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Mind TRip

May 14, 2013
By joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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i hear the vibrations of the music calling my name a chemical fusion whose secret smoke opens doors the strings of my soul stretch far out beyond timealmost going to unwind but i feel the tug knowing im to young to climb above but i leave my body as i feel myself leaving i open fabrics of time with itspiraling inwards towards my feet tearing my flesh only leaving my life energy then, i hear a sacred chant spinning through my head spinning and spinning throughout my skull i feel my body unwind andand i fly faster than the speed of light i somewhat start to feel as if i am one with everything i fly through the cosmos and space and it feels like a i'm swimming through a vast huge oceans of stars glowing the same energy that feels like i used to call brother i feel my energies connect with them then i gaze at the sun and i feel a burst of energy and fly traveling out into a new dimension and land on a planet unknown to usi look and see my energy is fading my head starts pounding as i hear the loud and sickening sound of typing i look at the energy that is my hands and look at all the shapes and colors kaleidoscoping throughout my body then there is a second of darkness a sound of a light-switch and i realize i'm in a big room except it was a laboratory room of sorts and i gaze around the room and realize everything around me is ginormous and that i was, but only a little spec on the floor, and that's when i noticed them, with these beings attached to a huge computer a huge screen and keyboard and the wires were connected to the back of the head these being were just sitting in these huge metallic chairs the creature brains are connected to the computer there energy is the only thing keeping the machines going the creatures themselves looked squid like with human like features there colors of blue and grey for their skin but every-time there was a heart beat i believe it was there would be this illuminating light would shine all throughout there bodies they have somewhat human faces i gasp by the sight i am seeing and at the same time i feel as though i had figured out a way to get to another dimension and they all look at me red eyes glowing bright at first i found it alarming but then i look deeper into it and i feel safe and at this point i believed i had found other beings of the universe and all i could think was indescribable i just sat there in ah feeling like i had found were we all began.. all of a sudden my head starts to pounding horribly i get nauseous at the feeling my head started to spin as if someone had spun me at the same time i was drunk. the feeling suddenly stops and i look back at the creatures and realize that one of the creatures was typing everything that i was thinking in my head or i was saying aloud at this point i couldn't tell, but i started to feel as if i was a puppet was i ever to make any of my own choices? is there such thing as destiny or is it all scripted out for you to just go along with it? i started to get angry feeling as if it wasn't the one controlling myself, then i started to feel my soul shake the sickening spinning and pounding of typing begins again i closed to try to control it i open my eyes and a hear this high pitched frequency all around me my vision is foggy and everything is a hazy white i blink and i i can see clearly for a bit my brother is slapping me with a concerned look on his face yelling and asking what i took i hear the typing as he speaks remembering about the beings and i start to hear the chanting again my head starts spinning, rolling and rolling in my head making me feel really weak i close my eyes again and i'm back on this planet with the creatures but i was in a different part of the laboratory i look around and see big tubes filled with skin i hide by one of the tubes as one of the creatures comes over to the jar and grabs another jar and grabs a computer like chip and puts it in the center of the skin and grabs a needle and starts to carefully sow the body when its done it of jar filled with energy i look at my self and recognize its a soul and he pours it in the body then puts it in a capsule and types it in the computer and sends the body flying to the planet earth I trip and my eyes close again and open white and hazy once again and i realize i'm back on earth I feel a slap on my face and my brother ask me again what i did i tell him with all the strength i have and how pushes me down i hear the typing again and i take a deep breath and look around i ask for a mirror and look at myself, my whole face and body was pale as if i had died i looked myself in the eyes and i knew i would never forget what happened to me

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