Star Potter Games. 2

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The Star Potter Games

Ch. 2
(Really? You have to be that mean to those poor folks? What did they do to you?) Ok sorry about that. My brother, the poor dear just loves his cliffhangers. I personally, don’t care for them but, oh well. You cannot really help someone who had brain damage from the day that he was born. (OW! That hurt you
. ) Sorry again. He kicked me in the leg for no good reason whatsoever. Anyway, in case you did not figure it out, my name is Audrey. I am Starlin’s sister. The only time he mentioned me is when he called me a moron for misinterpreting his instructions when listening to his Force scanner. Yeah that is right I heard him. I kicked his righteous butt after that little incident. I mean, how am I a moron for listening to his instructions? He was just stressed because he hates going into battle. Let me talk about that a little more.

My poor brother… (It was going to happen sometime. Let it be now. OW! You have got to stop kicking me!) My poor brother has traumatophobia. For those of you without dictionaries at home that is a fear of war. For some very odd reason my brother was born into a war family and he is the most skilled battler in the entire world yet he has a fear of battle. Maybe it was all of the years of watching our father go off to battle and not know whether or not he would come back alive. My brother was trained to be a war hero and yet he wants no part of it.

Let’s talk about yours truly. I am 5’1’’, rather skinny, athletic and I have a love of gum. Any and all flavors. Getting distracted. Sorry. I am also battle hardened but I once got shot through the spine and there was a glitch in the programming of the Games and was paralyzed permanently from the waste down. Now I am a strategist for section 13 and more specifically, my brother. We know each other in ways that no one else understands and, my brother needs a computer genius to back him up in real battle because, for some reason, he requests the craziest things. Those things include a curved sword from ancient Egyptian times, a full wand kit from the ancient Egyptians and a piece of clay. I mean, how in the world this helped him in the Games, only the Lord knows how.

Anyways, back to the battle that my poor brother so bravely walked into. (OW!!!! You kick me one more time and I will kick your #$%@!&!!!!!) Sorry. He persists in kicking me in the shin for no reason whatsoever. Anyhow, my brother walked outside into the hailstorm of bullets raining down from Sector 1’s fighter jets. He immediately has to duck and roll away from a flash bang and then a closely followed grenade. I am in a control center that I have set up in my house and computer geeks of all kinds are flooding my home because my house is the place to watch anything and everything. Plus, I am the only one that is superior to them in knowledge of computers.

My brother is a sniper. He is absolutely fantastic with long range anything. Arrows, bullets, spells. He is just fantastic so his first move was to a easily ground accessed point but hard to access sniper point. No one can get to him, but he can get to anybody. Wait. What is this I am hearing? Sector 5 has joined the party? What have we ever done to them. D’Arvit!!! Sorry. Swearing in Fairy tongue. Ancient Fairy tongue and the word is so inappropriate you will never read this book again in your parent’s lifetime. Anyways my brother is now approaching his sniper position.

“Hey AUDREY!!!! A little help over here! Stop yakkin’ and start working!!”

Apparently I have to go- WHAT THE ----?????!!!!

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