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March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

Forever, how can I describe it enough to convey just how perfect it can be, and has been for me, or how hellistic it can turn, and once did turn? I don’t have an answer to that question, there probably is no way to describe forever accurately, but if I am to make an attempt at the impossible, I must begin somewhere, and what better place to begin then with what is set in stone, my past.

My induction into eternity began when I was in the third grade, when I first met Maddy. The main thing we did was talk, not just the two of us, but with others involved; our idea was to get people talking to more people and broaden their horizons, but we weren’t very successful at this, others simply didn’t like the idea. This is how most of our third grade passed, the two of us trying to spark a catalyst in our peers that would change them, but by the end of the year, the only two who has learned anything from our attempt was us, not to mention us being the only two who stuck with it.

Due to that, the both of us noticed each other more when school began again, when we entered the fourth grade. We started the year off at the some place we ended the prior year at; trying to get those who would listen to us to change themselves, begin to follow a better path of life. This ended really quickly, not because we wanted to stop trying, but because we realized that what we were doing was not working very well, so our solution to the problem was to get to know each other better, so that we could better work in tandem. Most of our fourth grade year was spent this way, taking endless, yet equally precious hours to develop our ideas and relationship further, to better suit ourselves and others, to increase the positive aspects of the world and life.

Nearly all day during this summer we were together, talking about whatever came to mind, but there was one thing in particular that we kept coming back to, with vigor and vitality, how to change others and fix them, because we had long ago agreed that people were broken in some way. Often times we would go to the local park and talk to each other about this problem, and sometimes we would get some people listening to us, a few times someone would jump into our conversation and make contributions, and rarely we would get someone talking who really understood what we were discussing. Eventually, all those hours and days of talking came to an end, at least the complete free reign of having no schedule ended, to be replaced with the beginning of the fifth grade, which we both welcomed.

When we began the fifth grade, we started our year with so much excitement, we had spent pretty much two months discussing how to do better in our attempts at changing people, and was about to put it to use. Sadly, two months of out time couldn’t get school mates to listen to us for very long, they were engrossed in building and tearing down relationships with other school mates on a weekly basis, changing friends like they did clothes. Maddy and I still talked to others, and caught their attention, but to them, we were no different than anyone else, just someone to hang out with for a week, never even really listening to us, just drifting from social group to social group. After awhile, Maddy and I simply left the others to drift; we stepped back and took the time to observe them in their actions, carefully plotting out a plan to overcome this new obstacle in our path.

………we chose to step back into the picture, and we both felt the time wasn’t right…but we had run out of time and needed to rejoin our peers, lest we be left behind when the sixth grade came. We had had enough time to understand and follow certain social and emotional habits that commonly occurred, so we targeted out crowd to be those who would most likely be together in the beginning of the sixth grade. We slipped soundlessly into this group of friends, quickly implementing friendly activities that would bring them closer together, hopefully close enough to last until the sixth grade began. By the end of the fifth grade, we had managed to bring together four social networks of friends, all semi loosely tied together, not at all to stable or concrete, but we had done it, for over a month our networks had stayed together, far longer than usual.

Over our summer break, we spent out time fostering these four networks, or trying to, but only one lasted all the way till the sixth grade, and when the other three failed, we saw it as an opportunity to advance out ability to create and maintain these social groups. Once more we stepped back from our task and reflected, this time on what went wrong between the social groups and how to prevent the collapse for the next group; we also took what worked well and thought about how to improve that.

Maddy and I dove headfirst into the sixth grade when it came around, completely and totally immersing ourselves into the social groups that were slowly forming, helping to solidify the fundamentals and basis of the groups. It was easy to create and keep social groups together this year, everyone’s true personality seemed to have developed over the summer, and others no longer changed social groups very often.

The sixth grade class we were in turned out to be the best class that out school ever had, the average grade was a B, there were no fights, not even that much anger, and the best part, almost every social group was said to be not only complex, but so positive that nearly every individual within the group appeared to have no capacity for anger or negativity. It was a man who we respected highly and knew very well that said these words, he was our principal, who had kept an eye on us and our progress and had helped us many times along our path to help better out peers. Our principal also had an incredible amount of respect for the both of us, and at our age of only 12, he understood that we were no longer boy and girl, but man and women, with a noble cause, and the capability to fulfill our dreams to the fullest.

…..this was to be described as only “the day of my life was all for this one moment of perfection.” Maddy and I departed out elementary school, with a success that could never be surpassed, only equaled. That summer was out greatest yet; we were lighthearted and knew we loved each other, not the love typical of children, but real love, the type of love that you will go to extreme lengths for. We talked almost incessantly, and began doing some heavy research about our future: what we would do for our careers, where we would go to college, were we would live, what type of job to get, and a wide, wide variety of other topics.

…..Maddy and I stepped onto the stage, a spotlight following us to a podium, where six microphones rested, waiting to be used. The audience was split into 12 sections(planned), with a semi-large gap between every two groups, and, like planned, each social group chose to sit in one individual section, clustered together; the better to target the groups. We both grabbed a microphone and stepped almost directly in front of out intended audience, and then we began to speak, at the same time, about different subjects. Our voices didn’t flow over each others, we had a wider gap in the middle of the gym, and everything was angled like a triangle; our microphones were also hooked up to individual speakers, directly in front of our crowd.

The effect of this set up was to maximize both our voices, while isolating them to only half of the gym, which resulted in our ability to speak simultaneously and capture two parts of a crowd, perfectly split. When Maddy and I finished our speeches, rapturous applause ensued, for awhile, but what we took note of was that the social groups we intended to target were clapping the loudest and longest; our message was heard. Shale and Shadow went next, with the some result; their social groups being the loudest and longest; then Sabastion and Sparks went, and were met with success; received the same ovation. We all went on stage after Sparks and Sabastion finished, thanked the school for their time, and bowed; soon after leaving the stage, to talk with a small amount of staff about the assembly.

All six of us walked into the room where the meeting was to be held, and were immediately assuaged with thunderous applause and many handshakes and congratulations. There was 15 staff present: 6 teachers, 4 administrative personnel, 2 security personnel, the vice-principal, the principal, and someone whose title I didn’t know. What they pretty much said was that they were grateful to have us, we were the most brilliant people they had ever met, we had an extremely bright future ahead of us, and that we would change the world. Maddy and I slipped from the room almost an hour and a half later, going directly to our favorite spot, up a tree in a nearby park, where we could see a long way, and it had a pretty nice view of out surroundings. We stayed there for around an hour before Sparks and Shadow joined us, and then we sat there and looked off into the horizon, letting the feeling of perfection wash through us. Shadow broke the silence after a while, asking if this was what his whole life had led up to, and I responded by telling him that it just might be, and he only smiled, but I saw more than ever in his smile; it was a smile of true understanding.

I couldn’t help but to laugh, a lighthearted and light laugh, upon which all eyes fell on me, and then all voiced joined my laughter, matching its lightheartedness and lightness; we were all in sync. With each other; it was the beginning of our true friendship.

…..we let the topic fly around for another month, before beginning the process of helping others to understand that this style of life would take constant maintenance and careful observation, otherwise they would crash. By crash, I mean something like this; you drink six shots of espresso four times a day for five days in a row, you’re going to experience a crash; a mind and heart is different though, with the right maintenance and direction, it will never crash. …..taught them to be able to speak with another about their troubles, and showed them how to see the path they were traveling, to take the time to reflect on the events of their day; what they could have done better, and what they did right. Maddy, Shadow, Sparks, Shale, Sabastion, and I withdrew from our teachings with three weeks left till the summer break, intent on studying the results of our quick work, and to survey what more we could do to help them when the eighth grade came.

With less than a week left in the seventh grade, Maddy, Shadow, and Sparks ended up in the hospital, they had been walking by something when something somehow ignited, but long story short, they got cut up and burned. From the way it was described to me, they were in bad shape, but when I was them not long after, they didn’t look to bad, just a few deep cuts, a few surface burns(except Shadow, he had a large and deep burn on his forearm), and hundreds of smaller, thin cuts, from flying glass. ……. The next day, when we entered our school, we were met by, well, pretty much everyone, staff and students, who gave us one hell of a welcome back, and a glad you’re still alive and here for us type of deal; we all cried, all six of us; it was a true moment that let us know how much we really changed those around us.

….the most important and spectacular event that occurred in this summer happened about halfway through out break, after the Guardians and a few others finished a night game of volleyball. Maddy and I decided to walk home after the game, like a thousand other times, and we talked about nothing that wasn’t typical of us, yet there was a different feeling in the air, a charged feeling that we had never felt before. We stopped in front of her parent’s house, and looked into each others eyes; before we knew it, we were kissing each other, holding one another gently around the waist, rocking slowly back and forth in our own motion. I don’t know how long we stood there, rocking back and forth together, even after we had stopped kissing and began looking one another in the eyes, seeing for the first time our love of each other truly revealed.

…. Our organization had grown from six to eight, with the addition of Victor and Dreamcatcher…..

The Guardians had come up with a new idea for the first year of high school, we wanted to teach them about how we, as humanity, were broken, and could be healed, to live up to our name as humanity, but this was far trickier than anything else we ever taught. For one, we would have to go through the normal levels first, which took a good chunk of time, and then we would have to find a way to show them what humanity is really capable of, then we would have to lead them to their healing water; it would be up to them to drink, we couldn’t force them to.

….one day changed both our lives forever, a day that was like almost every other. Maddy and I were lying outside, under the shade of some tree; I was resting my back against the trunk of the tree, and Maddy was sitting on my legs, her back resting against me, my arms wrapped around her waist. We had been sitting there for a while, silent, simply looking at each other in the eyes, communicating everything, truly understanding what the other wanted to say. We stopped looking at each other and looked strait ahead, and then Maddy said quietly “I want to have a child with you.” I turned my head to look at her, meeting her gaze, and then hugged her, starting to cry after a few minutes. I whispered into her ear that I loved her, then looked her in the eyes and told her that we would make great parents. We both just kind of stayed against the tree for another hour or so, and then we both went home. The feeling I had was indescribable, no comparisons can equal or surpass it, none can come even close, but love is the word I will use.

We all sat down, I took a deep breath, and then I looked at her parents and said, “Maddy and I have decided to have a child”, and then silence came, along with the expression of shock by her parents. Maddy’s mom was the first to speak, “do you know you can handle the responsibility this choice entails, and by know, I mean beyond any doubt, at all?” Maddy and I looked at each other, and then she got up and sat in my lap, upon which I closed my arms around her waist, and put my head on her shoulder. She looked at her parents and said, “Yes”, and then I looked at them and said “yes”, upon which her father said, “you two love each other, god knows how much, don’t ever lose it, or you’ve lost the greatest thing in existence. You have enough together, you don’t need more, you know that.” Maddy smiled and said, “We know, and it’s because we don’t need more that we want to create a life, create someone that represents the greatest of us both, and have another to share out love with.”

A long conversation ensued, a few hours at least, and the conversation was ended with these words, “as your parents and protectors, we will support you to the fullest, we also accept your choice and understand that you are both mature and ready to handle the responsibilities entailed.”

None of us, Maddy, the Guardians, or me, was able to recognize how phenomenal we truly were, or how impossibly far we had gone down a path that others could not even begin to comprehend. To us, we had so much more of a path to build and blaze in our future, that we were almost completely ignorant to how much we were able to do as was, or how incredible it was that we could do what we had done, and think almost nothing of it. That was the genius of the Guardians, our ability to do what others could not even begin to comprehend, as almost a side project, with less energy spent on it then on developing what would become the next stage in our blazing path. …it was in the last month or so of our summer break when we decided to plan the change of all changes, being able to get those around us to completely discard their sight of a shell, and see another for who they truly are, in soul (thoughts and emotions in tandem).

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