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Rising Power

February 12, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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She was more unique than anyone I knew, even more so. She seemed invisible in crowded places like school, but she was very prominent in places far, far away from here. Only I knew her so well that I could be entrusted with many of her secrets. I saw her do the opposite of what she did in school. She seemed quiet and intimidating when crossed, but many people had not seen her in extreme. I possessed the one secret she managed to hide from everyone else: she was the very border between good and evil.
It was true; she was a witch, but not like any other witch. She was a paradox; she was viewed as a hero and a villain, powerful and dangerous, gifted…and cursed. For all I knew, she played by her own rules, listened to no one else’s advice but mine on occasions. She had nearly limitless powers, which she got from her bad side, and the ability to use them wisely, which is from her good side. Half of the people who saw her proclaimed that she brought the benefits of life, while the other half said that she would destroy it.
She was the one witch who was, by far, more powerful than most of those with magic capabilities. She was wise, but also temperamental. She was usually bad*** when she defended for herself or others, or when she attacked. She had the combined skills of a Kung Fu master, a samurai, and a sorceress; that was what made her deadly as well as courageous. She had the qualities of both good and evil: when she was good, she was compassionate, kind, and brave, but when she was bad, she would be at her worst. She would get terrifyingly angry, her eyes would turn magenta (violet, at the least), and she could, and would, attack anyone on impulse.
I was the only one who saw her for who she really was. I didn’t see that the first time, however. I was attractive, tall, and spoke on my own (and everyone else’s) right. When I was in trouble, she came to my rescue. I was willing to do the same for her. She came off as smooth before she revealed herself to her enemies as dangerous and lethal. This scared me and when I was about to break it up, she managed to convince me that there’s something more to her.
It was worth being her boyfriend ever since, and I wasn’t willing to let any harm be done to her…not since I had learned a more shocking secret: she was dying. The excess of her powers sometimes proved to be too much for her and sometimes, her skin would shrivel away to reveal a more plasma-like version of herself. I almost lost her a few times because of this, but we both knew death was inevitable. She said she would be willing to sacrifice herself for others if necessary, but I wasn’t about to let that happen. I already knew she was going to die soon, but I wanted to keep her with me just a bit longer.

The author's comments:
This story is about a witch who is a lot like Anakin Skywalker, only more good and much less tragic. I'm thinking about making a five-book series on this, and I'll give you a hint in my subsequent article.

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