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Fall From Grace

February 12, 2013
By Jessica.Nichole BRONZE, Cape Charles, Virginia
Jessica.Nichole BRONZE, Cape Charles, Virginia
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I wanted to open my eyes. I have been trying for what feels like years to do so. Who knows maybe it had been years. It was like they were too heavy. And once when I had finally cracked them open the light had nearly overwhelmed me and I squeezed them shut. Today though I would wake up from this nightmare. I had been in this darkness far too long. So long I had forgotten what it was like to be in the light. Slowly, setting a steady pace for myself, I forced my eyes to open. When the light streamed in painfully, I welcomed it. When they had finally opened fully I was surrounded by white. Little by little though my focus returned and I found myself in a hospital bed. Gripping the sheets in my fists I searched for a call button. My whole body ached. It hurt to breathe. I was sure I had never been so sore in my whole life. Not a single part of me didn't scream with pain. My mind racing. Why was I in a hospital? What had happened to me to force me into that prison of darkness? Why couldn't I move without searing pain? Then as I turned to my left, continuing my search, I froze. There sitting by my bed was a boy. My chest felt constricted as I looked him over. He had his head laying on crossed arms at the edge of my bed. His dark wavy hair fell over closed eyes. He was beautiful. Even in his sleep he wore a look of concern, his thick eyebrows scrunched together slightly and his flawless lips pulled into a frown. The sudden urge to touch him was shockingly powerful. Why was he at my bed? He must have been here a long while to have fallen asleep here. Then, before I could ponder this anymore, his eye lashes fluttered open. they revealed eyes, a sea-glass blue that I couldn't look away from. He blinked a few times then glanced up at me. When he saw me awake it must have thrown him because before I could take another breath he had flung himself forward and had his arms around me. I couldn't even scream I was so shocked. He caught my long, bed crazed, blonde hair in his fingers and then proceeded to press his perfect lips to mine. And that, that is when I screamed. My scream broke his kiss and I think a little bit of his heart. He leaped back, gorgeous eyes wide. He quickly recovered though and took my hand in his. I was too scared to pull away. He had kissed me!
"I'm sorry," he said breathing heavily. "But I have been so afraid you weren't going to wake up. I've never seen anyone fall that hard."
"I fell?"
"Oh yeah, but its going to be alright, because now we can be together. You said that it was going to take a lot, but I never would have imagined it taking this much. Oh I was so scared for you, love."
"Stop!" I shouted. "Who the heck are you?"
Tears washed down my face now in frustration and fear. Why was he talking as if he knew me? Why did I have to hurt so much?
"Honey, please don't be angry! I told you we could find another way, but you wouldn't listen! You said the only way was for you to fall. Do you think I wanted this to happen?"
Great now he thought I was only mad at him. Should I know him? Oh God, why was there so much pain?
"No I mean who are you? What is your name? How do you know me?"
He paused as if unsure of how to answer.
"Baby it's me," he searched my eyes. "It's Aarman. don't you remember?"
Something in my mind translated the meaning of that name.
"Desire." I said causing him to look at me funny. "I remember desire. It can lead to a sin."
"Umm ok. They said you were going to say some funny things when you woke up , but I-"
"You said I fell? Where did I fall from?"
"You don't remember?"
"Where did I fall from?" I yelled as loudly as I dared. I cast a panicked look around me. I had never noticed before, all the feathers that surrounded me. I was already crying when I heard Aarman say,
"From Heaven."

The author's comments:
This is just something I felt like writing at random. I hope people enjoy it, but mostly I hope it makes them wonder who this fallen angel is.

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