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Our story with a young buy who has a pure and strong heart who is destined to save the world. Sam is a thirteen year old boy who lives in a small town with his parents. Where he likes to travel to a small island called Destiny Island with his friends Riku, and Caitlyn. Sam, Riku and Caitlyn want to get away from this island and visit new worlds so they have started to build a raft and gather supplies. Caitlyn finds Sam sleeping on the beach as he is having a weird dream that he doesn’t know if it is real or not. She startles him as he sprouts up Caitlynn reminds him that he needs to help them gather supplies for tomorrow on the raft. As the day begins to end they head to their favorite spot and watch the sun set, Riku begins to talk about how Caitlynn is from another world and if it weren’t for her coming here they wouldn’t have thought that there are other world out there. So as the day ends they all head home and go to bed as Sam sleeps he is awaken by a storm and panics because he thinks the raft will be washed away. So he heads out to the island and sees that Riku and Caitlyn’s canoes by the shore where there as he rushes to there spot looking for Riku and Caitlynn he finds Riku being engulfed in darkness Riku holds out his hand telling Sam that the door to other worlds has opened. Sam is panicking about Caitlynn but Riku assures him that Caitlynn is coming so he holds out his hand for Sam as Sam tries to grab his hand he is being engulfed by the darkness but then Riku and the darkness just disappear. Sam then begins looking for Caitlynn and finds her in a cave that they use to play in when they were kids so as Sam rushes in he sees Caitlynn then a strong wind toured Sam and she is phased threw him. Sam is stunned and runs out of the cave to see a giant like shadow creature he tries to attack it but nothing happens suddenly a sword like weapon appears in his hand and he attacks it with that and it disappeared but where it had been created a black hole that sucked Sam up.

Meanwhile ….. In a faraway world a man named Darren a magic man is reporting to his king but when he shows up the king is missing there was a letter on the king’s chair for Darren. Darren rushes to the captain of the guard garret and explains to him that the king is missing the letter had said that they need to set out and find the key bearer. It also said to start looking in traverse town and ask for a man named Leon. as they set out on their ships to traverse town, Riku is awaking in a dark and scary place a dark and mysterious voice appears and tries to deceive Riku by making him think Sam isn’t his friend anymore and that he doesn’t care about Caitlynn

Meanwhile…Sam is awakening in a place he doesn’t know of as he begins to explore it he runs into a man who asks him if he’s lost. Sam is about to reply but a shadow like creature comes out of the darkness and attack’s the man. Sam is panicking trying to find a place to hide. All the sudden a strange man appears from a shop and blast the shadow like creature with some kind of cannon. Sam rushes into his shop wondering what just happened, the man mutters to Sam that those things are heartless and that his name is Sid. Sam asks quickly if he knows anyone named Riku or Caitlyn and the man pauses and says no, Sam is very disappointed and leaves the shop to search for them. As he wanders through the streets he feels like he’s being watched but no one is there. Suddenly he’s suprised by a group of heartless before they can attack him a man steps out of the shadows and kills all the heartless. The man tells Sam that as long as he bears the key they will come for him. Before they are attacked again the man takes Sam into his house and explains what he really has in his hands. Meanwhile…Darren and Garret have arrived in Traverse Town, they begin searching for the key bearer so that they can follow him on their journey. As they begin to explore they remember that they need to find the man named Leon.

Back at the man’s house where Sam with is the man named Leon who tells him that he needs to find his friends. So he leaves the man’s house and stumbles upon Darren and Garret yet they don’t know that he is the key. As they talk a giant heartless appears from the shadow’s and attacks them as they are fighting Garret notices that Sam wields the key. After they defeat the heartless Garret and Darren explain to Sam they’re mission and asks him if he would come with them. As he’s thinking about it Leon appears and tells him that if he wants to find his friends he should go with them. So Sam agrees to go with them on this journey to differed worlds to find Riku and Caitlyn. But he doesn’t know that the whole time Riku is watching from a distance while being influenced by the darkness. And Katlynn is being held captive at a dark dungeon but is asleep because she has lost her heart and Riku is off in other worlds trying to take a pure heart that no one needs. As Sam is traveling with his friends Darren and Garret he travels to worlds and grows from all of this new experience in mind and body but there is still many worlds he will travel to and learn more. But behind the scenes a dark and mysterious watches and waits for the perfect moment to strike. The mysterious man is even clues to what is really happing a mysterious organization called organization 13 is pull there string while no one notices there plans unraveling.

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