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Emerald Butterfly Excerpt

March 27, 2012
By AmandaNuriR BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
AmandaNuriR BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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The day dragged on, leaving a hungry ache in my stomach. Waking up late this morning had its consequences: no breakfast, messy hair, and a forgotten binder of homework.

Luckily, lunchtime had dawned on my tummy and me soon enough. I threw my bag over my shoulder and hurried out of History to follow the crowd to the cafeteria.

After a few days at my new high school, I was used to the daily routine and people here. Likewise, I made friends to sit with at lunch. That included a girl named Vanessa who was model-worthy with glittering hazel eyes and a contagious laugh. Travis, Vanessa’s boyfriend, had a classic sense of humor and floppy brown hair that came down to his eyes in waves. His friend, Josh, had hair the color of semi-sweet dark chocolate and brown eyes that were quick to stare. A girl named Catherine sat with us as well—and a younger girl, Amy, who spoke to me every chance she got. I’d never really made so many friends before but I was glad to have them.

I heard shouts of complaints before even walking through the lunchroom doors. I turned as the crowd parted like something or someone as if there was a bulldozer running through the crowd.

“Excuse me!” I heard a thick Southern accent exclaim. I’d know that loud, belligerent voice anywhere.

The crowd began to part stubbornly as a girl with bright, brown eyes—that didn’t fail to scrutinize everyone’s outfits as she walked by—made her way through the parted group of students, paying no mind to the grumbles and complains around her. Some girls stared at her, looking like they were going to rip that curly, blond hair straight out her pretty, little head.

“Y’all are like a herd of cattle!” She shouted when she froze and saw me in the crowd. Her jaw nearly dropped to her feet. “Samantha Clearwater!”

Abigail Valli, my best friend since I’d met her at my old high school in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Abby?” I exclaimed as I pulled her away from the agitated students flooding past us. She squealed and hugged me, stealing the breath from my lungs. Same, classic hug Abby gave to me every day back in middle school She pulled me to the back doors of the cafeteria and to an empty table outside.

My head was filled with so many questions that I could hardly speak correctly. How did she get here? Where did she go in middle school? How was she doing? What about her family? But, I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t get a single word out of my mouth.

“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you’re here. When people were talking about some girl named Sam, I was like ‘no way’! But it is you! Oh my goodness, look at you! I didn’t even think it was possible that you got more gorgeous. You know all the guys here can’t get over those green eyes and caramel skin, girl! Everyone is talking about you!”

I laughed, blushing at her doting. “Stop it, Abby! No one’s talking about my looks...”

“Yeah and I’m not blonde. So, what’s been going on?” She asked as eager as I was to catch up. I laughed and spilled everything that went on from the first day I left Phoenix all the way up to the first day of school here. She told me about her boyfriend, Andrew, and how her family moved to California. Abby’s brother had just turned fourteen years old and her mother had finally managed to get her fashion business up and run­ning. Abby and her family had been here for a couple years. Her schedule had just been changed, ever since she had somehow found out my schedule, and switched her classes around.

We were both so engrossed in conversation we almost didn’t hear the bell for sixth period. If I hadn’t looked up at the near-empty cafeteria we may have had to help the janitor mop the floor. We ran to get seated there before the late bell.

We were so happy to see each other we barely paid attention to the science lesson, more concerned with the notes we were passing back and forth.

As I opened another note, Abby stifled a giggle.

You know, that Blue-Eyed Extraordinaire Guy is staring at you!

I looked at her puzzled, and then I followed her quick nod to see Nathan studying me…again. His blond hair was tousled and his eyes were perfection as usual—a stunning blue ocean that seemed to stretch on for miles. The sun bounced off his eyes in and boomed into an explosion of gorgeous piercing color. My eyes ran down his defined, square jaw, wide shoulders, and lean, athletic figure….

I ripped my gaze away, stunned. Abby grinned.

There was a soft pressure against my back and I let myself take a sideways glance behind me. Vanessa had tossed me a note. I peeled it open and my heart sunk a little at her words:

Nathan’s known as a world-class flirt. Don’t mean to rain on your parade or anything, but he was hitting on every girl who passed by him the second he got on campus.

Abby cocked her head and read the note in my numb fingers.

She twirled her head around and almost hissed at Vanessa, “Nessa, way to be a dream-killer!”

-Chapter 2, Part I

The author's comments:
An excerpt from my 80,000-word novel, Emerald Butterfly, being released in April of 2012. The synopsis:

Samantha Clearwater is just fitting into her new life in Del Mar, California. After the numerous times she’d moved in the past, all she wants is a normal senior year…until she meets Nathan West. Samantha can’t help but fall for him the moment she sees his blue eyes. But Nathan isn’t everything he seems. When unexplainable “incidents” creep into Samantha’s life, nearly taking it, Nathan admits the appalling truth: Samantha is a Universal, someone with incredibly amazing, supernatural powers. As she discovers and learns to control them, Samantha becomes aware of two opposing forces, the Dark and the Light. They each want her on their side and they’ll do whatever it takes for her to join. When she refuses, she’s kidnapped, tortured, and brain washed until she’s forced to take sides. Overcome by a Dark spirit, Samantha must fight to save herself and humanity.

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