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The Legend of Snow

June 11, 2013
By lastingbreath16 DIAMOND, Lake Alfred, Florida
lastingbreath16 DIAMOND, Lake Alfred, Florida
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~Phoebe ~
Where I come from in the winter we don’t go out and play in the snow we hide from it hoping the being doesn’t see us. There are stories told of happier times when children could be heard laughing. These stories fill me with hope that one day are village can defeat this beast and go back to the times of happiness and wonder. The people here they like to tell me stories, at least I think they are stories, about the snow and why it hurts people… Some say that it is just looking for the love of its life and kills trying to find her. Others say that this snow is a sprit who hates are ancestors and that if we didn’t give it sacrifices willingly it would kill every girl in sight. Screams fill the night another victim has been taken.
~Lonely boy~
This girl is the same as the rest of them selfish, stupid, but still very pretty. She is not the one I want though… This village was my home now they hate me. I just want a girl to be with me. Why can’t they see that I’m not a bad guy I’m just me…
My family has been chosen again. I can see the dread in their eyes, tomorrow they will have to choose one girl from are family. I know is wrong of me to think this but I do not want to be the one. I know they will choose me though I am the only one of age, the ripe age of 15. I have strawberry blond hair and icy eyes my grandmother says I am a flame because my hair is the other parts of the flame and my eyes the center. They will pick me because it is an honor to be chosen.

~Lonely boy~
It will be a full moon tonight. I went to see the fates this morning just before dawn. They have given me wonderful news; tonight will be the night that I find the one I have been waiting for! I cannot wait to see her I know she will be exactly what I have been craving for my entire being. This will be the night, this will be my time.
~Phoebe ~
I watch as the powerful one pulls a name out of the bowl. He looks at the paper and a lonely tear makes its way down his check, I can see the fear in his eyes just as the ones before him have had. He lifts his head high and mask his emotions then with a powerful voice he calls out “Phoebe Gabrielle you have been chosen to be the sacrifice; this is a great honor.” For a second I thought I heard regret in his voice but it was over before I could truly make it out. I stand and raise my head and answer back saying “I am not afraid I will accept this honor”. I make my way to the stage. The room is dismissed.

~Phoebe ~
In the room I have to maids to help me dress. They wash me until I am cleaner then the snow on the ground, then they bring out a bag. They unzip the bag and inside are the most beautiful white dress I have ever seen. It goes down to my ankles at my center is a sash that wraps around my waist and then makes its way around my neck. It makes my porcelain skin even more ghost like then before. When I am finished they lead me to my plate form…

~Lonely boy~
I see her! She has her head held high like nothing can hurt her, she is beautiful. She has no fear in her eyes like the others do… I must have her she must be mine but I have to wait until the perfect moment in time…
They chain me to a wooden plat form and I thank them even though they have delivered me to death… I stand and I wait. It is an hour before I see anything. In the distance I see a blue light in the snow. “Who are you?” I scream in the wind. “I am but a boy” someone whispers back. The light disappears. I can feel heat behind me, so I turn. “What are you?” I ask to the boy. He has blue eyes and a perfect smile playing on his full cherry red lips. “I am yours and you are mine” he tells me in a matter of fact manner. My eyes shift to the light drifting around him “Are you the snow everyone fears?” I ask. He sighs “Yes that is me”, “I have been waiting for you, and you are perfect for me” He smiles. I scream at him “You cannot have me in this life” His smile turns sad “I know my sweet little flame”. All of a sudden I feel a pain in my heart and visions flash in my mind of a lonely boy who just wants the one who fits him. Of a boy who is crying at dawn when he cannot find what is his. I hear a whisper in my mind “my name is snow and you fit me. You are the one I have been looking for”. I close my eyes and say “And you are mine” then the pain and visions stop…

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