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November 7, 2012
By FabulousMe1999 BRONZE, Crestone CO, Colorado
FabulousMe1999 BRONZE, Crestone CO, Colorado
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His hand slipped around my upper arm and then forcefully tugged away at me. My arm hurt and i cried. iI never wanted to be here, tripping over pebbles in the dark not sure what was going to happen, till he came to a stop, here was a rusted smell and a clatter at his hip and then a forceful grip onto a bar in front of us, he had a key and it was opening a door, then his moved to my back, behind my wings, i was fragile there and his hand was rough forceful and with one motion he shoved me inside the cell he just opened. From the faded lantern he was holding i was able to make out a smile carved into his face. “That oughta do it” he smirked, and his eyes gleamed with power and disgust, before i had time to even be afraid he pondered of.

I was frightened, overly scared and couldn’t see anything it was fairly dark, a normal person's eyes would adjust enough to make out the outlines of their surrounding, but not mine. I fall to the ground without hesitation unaware of how hard and filthy the floors beneath me were, and i cried. i seemed to have wepped all night, tears wet my arms and my head throbbed till i nodded off unaware of what morning would bring.

The displeasing sound of metal clanking woke me, the terrible man was back with what looked like garbage on a tray. “Come er’ angel, i brought you breakfast” he snickered, i didn’t budge, i refused to answer to him like his pet. he made a noise which seemed to have contained of a groan and a sigh, and then slid the tray under the bar cell, even though it was morning it was pitch black down here and I could barely make out his face, he was a young man with a large and scratched up face a scar ran through his check, and for a second i wonder what happened to him, i felt sorry for him, and was mad at whoever did that to him, but I quickly blocked that thought out of my head, he had it coming, he was rude and unpleasant to be around.
“You're a terrible man” i muttered and with that i wasn’t sad and weak anymore i was hurt and angry.
“Well whatcha gonna do?” he raised his eyebrow “huh?” and without thinking i stood, i must have started changing then, because the mans face was now frozen with horror, my dress was now more gray than blue, but its mainly my wings they now hold a color of the darkest nights.
Without hesitation i ran the few yards of space in front of me. i felt powerful blood rushing up my veins in a way i had never knew before each step took me closer tell the slap of the metal hit me, i had broken the door. ran right through it, and kept going, i don't think I’ll ever stop, my legs aren't sore, but alvie and read, ready to move. i ran up the stairs and through the halls blind with happiness, and for the first time in weeks i let myself smile. Iran till i reached the top where i could see, and with a flutter of my wings and a leap in the air i was soaring, wind caressing my body and sun kissing my skin. I was back where i belonged, and slowly changing back into the angel i was. As i flew higher and higher could almost hear that terrible man screaming for me. But i never looked back and i never will.

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. said...
on Nov. 14 2012 at 10:44 am
Very good story line, you should work on grammar and punctuation. Other than that, it's a REALLY good story. Write more, I need to see more. I want more.