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January 9, 2013
By neverland44 SILVER, London, Other
neverland44 SILVER, London, Other
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The moon was a glowing orb peeking out from behind a thick heavy blanket of black clouds. The silver rays shone brightly through the dusty old open window. The tall bare tress danced with the loud whistling wind that howled outside. On top of the hill, underneath the covers of the dark sinister sky, stood a small dirty house. It had a gloomy, eerie atmosphere, which trembled all around the open living room. Dust lay everywhere. Spiders raced along walls and rats nestled under floor boards. There were no lights in the house, just filthy used candles on the mucky mantelpiece. The fireplace, full of ash was barley used which meant the room had a bitter icy chill. The cold air slapped your bare skin, and made your hands become frozen. Outside, in the wintery night a flash of bright, shinning light, burst through the window. A few seconds later, the world shuddered as the sky roared creating thunder. A storm was coming, closer and closer, gradually getting nearer.
By the window in the corner of the room, smothered in shadows, lay a machine, half of it draped with material. It was made with wood, nailed awkwardly together, with splinters sticking out. Hanging out from under the covers, was a yellow, shrivelled, frail human hand, covered in mould. The finger nails were full of dirt and the fingers were covered in thick black hair.
The old grandfather clock, which slowly swung from left to right, chimed loudly 12 deafening times. Suddenly, once again the room was lit up by flashes of lighting. Outside, the lightning stroke a tall, old oak tree and burned the top branches. Then, the lightning struck the machine. It shot through the window and blasted it. Part of the machine gave of sparks, and a bit of the wood caught fire but was immediately blown out by the wind. The hand hanging out from under the cloth, gave a sudden twitch. The index finger began to slightly move up and down. The whole hand then began to move. It slowly wrapped itself up into a fist and then stretched out again. All of a sudden, from underneath the covers, something began to move. It was as if a body was lying under it, and coming alive. Without notice, a huge gust of wind raced through the house, blowing the sheets off, revealing what was under it. It was no body, but bits of bodies, stitched together to form a person, although it did not look human at all. The face was a green colour, covered in boils. The eyes were closed but the thick black eye brows looked angry. The hair was also thick and black and had small bits of grit and glass in it, but instead of connected to the skull, glued, almost like a wig. The body had a ripped, tea stained T-shirt on, too small for the chest. The arms had large, hard muscles, which stuck out the shoulders. The legs had baggy torn shorts on and out of which came two hairy, green feet. The toes of this creature were yellow and nobly and the toenails had something growing in-between them. This was definitely not human. This was a monster.
The monster gradually began to stand up. Very slowly, it opened its eyes. The eyes were as black as the night and full of fear and horror. The mouth which had been closed began to open to reveal very few, yellow, chipped teeth. Without warning, the monster let out a thunderous roar. The whole house screamed with fear. The monster took a few footsteps forward, but walked as if it were a baby, wobbling around the place. It looked at things with awe and curiosity. It picked up as dusty mug on the table, started at it for a few seconds, then through it with mighty strength out the window. The monster roared again. It tried to speak, but all that came out were mumbles and noises. Suddenly, the monster gave the loudest scream ever heard to mankind. It threw its strong, muscular arms into the air, and ripped his T-shirt off. The pieces were chucked onto the cold stone floor. The monster now showed his hairy chest, which had cuts and bruises all over. The monster kicked the creaking wooden door violently and ran out into the night. He looked up at the moon like he was under a spell. The monster roared once again, but this time he sounded like he was talking. “I, I, I live!!!!” he howled to the trees. The monster shouted once again, “I LIVE!” At that moment, the dark clouds awakened, and rain began to pour down. The droplets which fell on the monster’s ugly face were as big as golf balls. The lightning struck a tall tree in the distance, and the roaring thunder followed. As the rain pelted down, the monster’s eyes turned to fear and anger. He screamed once again. “NO! STOP! NO, NO, NO!” His deep voice had terror and panic hidden in it. He tried to shield himself from the falling water, but it was no good. The rain shot down, faster than ever. The wind shrieked among the trees and the leaves danced under the moonlight. The monster ran into the woods, falling heavily over a branch of a tree as he went. But the woods did not welcome him. He was shouted at and laughed at. The thunder cackled as the trees mocked the monster’s hideous face. The monster’s face was covered in water, not only from the rain, but also from the tears which rolled down his uneven cheek. He was alone in the world. People who would look at him would run away in fear, never looking back, never giving the monster a chance. The monster spoke to the night, “I am friend. Do not hate me. I no enemy.” But the night didn’t answer back. Instead, it just cast the monster away.

The author's comments:
I wrote this short story using the inspiration from Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein". It tells the horrific creation of Frankenstein's monster and how we so easily discriminate those that we do not understand.

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