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May 7, 2013
By whiterose GOLD, Independence, Missouri
whiterose GOLD, Independence, Missouri
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The future lies before you, like a field of fallen snow; be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.


Three hundred years ago, the world was at its peak. America was at the top of technology and sciences. They didn’t live in poverty and the economy was good. There were no rebellions and no wars. Not one in the world. All situations in the Middle East had been solved, diseases had been exterminated in third world countries, and government officials listened to the people and everything was perfect. But like all societies and worlds, the peace, the happiness, well, it didn’t last long. People wanted power and it seemed that the Earth itself had rebelled against its people.

The last wars of mankind unfurled. Countries went to war, alliances no longer existed, and all countries were turned into rubble. Buildings and streets were became ash. Families died and children burned. China, England, Argentina, Russia, Germany, and America were the only places that could still support life. All other lands were destroyed and covered in thick layers of debris.

Eventually, life ceased to exist in Argentina. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods and storms swept through the country, destroying everything. There was nothing that could be done to save it.

Rebellion started up in China, and Russia, being the closest country to help, went to help the rebel’s side. The Chinese leaders dropped nuclear bombs, and the countries of China and Russia became war zones. China, being the one with the rebellion, fell first. From debt and life loss, Russia eventually fell.

The British were hit with storms after storms, and with tensions rising between them and America, they were consumed with the fate of the fallen nations. Germany and America ceased all arguments, hoping to save the human race. This peace never ended, but all the waste from past wars slowly seeped throughout the country of Germany. Disease riddled, town torn, and failing, Germany could no longer stand as the co-survivor.

Americans were rushed into compounds and large cities where they were protected and divided. Soldiers were sent for any survivors of the past countries, but none were found. Then cures and vaccines were found for the diseases that wiped out the old countries. The walls that protected the large cities from disease fell down. The fatal diseases were fought against once all vaccines and cures were given to society. The government maintained a steady hand on all people, until the final american president was overthrown.

When civil war broke out in America, all hope for humanity was lost. Brother fought against brother and sister fought against sister. Some people wanted to go to other countries and remake the world. Others wanted to stay in the country and not risk humanity. The people who wanted to see what they could salvage in the world were know as Preservationists. The individuals that wanted to stay in safety and to live in America were known as Nationalists.

The Second Civil War was caused by the one thing that saved humanity, the Vaccine. The Vaccine cures all diseases that broke out during the Apocalypse of the Nations. The Preservationists in order to repopulate and live in the wiped out countries, had to have the Vaccine for future generations. They needed shipments of the Vaccine, or the resources to make the Vaccine themselves.

All of the doctors who created the Vaccine that saved the human race were Nationalists. The Nationalists would not give up the Vaccine to the Preservationists because they fear that, one day the Preservationists will be strong enough to dominate. The Nationalists want the Preservationists to depend on them.

The Civil war never ended in America. During the catastrophic wars, hybrid animals were genetically engineered as weapons for the Preservationists. These killing machines escaped the lab where they were created and overtook an area of wilderness where they could survive. What was once known as the Great Plains became the home of the hybrids. The unstable animals were strong enough to keep the land they ran away to, and the Great Plains become known as the Wilds. Humans were unable to prosper here because of the new generations and future generations of dangerous animals.

Crossing the country to continue the war was impossible. The resources that once made up aircrafts known as airplanes were destroyed in the Apocalypse of the Nations. The country fell into a transportation dark age. Trains, planes, and automobiles no longer existed due to the failure of resources. The second civil war became a cold war but tensions remained high.

The author's comments:
When I first started writing this short introduction, it was just an idea that was nonsense transfered from my head to the paper. That was then. Now this short story has evolved into an overpowering thought in my head. I'm continuing to write the though. I have fallen in love with the characters, and I've fallen in love with the ideas that aren't even there. This dystopian story is the first of its kind for me, so help me out and share your thoughts about my thoughts.

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