one is looking at you right now. Don’t turn around. This person is tall, blonde, and middle-aged.” Nadi turned around. She saw the person Logan was talking about. She looked familiar. Nadi felt like she was looking in a mirror to the future.
“Is that my mom? Doesn’t she look like me in about 20 years? Logan?” Nadi turned and he wasn’t there. “Logan!” then she saw him talking to the lady from the sun and she ran up to them. As soon as she got there they stopped talking. “Hi ma’am. Logan lets go.” She gently pulled on his arm and they walked away and the lady seemed to have a mix of emotions that didn’t make sense like depressed and joyful. “Logan. Who was that? What did she say?” She saw the pain on his face. “Tell me. I can handle it. You know what I’ve been through. Just tell me. Please.”
“Ok she said her name is Natalia. She said she knows you and me and we both look so grown up. She wishes us luck in the Choosing. She does live on the sun but doesn’t know who is being chosen. Nadi she didn’t say anything else. She just said she and her husband Diag watch the Choosing and… Are you crying?”
“Natalia and Diag? On the sun? I knew it. Thank you.” She went to hug Logan.
“Why are you so weird right now? Why are you thanking me?”
“That was my mom. My name is a mix of my parents’ names. N-a-d-i the N-a is from Natalia and the d-i is from Diag. Rawna says I look just like my mom. That’s how she knew us and thought we looked so grown up. I can’t believe it. Did she say where she is going?”
“No she didn’t. Are you okay now? Do I need to get Rawna?” He looks helplessly to her wet face. He wishes he could do something. “Should we go find the guardians?”
“No. Let’s get some food and go to the Choosing.” They head to the food and saw another sun person. “Look another one. Do you ever wish we could just ask them who is getting chosen? I just wish that they have to be there a certain number of years then they can come back if they haven’t finished their tasks or even if they have. Do they get the choice to stay or leave? Don’t you want to know? What time is it?” They look around for the time and see its ten minutes to the Choosing. “We gotta run!” they took off for the fountain that’s the exact center of the square.
“Good noon hour people of the earth! I am here on official business for Sir Lumo. I just a few short minutes I will receive the names of the Chosen. If either one of them are in this area I will gather them and we will be off. He takes men, women, and children alike. Sir Lumo takes people aged five to 90. So far Sir Lumo has taken 200 people over the 100 years he has been in existence. Each person had to complete five tasks. The tasks vary person to person. Each task will push you to the very limit of your mind. If you are chosen you will have to go. There is no bargaining. And I have just received the names. One of the Chosen two comes from this very area! Will you all please help me welcome this person to the stage. Will Nadi Bright please come up here?”
Nadi turned to Logan with tears in her eyes, “Help me. Please walk with me?”
“Yeah I think I can do that. Let’s go.” The duo walked up to the stage like there was no tomorrow.
“Thank you dear boy. You may leave now, everyone. Will this girl’s parents or guardians please join us at the fountain in ten minutes?” Everyone raised hands to say goodbye then left. Nadi saw Logan and Rawna walking to the fountain and started to break down. “I am very sorry Logan. Your parents should be coming soon. They are both halfway through their fifth task. Thank you Rawna for taking wonderful care of my sweet girl. Now, my dear, are you ready to come home?”
“Home is here. Logan’s parents have been gone less than you are they are almost done. Why haven’t you come home?”
“Dear. Do you want to talk about this now?”
“Yes. Just tell me.”
“Ok. Your father and I and your grandmother are done with our tasks. We chose to stay up there. We were just waiting for this moment so our family could be whole again.”
“What about my grandfather? Rawna has said he is still alive. Why is it you, dad, and grandma what about grandpa?”
“Logan, will you help Rawna back to her house. Please check on her every day. We will be leaving now Nadi.”
“You didn’t answer me. I’m not leaving until you answer me.”
“Sorry mom. I got lost in the food. Are we leaving yet?” Nadi has no idea how this boy is or why he is calling her mom his mom. Logan sees what’s going to happen.
“Goodbye Nadi. I hope to see you again. Mrs. Bright, I am taking Rawna home now. Thank you for the information about my parents.” Logan and Rawna turn to leave and start walking off.
“Logan! Wait!” Nadi runs to catch up with Logan and Rawna and hugs them. “Goodbye. I WILL come back as soon as I can. Tell the guardians and Suz bye for me. Rawna, don’t let him go too insane. Love you both. Go before I start bawling.” Logan and Rawna walk away and Nadi felt like she was watching them leave for the last time. “Now mom you are going to tell me who this kid is and why you never talk about my grandfather.”
“And you are the famous Nadi. Everyone calls me Luz. I am your younger brother and the grandpa you want to know about is Sir Lumo. Sorry mom. You weren’t going to tell her any time soon about grandpa. I’m 14. Grandpa is really nice once you get to know him.”
“Okay my dears. Shall we go?”
“Thanks for the info Luz. I’m still mad at you mom. How do we get to the sun?”
“This is my favorite part! You might want to hold on to one of us sis.” Nadi felt like she was being shot out of a slingshot. She had to close her eyes or she would’ve been sick. “Nadi? You can open your eyes now.” She opened her eyes and saw a man who looked like and older version of her brother and a elderly lady who looked a little like her mom. “Nadi, do you remember dad and grandma?”
“Hi dad and grandma. How has life been since you left?”
“Nadi, my daughter, it would’ve been better if we brought you right away. We tried getting Lumo to get you when you were five but he thought that would’ve looked suspicious.”
“So instead of coming home you stayed here and had another kid. No offence Luz.”
“None taken. I would feel the same way.”
“See. I thought I being raised by my grandmother and my parents were dead. I want to go back to earth now. When do I start the tasks so I can go back? Is there someone behind me?” Nadi turned but no one was there.
“Grandpa Lumo. Hello.”
“He can see him? Have you completed tasks or is it because you were born here?”
“Grandpa says ‘Welcome to the sun. For your first task you must forgive your parents for everything they have done.’”
“Thanks Luz.” Now what? Nadi didn’t think she needed to forgive her parents.
“Nadi, grandpa says ‘You may not know what you need but if the task at hand seems like it doesn’t need to be done it is a task so it has to be done.’ If it doesn’t make sense just do it. This is one of the hardest tasks to do. Everyone I’ve seen have this one, this one takes the longest. Good luck.” Now Nadi was thinking. What could she do to forgive her parents? Then she thought of it. She had forgiven her father already. She was joyed to be a sister. She was just mad that her mother wouldn’t tell her anything. Then she figured her mom wouldn’t tell her anything because she feared there were people that would find out and shun them even more.
“Mother I was mad at you for not telling me what I wanted to know. But you were protecting the family by not telling me there. I’m sorry. I know my emotions were out of whack. I forgive you. Can you forgive me?”
“’Task number one is complete. You will now find your room and make yourself comfortable. You will find out your next task later this evening.’ Father bids good afternoon, my dear. Yes I do forgive you.” The family got reunited in their home and waited.
“Is there some way to connect with people on earth?”
“Why do you want to talk to people down there, daughter?”
“Nadi has a boyfriend named Logan.”
“Luz! Logan is a friend. Nothing more. He is the brother I didn’t know I had. You know he’s in the same boat as me. Everyone in the town hates us. When mom was in town no one seemed to recognize her. Why is that?”
“’The second task requires you to prove the town you came from doesn’t like you. And you have to prove it from memory.’ Daughter some are jealous and some are hateful because they want their families back. Good luck on your task.”
Nadi thought. The time she was six the town was having a party, and when she showed up everyone pretended she and Logan weren’t there or spat at them. The time she was ten a girl in school had a birthday party. The girl invited everyone in town but not Nadi and Logan. Every school year the district either forgot or purposely didn’t put her name or Logan’s name in the register. Every teacher they had would groan every time they saw they had Logan and Nadi.
“’Now forgive all the people how did you wrong.’ Good luck my dear angel.”
“Thanks grandma. I will try my best.”
“There is communication to earth. You just have to figure it out…”
“How? Please tell me so I can talk to one person. There is one person I’m dying to talk to. It will be helpful in my task if I could talk to this one person.”
“I’m not supposed to do this but Lumo won’t get too mad at me. Say the person’s name thrice and they will think they are dreaming but you will know better. Use it sparingly. We had an incident last year with a girl doing this to the boy she liked. He started liking her and he had no idea who she was or where she was.”
“Thanks grandma. Now if you don’t mind I have a person to scare.”
“Yes my dear. Tell Logan I can’t wait to meet this young man and tell Rawna hello from me.”
“Grandma! How did you know?”
“Dear, I had a daughter and now I have a granddaughter. I know things. Now have fun.” With that grandma waltzed away.
“Logan. Logan. Logan.” She waited until she heard a familiar voice. “Logan it’s Nadi. We both need to forgive the town for the things they did to us.”
“No hi. No how’s life. Just we need to forgive town.”
“Sorry. Hi. How’s life? I just want to be done with this second task. You know that kid. Yeah he’s my brother. And Sir Lumo, yeah, he’s my grandpa.”
“After 15 years you find out you have a brother? And how do you manage with Sir Lumo as your grandfather? Not much has changed here. The guardians let me go live with Rawna. She cries almost every day for the loss of her ‘baby girl’. You females cry too much.”
“That wonderful, that you get to live with Rawna anyway. And shut up about the crying. Some of us don’t want to cry that much. So how are the guardians and Suz?”
“Everyone is good. I’ve seen Suz out and about and she says her parents are happier than she can ever remember. I try not to take it personally. How did you get in my head?”
“This is how we are going to have to communicate for a while. Don’t worry about it. We can’t do this every day. Apparently it affects the minds of the people on earth. We can only talk about once or twice a week. Love you bro. Talk to you next week. Okay?”
“Yeah. That will work. Want me to say anything to Rawna or anyone else?”
“Yes. Tell her hi from me and from my grandma. Tell her I miss her.” And just as fast as she started talking they were done. She already missed him again. Nadi knows she shouldn’t miss him like this but he’s the one constant in her life. She starts trying to forgive everyone in town. She just wants to go back to her old life.
Logan thought he was dreaming. All of a sudden he heard Nadi’s voice. When she asked if he could forgive the town he wanted to for her sake. And when she was gone he had no idea what to do or say. He just wanted her back. He didn’t care if his parents came back or not. He just wanted Nadi back.
Nadi tried to remember everyone who ever did her wrong. As she remembered she forgave. It was hard but she then remembered her family and Logan. All of a sudden her mom came in Nadi’s room. “Hi mama. What’s up?”
“’Congratulations on completing task two. For task three you will help some other people complete their tasks. Not to worry it will only be five people. They will come to you. It may take a day it may take 100. Be patient.’ Congrats my dear, and good luck.” Nadi did not believe her ears. She didn’t think she did it. Apparently Logan was the key. She hoped not because she didn’t want to think of him that way. Out of nowhere a middle aged lady came into the room.
“Hello Nadi. I am Zari. Please help me. I have one task left. I want to go back to my son. My last task includes having my son forgive me. I’ve tried to communicate to him but he doesn’t listen.”
“Zari. Is his name Logan? And is he a brown haired 17?”
“Yes! Do you know him?!”
“I know him alright! I’ll see what I can do. Now please come back in the morning.” Zari left the room happier than when she came. “Logan, Logan, Logan.” She waited until she heard his voice. “Logan. It’s Nadi. Listen to me you have to forgive your mom so she can come to earth. Please do this because it will help me come back too.”
“Nadi? I never was mad at my mom. Of course I forgive her. Just send her home, will you?”
“I’ll do what I can. She will hopefully be home by tomorrow afternoon. I hope to call you again soon.” She ended the message and started to cry. She hoped Zari came at the crack of dawn so they could talk about Logan. Zari is one of the two people that would want to hear about him.

It was about eight in the morning when a knock came on Nadi’s door. She had been up for four hours already. “Come on in.” Through the door came not only Zari but a middle aged man who looked a little like Logan.
“I’m sorry Nadi. I brought my husband along. What did Logan say?”
“He said he was never mad at you. He just wants you home. Now, what can I help you with, sir?”
“Call me Tim. My last task is to gain forgiveness from Zari and Logan.”
“Zari will you please leave the room so I can talk to Tim. I believe you will be sent home in a few minutes.” Zari left the room and never came back. “Now, why do you need forgiveness from those two? Logan hasn’t said anything bad about you.”
“He doesn’t know anything but I believe he thinks something is up. I may have said some things that are very offensive to some people. He and Zari might have not liked what I said. Please help me.”
“I will talk to Logan tonight. I will have him talk to Zari too. Just tell me what you said.”
“I called you a man-hunter. I also called my wife one and your mom one. Can you please forgive me?”
“I’ll try. I will try to get them forgive you. I won’t say why you need their forgiveness so you better not tell them either. Now please leave.” He got up and left. Nadi couldn’t believe what he called three women that he was somewhat close to. Another knock came at her door. In walked a very cute couple. “Hi. Who are you?”
“I’m Kim and this is Jim. Please help us get married. That is our third task. Will you please help us?”
“Like, will I be wedding planner? If I am I have lots of ideas.” They spent the whole day talking about the wedding. “Will all of this work for you?”
“Yes. Thank you for the help. Everything we need to know is on these papers right?”
“Yep. I have a copy and you both have copies. No go have fun and start your lives together.” Nadi thought about it. She helped four so one more person. She wondered what that person would be like and then she found out when a knock came on her door. “Hello. Please come in.” In came a seven year old. “Hi sweetie. What do you need?”
“My last task is to talk to a stranger. Thank you for talking to me. Goodbye.” With that the little girl was gone. Nadi looked at the time and realized Logan would be in bed. She thought that would be a good time to call.
“Logan, Logan, Logan.” She waited until she heard his voice. “Logan, please forgive your dad. He wants to come home and he did something he isn’t proud of. Please forgive him.”
“Nadi, I will always trust you. I forgive my dad for whatever he did. I just want my mom to be even happier now that she is back. When will I see you again?”
“Thank you Logan. She will be. I don’t know. I still have two tasks left. I will come back when I can.” As soon as the call was over she called Zari. “Zari, Zari, Zari.” She waited until she heard a voice. “Zari, I need you to forgive your husband. He did something that he’s not proud of.”
“Does it have anything to do with another woman?”
“No he loves you and didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Can you forgive him?”
“Yes. And you get your tasks done as soon as possible. There is a young man here who is very depressed.” And another task done.
“’Great job on the third task. Your forth task will be revealed in the morning.’ Good job sis. Sorry to sneak up on you. Goodnight.”

“’Good morning. Your fourth task will be: do something that scares you. There are limits to this task. Don’t tell any true feelings. Good luck.’ Sorry I had to wake you up. Might I suggest zip lining or rock climbing?”
“Thanks little bro. Now get out.” She got out of bed and put sweats on. She had no idea what she would do. Then it hit her. What scared her most was losing her friends and family. She knew she was going to lose someone when she finishes her tasks. She thought about it. She felt like she already lost her parents. She doesn’t even know her brother. She might as well lose them because she doesn’t want to lose Logan.
“’Close but not quite. This task is a physical task. Now go.’ I wonder if you need help my dear.”
“No mom I’m good. I just need to bungee jump. Can you help me do that?”
“Yes. Go to the mountain range over that way. There is a man over there to help.” Nadi heads over there and faces her fear of heights.
“’Now that’s more like it. You have finished your fourth task. Now the hardest one for you. You must confess your true feelings to the person of your dreams. And you have to say it in person not over dream phoning.’ Now as your mother-“
“Nope. I need time to think about this goodbye mom.” Nadi didn’t let anyone see her or talk to her for the next three days. Everyone was worried about her.
“Nadi. You need to come out. Everyone is freaking out. Please come out. Nadi please make a sound so we know you are alive.” Nadi grunted so Luz knew she was there. “Nadi, do I need to go get Logan?”
“NO! DON’T DO THAT! Please don’t do anything involving Logan. That is why I’m in here.” She slowly opened the door and her parents, grandma, brother, Suz, Zari, and Tim were standing there. “How? Why? This better be the only people standing outside of my door. Now please leave me alone. I have to think things over.” Everyone started smiling when she turned her back to go into her room. That’s when she heard it. Something was in her closet moving. She inched toward it and slowly opened the door.
“Is there a reason you have been avoiding everyone? What’s going on? Why are you crying?”
“I have one task left and I don’t know how I’m going to do it. Wait! How did you get in my closet? Never mind. It involves me sharing emotions. You know how hard it is for me to talk about them. Just hang with me for a second. Don’t let me stop. Ok here it goes. I love you. Not like before. But like forever. Don’t hate me.” Logan leans down and kisses her. “I was hoping that would happen!” And he kisses her again.
“Good job, granddaughter. Now you get the choice to stay or leave. If you leave you can come back at any time. If you stay you can go to earth at any time. Now I will leave you two alone.” When he left Nadi and Logan caught sight of everyone trying to look in the door. They were holding hands and laughing. They started walking to the door and were immediately engulfed in family.

In the end Lumo decided that he wouldn’t take any more people. He even decided to live on Earth. Kim and Jim were married and decided they wanted kids. Tim told Zari what he said and they are still happily married. Natalia and Diag are ecstatic about their son and daughter getting along so well. Luz and Suz found each other and decided they should date to see where their relationship would go. Logan and Nadi of course got married!

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Favorite Quote:
The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Ya know, I've read this story like 70 billion times and it has the same effect on me every time, can't wait to read more!