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The White Void

June 27, 2012
By Daesha SILVER, Dalby, Other
Daesha SILVER, Dalby, Other
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Everything happens for a reason

Tests would one day be the death of me. No joke. This biology test will be the one that starts the slow descent into madness. Teachers expect that, because we’re in grade eleven, we’ll do well. I could feel myself slowly dying. I was sure of it. I could hear my brain screaming for help. I looked down at the page on my desk and felt a headache as if my brain really was trying its best to escape. I looked around me to see if anyone is having as much trouble as me. Everyone had their heads down, their pens moving furiously across the pages.

I looked back at my desk, willing the only blank page in the classroom to magically fill with brilliant words. It wasn’t a real surprise when it didn’t. I could just feel my mind wasting away as I sat, continuing to stare at the page. I picked up the pencil and put it to the paper. Almost of its own accord, it started moving. I pulled away, only to see that I drew an eye with the iris a deep, menacing blue, staring back at me.

My heart rate started to increase, ever so slightly. Was my sub-conscious is trying to tell me something? That something bad is going to happen... I shook my head. This is all fanciful nonsense. I looked around, once again trying to see what everyone else was doing. There was no movement. It felt strange... I didn’t like it. I turned my head so I could watch the teacher, only to see her back turned as she was standing there. I leant towards the girl sitting next to me and started waving my hands in front of her face. She didn’t move whatsoever. It was at this point I really started freaking out. I looked around and once again saw that no one else was moving either. I stretched my hand out towards the girl and, gathering up the courage, shook her shoulder.

I snatched my hand back in surprise, not because of any sudden movement on her part, no, she was still immobile. No, I was surprised, and more than a tad scared, when she started dissolving. Starting from the tip of her head, ever so slowly she started to vanish, like in those old console games how the enemies just dissolved once they were killed, instead of staying there. I was really starting to panic. I looked around again and saw that, not only the girl, but the whole classroom was vanishing, leaving white emptiness in its place. I stood, spinning in a full circle. I was alone. The only thing left of the classroom was the floor, which was slowly but surely disappearing like everything else. It started at the edges and I watched, as the carpet fell away into nothingness, one piece at a time. It started speeding up, encircling me as it got closer and closer until, within at least 3 metres of where I was standing, it stopped.

I moved away from the desk and looked over the edge of the carpet, which had taken on the appearance of something created with CGI, and saw white and nothing else. It could have been a huge drop, that, if I fell, I could have been falling for eternity. Or, it could have just been a floor that I could walk on, and walk forever onwards, not knowing if I was travelling in circles.

All of this passed through my head in a matter of seconds as I stood upright and looked, with some astonishment, that my desk and test paper were left untouched. What the... I moved to pick up the paper and looked at it, not sure as to what was going on. There was no longer Biology questions on it... instead, a larger version of the eye I drew. I studied it and quickly put the paper down. Something was seriously wrong.

I turned around and leant on the desk, staring at the ever present white while thinking hard about what to do. I pinched myself, seeing if I was asleep or not. Apparently not. I tried to keep my breathing level, trying to keep from panicking. Just as my heart rate and breathing slowed, I heard a sound, coming from the desk.

I turned slowly, afraid of what I was in for. It turned out that I had good cause to be afraid. The eye on the sheet was slowly rising up, lifting itself off the piece of paper. Its pupil locked onto to me and it stopped, hovering several inches above the desk. It stayed there for countless moments, not once looking away from me.

After what seemed like an eternity, it finally started moving. The only down part to that was it started moving towards me. I started backing away slowly as my heart leapt into my throat, choking me. The blue iris flared a dark red, making me shiver. The eye kept coming closer, crowding me to the edge. I had no choice but to follow the directed path. It stopped, inches away from me and started speaking.

"You’re mine. There is no escaping me. You drew me, you unleashed me, you must make the sacrifice. There are no second chances, there is only one choice. Your energy will feed my strength. Surrender yourself to me."
The voice was like ice in my head, freezing my thoughts. As it continued moving closer, however, I chose the only other course of action my mind was capable of showing me.

I jumped.

The author's comments:
This story was mostly written during a biology test of mine, so I hope you like it

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on Jul. 11 2012 at 8:04 am
WSwilliams GOLD, Toronto, Ontario, Other
12 articles 3 photos 95 comments

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If you keep writing, you will pick up structure. You will pick up form

- Richard Matheson

What an imaginative and provocative story. I can't say anything more other than try to challenge the reader with bigger words. Keep on writing and look for new ideas everyday.

Daesha SILVER said...
on Jul. 9 2012 at 4:59 pm
Daesha SILVER, Dalby, Other
9 articles 1 photo 28 comments

Favorite Quote:
Everything happens for a reason

thank-you! :)

on Jul. 7 2012 at 10:04 am
FlameSeeker373 SILVER, Richmond, Texas
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"...Magic is just science that we don't understand yet..."

Arthur C. Clark

That was awesome!!!!! Loved it.