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Codename: Shadow

January 3, 2012
By Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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    It was a few years ago when I found out I had powers. You can call me crazy but this is the truth. My name is Ashley. Ash for short. I am part of a group of “magical protectors” as we call ourselves. Each of us were given a codename. I am Shadow. We made codenames for incase we ever got found out. By the I’m only 16.
    The group consists of eight people. Jaden, also known as Silver Eagle, is my brother. He’s also 16. Then there’s Anna, codename Firefox. She’s the one who found us. She’s 16. Cameron, codename Nightwolf, is the leader. He’s 17. Katt, codename Mystic, is my cousin. She’s the same age as Jaden and I. The last three are cousins. These three are Hanna, codename Phoenix. She’s the fashion girl. Always finding great outfits. Then there is Rocky, codename Moonwolf. He’s the one I got my eye on. Last is Dan, codename Blackhawk. He’s 17. The other two are 16.
    Okay there’s their shortened profiles. That isn’t the reason I made this though, I made this because you’re the only one I believe I can trust with this secret. I mean it when I say only one.
    It started when I was 13. I was minding my own business and this kid comes over and pushes me down hard. I got so angry and these shadow balls, as I call them, just appear in my hands. Jaden was there and witnessed it all. The kid that pushed me never did again.
    After that Jaden and I were heading home and we noticed these guys following us. We got to the house and one of them knocks me down. Jaden comes in. This kid gets ready to punch Jaden. What I heard next was that kid yelping in pain. Jaden’s blocking arm had become a silver shield and the kid hit that instead.
    A while after those kids leave, and we get inside, a knock comes at the door. I open it and it’s Anna. Didn’t see that coming.
    “Ash, Jaden, can I talk to two? I mean alone if that’s okay?” Anna asked. She looked at us, then at our mom, then back at us.
    “That’s okay. You three go on.” Mom said.
    We left for the park. It was weird. Something was up and we were about to find out what.
    “Anna. What is going on?” I asked when we finally got to the park.
    I was scared. I looked around and saw my cousin, Katt, glowing. She was walking over toward us with two people I didn’t recognize. After a few seconds her glow finally stopped.
    “So you two are coming as well.” Katt said.
    “What? Coming where? What are you talking about?” I said. I was getting angry now.
    “Chill sis. Your hands are covered in shadows again. You need to calm down.” Jaden said.
    I looked at my hands and he was right. I calmed down as much as I could and the shadows vanished. I hate it when he’s right.
    After the shadow disappeared Anna told us where we were headed. (sort of).
    “Okay Anna. Who are those two? Also how long are you planning on us being gone?” Jaden asked.
    “Those two are Dan and Cameron. They’re part of the group.” Anna said.
    After that we left. I don’t know why but I went and followed along. We headed to the woods then stopped. The one called Dan lifted some lid. The lid revealed a speaker.
    “What’s going…” I tried asking but Cameron put his hand over my mouth.
    “Shush. We need silence. The enemy could have followed us here.” he said.
    I got quiet. Then Dan whispered something into the speaker. After that a door opened and another boy was with us. This was getting annoying. Especially since that boy looked a little familiar.
    “Did they follow you Firefox? Is the coast clear?” the new guy asked.
    “It’s okay Moonwolf. We weren’t followed.” Anna said.
    “Good. Everyone in. we must move quickly now. In.” the new guy said.
    I didn’t like being given orders by someone my own age but I did as I was told. We all went in. It was dark at first but then I saw a light. It was Anna! She had a fireball in her hand! It was impossible!
    “Ouch.” I said. Something had hit my back.
    “Sorry. I was trying to tie up the door.” someone said. It was the new guy.
    “It’s okay. I don’t mean to be rude but what’s with the eerie glow?” I asked him as we followed the others.
    “I don’t mind. The glow is part of the reason I’m called Moonwolf.” he told me.
    “I get it. It’s because it’s like the moon’s glow. What’s your real name though?” I asked kind of surprised I did.
    “It’s Rocky. If you’re wondering what you’re doing here you’ll have to ask Blackhawk.” Rocky said.
    “Who’s that?” I asked.
    “His real name is Dan.” he answered.
    We had finally made it out of the underground tunnels to a cave. Did I forget to mention how big it was!
    “Finally! I thought they had captured you. Are those the new recruits?” someone asked. It was Hanna!
    “Sorry Phoenix. Yeah if they choose to join.” Rocky replied immediately.
    “What are you guys talking about!” Jaden screamed.
    “You didn’t tell them?” Katt said. She looked at Anna.
    “No Mystic. We had to hurry down here first.” Dan replied. He looked a little upset.
    “Can you please tell us what is going on?” I asked them calmly.
    “Okay. The thing is we’re a group of people who have magical powers and we want you two to join.” Dan said.
    “But it’s your decision.” Hanna added.
    “We can teach you to control your powers better and maybe even master them.” Cameron told us.
    It sounded great. Jaden was smiling but he could tell I needed more time to think.
    “Can you excuse us for a moment? We need a little more time.” Jaden asked.
    They nodded and we went to one side of the cave. After that we took a little time to talk it out. Then we finally decided we would join.
    “We’ll join.” Jaden told them.
    “Great. I’m glad you chose to join.” Rocky told us. He winked at me.
    “When’s training start?” I asked impatiently. I was anxious to begin.
    “After you pick your rooms we can begin.” Katt said.
    “Pick our rooms? What do you mean by that?” Jaden asked confused.
    “Well once the ‘enemy’ comes to your door you’ll need a place to stay.” Dan told us.
    “You’ll understand when it happens. Right now we need to get you guys home.” Rocky said.
    “We can’t leave yet. Turn off the lights.” Anna whispered to us.
    All lights went off then other lights appeared. They were flashlights. I don’t think this is good. I truly have a bad feeling about this.
    “It’s our enemy.” Cameron whispered.
    We all headed out the backway to some other tunnels that led out to another part of the woods.
    “Good thing that was all a hologram.” Katt said when we thought we could speak again.
    “What! You mean the computers, the spy gear, it was all an illusion!” Jaden and I said stunned.
    “Yep. We knew our enemy the ‘Trackers’ had followed us. They had been doing so for a couple days trying to get us in our sleep and stuff. The real hideout is further in the woods.” Rocky said.
    So we walked farther into the woods and down a hidden door. Anna led us through the dark with her fire powers. I stayed in the back in front of Rocky.
    After a while we stopped in front of a ladder. It led up out of a small door. We must be close to home. Then I heard something. More than one as well.
    “Shush. I hear something.” I said.
    “What is…” Hanna tried to ask but Rocky covered her mouth to muffle the noise.
    He let go after she stopped trying to talk. That’s when I moved closer to the door. Then I heard that it was voices.
    “Those kids won’t get to far. We’ll track them down and send them strait to your headquarters Alex.” the first person said.
    “Good. I need to examine them. I need to find out how they got those powers.” Alex said. I had the door open a crack to see.
    I shut the door and turned towards the others. They must’ve been able to tell by my expression that we had to get out another way.
    “Anyone got another route to my house? Anyone?” I asked. I made sure it was in a whisper tone.
    “I do. I know another way.” Rocky said. Everyone looked at him surprised.
    “Now we know why we don’t see you much in the mornings.” Dan said.
    Rocky led us through the dark tunnels with his ‘moonlight’ glow. Then we stopped in front of another ladder. All of us climbed up and headed towards the house.
    “See you later.” I said.
    “We’ll wait in the shadows just in case the ‘Trackers’ beat us here.” Dan said to us.
    Then we went inside and saw some people in the chairs across from mother’s. Unfortunately, it was Alex and the lead tracker. That got me mad.
    “Ah. Good. You two have finally arrived. Now we can get down to business.” Alex said.
    I was so angry that they were there my hands had become shadowed again.
    “Lose the shadows sis.” Jaden whispered.
    “Looks like I was right. They are magical kids. At least one is.” Alex said.
    “Why are you here you bastard!” I screamed at her.
    “Ashley how dare you speak to her that way! How dare you speak like that in front of our guests!” mom yelled standing up now.
    “You should calm down Miss Vernon. This isn’t the first time this has happened and I doubt it to be the last.” the lead Tracker said calmly.
    “Alright Jordan. Please carry on.” mom said calm now.
    “Let us introduce ourselves. I’m…” Alex tried.
    “Alex Smith and he’s Jordan Lebane.” I answered.
    “Yes. How’d you know?” Jordan asked.
    “I know because you two are part of a group called the Trackers. You go around trying to find kids with even the slightest bit of magic so you can examine them.” I said with a smirk. I was proud to expose them.
    “So you’ve found us out. Very good. What about your brother? Did he know?” Jordan asked.
    “I knew. I knew it before Ash did. I just decided to keep my mouth shut.” Jaden said. I could tell it was a lie but no one else could.
    “Well one thing you didn’t know is Miss Vernon signed a contract letting us have control over you two.” Jordan said cockily to us.
    “You lie! Mother would never hand us over to a foul group like you!” I yelled.
    “On the contrary, Jordan speaks the truth.” Alex said. She had an evil smile on her face.
    “Time now that we take you two with us.” Jordan said.
    “Over my dead body you will!” Jaden and I screamed. Jaden’s arms were silver and mine shadowed.
    Alex and Jordan came for us real swift. They fought hard and so did we but we lost. They wrapped our hands with ropes and took us to the back of the van. I saw Katt and Rocky start to come for us but I shook my head and smiled, letting them know it alright and that we knew what we were doing. We just gave them the ‘wait there’ signal and got in the van.
    After a while Alex and Jordan got up front and Jaden turned his arms into silver swords. He cut through his ropes easily and then mine.
    “Now it’s my turn.” I whispered.
    Not to be mean but I had to trick you as well. Jaden and I knew about our powers before this happened. Try at least four days before.
    “Concentrate hard sis.” Jaden whispered to me.
    I concentrated hard. Then I got my shadows around us and we teleported to where we left the others. They looked like they were about to leave. I walked over to them and tapped Rocky on the shoulder.    
    “Miss me.” I said. Jaden wasn’t far behind.
    “Maybe a little.” Rocky said jokingly.
    Anna and the others just noticed we were there. After that we all headed to the woods and to the real hideout. Then we finally got to sleep.
                *        *        *
    Well that’s how it happened. Now I’m 16 and stuck in hiding. The FBI, the police, and the Trackers are after me. The Trackers lied and said my brother and I were traitors and criminals.
    “I’m getting tired of this.” I said.
    “So am I. We can’t go anywhere during day and we have to spy on the Trackers at night.” Jaden said.
    “Not that. It’s the fact that we have to stay hidden. You know, have no fun.” I said to him.
    “Will you two be quiet. We’re on a mission remember.” Anna said through the communication watch.
    “Sorry Firefox.” I said.
    “That’s okay. Shadow you head towards the south entrance. I need you to stay at west entrance Silver Eagle.” Anna said. She had just come up behind us.
    “Alright Anna, I mean Firefox.” I said correcting myself.
    I headed down to the south entrance and Anna headed back to the north entrance. By the way our mission we were on was dangerous. Dan was inside the lair of the Trackers. He had a communication watch like us. He was disguised as a new recruit and was helping us see the inside with the mini-cam.
    “Okay guys I’m in. Is Moonwolf there?” Dan whispered to us through the watch.
    “I’m here. I’m at the east entrance. I can see you from here.” Rocky said through his watch.
    “Okay. You need to keep quiet or you’ll blow my cover.” Dan whispered to us.
    While Dan was in the lab he almost got caught twice. I think the guy who saw him the second time was very suspicious. A while later Dan found the test lab. He easily picked the lock on the door. Idiot Trackers!
    “Okay what exactly are we looking for?” Dan asked.
    “Any trace of the harsh work of those Trackers.” I said.
    “Wait…I see someone.” Dan said.
    Everyone stayed quiet. Then a machine showed on the screen. After that I saw a girl in the machine. Then I noticed that the machine was a gas vault. The Trackers put a strong knockout gas in them and it can have you out for hours.
    “Who is she? She looks familiar.” I told him.
    “I don’t know but I’m getting her out. Her life force is draining. I can sense it.” Dan said.
    “Alright. I’m figuring the lock combo. I will send it to your watch…now.” Jaden said.
    “Got it. I’m punching it in and getting her out.” Dan said.
    We watched him get the girl out of the gas vault. She just woke when he got her out. She still looked familiar to me though.
    “Who are you?” The girl asked Dan.
    “I’m a friend. That’s all I can say. We have to go. Unless you want to stay in the test lab so they can put you back in the gas vault.” Dan said persuasively.
    She just gave him an edgy look and they left the test lab. Unfortunately, he got caught by one of the security guards.
    “Get back I’ll protect you.” Dan told the girl.
    She just looked at him like he was crazy. Then more security guards appeared.
    “We have to go in there! They’re gonna put him in a gas vault!” I screamed while Jaden held me back.
    I knew they’d put him in a gas vault because of one thing. You free someone from the test lab they take them and you back. We needed to help them, Dan and the girl.
    “I know he’s a close friend of yours Shadow but you’ll have to trust me.” Rocky said to us.
    “Moonwolf it’s suicide going in on your own.” I said.
    He didn’t answer but I knew he headed in. After a while a boy showed on the screen who’s skin was ‘winter-white’. It was Rocky.
    “You shouldn’t have come.” Dan said.
    “And let you have all the fun and play hero. No way.” Rocky said.
    “I thought there was something fishy about you. You’re a ‘magical protector’. Troops take all three of them but take the imposter to the boss.” the Tracker said.
    Then the Trackers used their shock rods and all of them out. They just made Rocky really weak though. That got me angry. I made my shadows knock Jaden down so he’d lose his grip on my arms.
    “What the hell was that for!” Jaden said angrily.
    “I had no choice. I need you and Firefox to cover me.” I told him.
    “What? Ash, you can’t be serious.” Jaden said.
    I didn’t answer. I was focusing my energy on my shadows. I had to concentrate hard so I could teleport over the test lab. Jaden understood and told Anna. I made it above the test lab. No one was inside so I dropped through the window.
    “Shadow, it looks like Rocky and the girl are in gas vaults. I can’t seem to find Dan yet.” Anna said. She must have been over near Jaden now.
    “Alright. I see Rocky. The girl is in the vault next to him. Can you try to find the boss’s room.” I asked.
    “I’m on it.” Jaden said.
    Jaden has a computer with him. He’s able to find any information we need on the Trackers. Almost any.
    “Do you still have the lock combo Silver Eagle?” I asked him politely.
    “Yep. Here you go.” He said kind of in a trance. He must have still been working on the computer map to the boss’s room.
    I punched in the code. It took some time but it finally worked. I got Rocky out and we got the girl out. Luckily no alarms went off.
    “You’re welcome.” Jaden said.
    “So you turned them off. Thanks.” I said.
    I love having a computer genius for a brother. Most of the time.
    “Are you two friends of the boy who tried to save me earlier?” The girl asked us.
    “Yes. What’s your name?” Rocky asked her.
    “I am Remarku Centauri. Who are you?” she asked.
    “I’m Rocky and this is Ash. We are ‘magical protectors’. The boy you met earlier was Dan.” Rocky said.
    “You two lovebirds ready.” I said angrily. I couldn’t help it. I liked Rocky and Remarku was kissing up to him.
    “We’re ready but we aren’t lovebirds.” Rocky said.
    “Whatever. Follow me. I can get us to the room Dan’s in.” I told them.
    We left the room and were hidden by my shadows. While we were walking Remarku came up to me.
    “I didn’t mean to push anyone’s buttons. I was just talking to him. I’m sorry.” Remarku said.
    “It’s okay. I guess I was just a little jealous. Sorry for having a bad attitude towards you.” I said apologetically.
    “I forgive you. I don’t know if he does though. You might want to talk to him.” she said.
    “I can’t right now. We’re on a rescue mission.” I told her.
    “What’s going on Shadow? You okay.?” Anna asked through the watch.
    “Firefox I’m fine. I would’ve called for you and Silver Eagle if I was in trouble.” I told Anna.
    “Alright. Silver Eagle will send you the map. It will let you know if you make a wrong turn.” Anna said.
    “Thanks Firefox. We’ll see you when we find Blackhawk.” Rocky said.
    After that we followed the map to the boss’s room. When we got outside the door we noticed the guards. Unfortunately, they noticed us too.
    “You’re not supposed to be here!” One of the guards said surprised.
    “What you gonna do about it? Use your stupid shock rods again.” Remarku said.
    “Remarku don’t provoke them.” I whispered to her.
    “I’ll distract them you two get Dan.” she whispered. After that she ran out into the dark.
    “Let’s go.” I said after the guards left the area.
    “She’s brave. Enough to be in our group.” Rocky said.
    I didn’t answer but he could tell I thought so too. When we got inside the room we saw Dan lifted by the collar of his shirt. The boss had him.
    “I want you and your ‘magical protector’ group to leave my lab and everyone in it alone.” the boss said.
    “Let him go!” someone screamed.
    I turned and to my surprise saw Remarku.
    “I said let him go!” she screamed again.
    “And if I don’t?” The boss said with a smirk.
    “Get out…of…here. I’ll…be fine.” Dan said choking on his words.
    “If you don’t you’ll pay!” Remarku said angrily. She was being serious too.
    “Nope.” The boss said.
    “Silver wing!” Remarku screamed. As she did silver things came out of her hands.
    “Ahhh!” The boss said falling. He finally let go of Dan.
    “Shadow got any Ideas?” Dan asked.
    “One. Teleportation via the Shadows.” I said.
    After that Dan pulled Remarku in close to me and Rocky. Then my shadows surrounded us and we reappeared outside near Anna and Jaden.
    “Can you warn us next time.” Jaden said.
    “Sorry, Silver Eagle.” I said.
    “Can we talk?” Rocky asked me.
    “I guess. We should wait till later though. I mean when we aren’t near the lab.” I told him.
    “No. We need to talk now.” he said.
    Then we headed to an area away from the others.
    “Dan, I have to leave.” Remarku told him. She sounded pretty upset.
    “No. You can stay with us. We can teach you about your powers.” Dan told her. I could tell he liked her and really wanted her to stay.
    “I have to. I can’t let you get involved anymore. None of you can.” she said. I knew then she was hiding something but I stayed quiet.
    “What do you mean involved?” Dan asked.
    “I can’t tell you. All I can say is I have a bad past.” she explained to him.
    “I don’t know what happened then but you’re a better person now.” Dan said pausing a moment. “If you really must go I at least want you to have this. I won’t let you leave it either.”
    I noticed him handing her a communication watch.
    “Alright but promise you won’t contact me unless you’re in trouble.” Remarku said.
    “I promise.” Dan said.
    After that Rocky turned to me. Then we started talking.
    “What was that about?” Rocky asked.
    “What? With Dan and Remarku? I don’t know.” I replied.
    “No! With you in the test lab!” Rocky snapped.
    “Oh. I was just…I mean I was…I thought…” I tried. I couldn’t say it. I just didn’t know how to make the words fit.
    “You thought what? That I was in love with some girl I never met.” Rocky said. He was a bit calmer.
    “Well…yeah actually I did.” I said quietly.
    “Well I’m not okay. I’m not in love with her, I love you. I have since we first met.” he told me.
    “Really? I guess I was being a bit stupid then. Sorry.” I said. I was so embarrassed.
    “Yeah. Just a bit.” he said with a grin.
    “Shadow, Moonwolf, come on. We have to head back.” Dan called to us.
    “Alright! We’re coming Blackhawk! Just chill!” Rocky called back.
    “Kind of hard. Especially when you’re near a lab the Trackers work at.” Dan replied.
    After that we started towards headquarters. That’s when I noticed Remarku wasn’t there.
    “Where’s Remarku?” I asked.
    “Who’s Remarku?” Anna and Jaden asked together.
    “Someone we met inside the lab.” Rocky explained.
    “Where’d she disappear to?” I asked.
    “She left. She said we couldn’t get involved anymore. Whatever that means.” Dan said.
    “Why?” I asked.
    “I don’t know. I stopped asking questions after that.” he told me.
    I stopped questioning him and transported us to headquarters by my shadows. Once we got inside I headed to my room. I didn’t know how to deal with this. Remarku seemed so familiar to me yet I couldn’t tell how.
    “Are you okay Shadow?” Rocky asked as he walked in.
    “You can call me by my real name now you know. Also yes I’m fine. It’s just Remarku reminded me of someone, like in a dream.” I explained.
    Rocky come over and put his arms around me. Showing me we were in this together. He always did know how to make me feel better.
    “We’ll figure it out. Dan and I are with you, ok.” he said.
    After that he let go and we talked a bit. At least till Cameron came.
    “Ash, can you come here for a second?” Cameron said.
    “Sure. What is it?” I said.
    “Just come on. You’ll see.” Cam said.
    So I followed Cameron into the main room.
    “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” Everyone yelled. I was definitely surprised.
    “How’d ya know?” I asked.
    “Your brother and a calendar.” Hanna told me.
    “Besides, it’s hard to forget your birthday when it’s a day after mine.” Rocky added in.
    That night was a wonderful party celebrating my sweet 16. There was cake, games, and other fun stuff. It was a great night.
    When I went to bed is when it happened. I had the same nightmare I had been having for the past month. I thought it would go away today but it didn’t. Here it is:
    I’m with the others on a mission. We are outside the Trackers’ lab. Then someone comes behind me. I scream then they put their hand over my mouth. And drag me away.
    After that I wake up to see Anna and Hanna in front of my bed. I was pretty sure why though.
    “Want to talk?” Hanna asked. She’s good at giving advice so I knew why she had asked.
    “Sure.” I said.
    Then I told them about the dream. I told them how it always ended in me getting dragged off, how I’m always on a mission, and how no one ever gets there in time. After a while Hanna finally spoke.
    “Either you’re having another one of your visions or you have some kind of fear. Like a huge fear.” Hanna said.
    “I don’t know. I just know it won’t leave me alone.” I told them. I wasn’t completely ready to tell them what the dream was about. That’s why I said I didn’t know.
    “Well try to get some sleep. Remember, if you need us we’re just down the hall.” Anna said.
    “I know. I’ll try.” I said.
    After that I tried to get some sleep before the next day. Instead I had another nightmare. Though this one was a little bit different. Here it is:
    I could feel fear. I was running from someone. Then a clearing. A lot of moonlight. Too much for my powers. Then I hear something. And run out of the clearing. My heart is pounding. Then I get hit by something. I fall and my ankle is hurt. Then someone grabs me and I’m surrounded by moonlight again.
    There’s only one person I could think of that can conjure up moonlight. That person is Rocky. Which means someone out there has moonlight powers and is looking for me. This is so not good.
    I woke up late in the afternoon the next day. I wasn’t feeling up to a mission that day. In fact I was feeling pretty bad that day. Twice I almost bumped into a wall because of how light-headed I felt. Katt decided that I was to stay in my room until I felt better.
    I was in bed a long time. I decided to get up late that night. It was dark but I waited for my eyes to adjust. After that I saw a note from my friends. It said that all of them, except Cameron, left on a mission.
    “Great. Well at least I don’t have to go on a mission today.” I told myself as I tried to deal with the quiet.
    “Looks like I was right. I thought I heard someone.” I could tell it was Cam.
    By the way Cam is Cameron’s nickname. Just incase you were wondering.
    “Why’d you stay behind?” I asked him.
    “You were sick. Someone had to watch you and the headquarters. Rocky and Anna wanted to stay but I told them no since they’re two of our top spies.” he told me.
    “Okay. Well maybe we should head to the screen room.” I suggested.
    “By the way, you’ve got a message.” he said.
    I looked down at my watch and he was right. My watch was blinking. I tapped the screen so I could answer it.
    “Who is this?” I asked.
    “I’ve got your friends. If you want to see them again you better come to Trackers lab by sunset tomorrow or your friends are done for.” the person said.
    In the background I heard the voices of Remarku, Dan, Anna, and Rocky. Jaden and Hanna must have slipped away. Thank goodness.
    “Where near the Trackers’ lab?” I asked scared.
    “The south entrance.” They said.
    After that the person turned off the watch and I stood there too frightened to move. Then I headed to the screen room to tell Cam.
    When I finished telling Cam what happened he stood frozen with fear. The same way I felt at first.
    “I’m going with you.” he finally said.
    “Guys! Guys!” We heard someone say.
    Cam and I spun around and saw Jaden and Hanna running in. They looked really frightened.
    “He’s got the others.” Jaden said.
    “Slow down. Who has the others? He who?” Cameron asked them.
    Hanna and Jaden looked at each other then they looked at me. After that they nodded at each other.
    “It’s Darklight.” Jaden answered.
    I was shocked. I didn’t think he would go this far into evil. This is way too far behind the border line.
    “Who’s Darklight?” Cam asked.
    “He used to be my friend. I’m one of three who know his real name. None of us can bare to say it though. I always thought he’d go back to the light. I guess I was wrong.” when I said this I felt a few tears roll down my cheeks.
    “Well we need you to ho there so you can get the others here safely.” Hanna said.
    “Yeah. I know. We might want to get some sleep. We’re going to have a long day tomorrow.” I said.
    They all nodded in agreement and we went to bed. Though I couldn’t sleep. I can’t sleep when the fates of my friends lie in my hands.
    When I finally fell asleep I had one of my nightmares again. I had the on where I was running from someone and get caught in the end. The only reason is because the moonlight is my weakness. If I’m in it too long I can die.
    After a while I woke up. I noticed my watch blinking. I tapped to answer it. I was scared to find out who was contacting me.
    “It’s about time. Just so you know you’re to come alone.” the person said.
    “Alright.” I said.
    “You better come with the book. If you know who I am, you’ll know which book I mean.” they said.
    “Thing is I don’t. I haven’t a clue which one.” I said.
    “The one that led you to me about two years ago.” he explained to me.
    “Alright. If you’re so sure you’ve got the right person. I’ll see you soon. After all it is the next day.” I told him angrily.
    “Remember sunset, come alone, and bring the book. Then your friends will be free.” he said.
    “Fine.” I said bitterly.
    After that I tapped my watch to hang up on him. It was daylight and my clock said eight in the morning. I was mad at him. I couldn’t believe he went this far into evil! Damn him!
    I left my room and headed out to get some food and some fresh air. I almost made it out the door when Cam stopped me.
    “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.
    “To get some food. I’m starving.” I said in one of my childlike tones.
    “Fine. Take a hood so you aren’t spotted.” he said.
    “I will. I’ll be back soon. Is that okay captain.” I said. He wasn’t one who liked being called captain. Even though he was the leader of the group.
    “Alright.” he said with a sigh.
    After that I left to the store with my hooded sweatshirt on to keep from being spotted. I left not just for food but also to get out during the day. I needed out of headquarters for a while so shopping was my excuse.
    “Hello Ash.” someone said behind me. I turned and saw my friend Beth.
    “Hey. You know you’re not supposed to call me by that name during the day.” I reminded her.
    “Oops. I forgot that you’re Alex during the day.” Beth said apologetically.
    “It’s okay Beth.” I told her.
    “So is it your usual shopping. You know, so you can get outside during the day.” Beth asked me.
    “Yep. Also so I can see the few friends I still have.” I explained to her.
    I started looking at the stuff in my cart and spaced out some. I do that when I have other stuff on my mind.
    “You seem a bit distracted. You okay?” Beth asked. I could sense the worry in her voice.
    “No I’m not okay. Darklight is back, Beth. He’s back and he’s got my friends.” I said quietly.
    “I can help you. I don’t care if he was my brother.” Beth told me.
    The reason Beth said Darklight was her brother is because he is her brother but she hates him so much she doesn’t consider him family anymore.
    “I don’t know. He said ‘come alone’. maybe we should just get this stuff and go to headquarters. After that we can think of a plan.” I told her.
    She just nodded her head in agreement. After we bought the stuff we went to headquarters.
    “So we send you to get food and you bring back a friend.” Cam said.
    “I got the food too.” I said in my childlike tone again.
    “Well we should eat. After that we need to get a plan made so we can help you Ash.” Jaden said.
    “No! I have to do this on my own! If I don’t our friends are going to get hurt or possibly worse! There’s no other choice!” I yelled at him angrily.
    “Ash we have to help! For all we know this could be a trap! He could be trying to attack you!” Jaden yelled back.
    After that I just stayed quiet and stormed off to my room. I was so angry. I couldn’t believe them! They think that I haven’t thought about it being a trap! When I have many times! I just wanted to scream.
    Then a knock came to my door. I was too angry to answer deal with them.
    “Ash can I come in?” it was Beth.
    “Sure. If you want to deal with an angry girl.” I said.
    “Well, I’ve dealt with you like that before.” she said as she opened the door.
    “What do you want Beth? I’m busy.” I said.
    “If busy means trashing your room then you’re doing a real good job.” she said.
    I caught the joke but didn’t feel like cracking a smile. I was actually busy.
    “I brought you breakfast. I thought you might feel a bit better after you ate.” Beth said.
    “Thanks Beth. I was busy though. He wants ‘The Book’ that led me to him.” I told her.
    “So he takes your friends. That isn’t right. Way extreme.” she said.
    “He’s evil so he’s a pretty extreme guy. What you expect never happens, around him.” I reminded her.
    “I guess that’s true.” she said.
    After that we ate breakfast. I was tired.
    I had been looking for the book for a long time. For all I know it could be in a trash. In other words, I had no clue on if I still had it.
    “Hey is this it?” Beth asked a while later. She was a holding a black book.
    “Yeah. That’s it.” I said.
    I went over and got it out of her hands. On the cover it said Tulore. That meant secrets. It was the book of secrets. I was so grateful it was found.
    “I guess you’ll be ready for when you see him tonight.” Beth said encouragingly.
    “I guess I will.” I replied.
    The hours passed by fast and it was a few minutes till sunset. The others had decided to let me go alone. I used my shadows and teleported to the south entrance of the Trackers’ lair. I saw my friends gathered up with some others I didn’t recognize. Talk about trapped.
    I walked over to the cage. I had my bag on my side with the book in it. Rocky lifted his head. He looked so much different compared to when I saw him two days ago. He looked drain of anything joyful. Same with the others.
    “What happened to you?” I asked him quietly.
    “He isn’t human. He’s a demon Ash.” Rocky whispered to me.
    “I know. I’m so evil aren’t I.” I heard Darklight say behind me.
    “Let them go!” I yelled at him.
    “Did you bring the book?” he asked. He was so calm and collective. I hated it.
    “I might have.” I said calmer. I was trying to get him to show the other side. The side that had feeling. That was his weak spot.
    “Don’t play games with me Ash.” he said. I noticed a bit of anger in his voice. Exactly what I wanted to hear.
    I turned back to the cage. I noticed my friends first. Then I noticed the others. There were four others. Three girls and one boy. I wonder what he needed them for. Then I turned back to him.
    “Listen, I’ll give you the book after you release my friends and the others.” I said. I was trying to stay calm.
    “No! Give me the book or your friends and the others will perish!” he yelled. He was growing impatient. He had his hands in tight fists.
    “Give me the book!” he yelled again. There was hellfire all around him.
    “Not until you release my friends and the others!” I yelled. I couldn’t be calm any longer. My shadowfire surrounded me.
    “You want your friends and the others so bad I’ll take you to the boss instead!” he yelled charging towards me.
    I tried to block him but he was too fast. One minute I’m in front of the cage, the next minute I’m down in the fiery pits of Hell.
    “Did you bring them?” A big, booming voice asked.
    “No master. Their powers were useless. A brought a girl who has demon power inside.” Darklight said.
    “What! Just one!” The voice roared in aguish.
    “I got the Tulore. Only the girl can read it. She’s the only one who can access the spells and enchantments in it.” Darklight explained to the voice.
    I was freaking out. Then I heard a voice in my head. Someone was thought-speaking to me.
    “When I try to grab the book I want you to hit me hard with your shadowfire. Then get out with the book.” they said.
    “Alright Christoffe. I understand.” I thought-spoke to him. Christoffe is Darklight’s real name.
    I didn’t really understand. I didn’t know what was going on. Then I saw a figure come out of the shadows.
    “So you are the supposed half-ling.” the figure said.
    I didn’t know who he was but I was scared more.
    I looked at him closer and knew who he was. He was Lucifer. The Devil.
    “What do you mean half-ling?” I questioned him.
    “Doesn’t matter now. Darklight bring me the book.” Lucifer said.
    So Christoffe, or Darklight, came to grab the book. He looked at me to remind me of the plan. I was really scared for him.
    “Give me the book.” Christoffe said.
    “No. I’m not giving it to anyone.” I said trying to keep a firm grip on my bag.
    “Give him the book half-ling!” Lucifer yelled at me.
    “Enough! I’m not a half-ling and I’m not giving you the book!” I yelled. My shadowfire shot higher as I yelled.
    I didn’t follow the plan. I did use my shadows to get me and the Tulore out of there, but I used them to get Christoffe out too. Unfortunately my plan back-fired. Instead the others that were in the cage appeared behind me and Christoffe. This isn’t good at all.
    “Oh good. The half-ling has invited others to see her use in my plan.” Lucifer said.
    “Christoffe, why does he keep calling me half-ling?” I asked him quietly.
    “It’s because you’re half a demon and half a human. A half-ling, as they are called. Only three exist. Me, you, and another one who, like you, can read the Tulore.” he answered me.
    “No wonder I have Shadow powers.” I said angrily.
    “Read the spell half-ling!” Lucifer yelled. He was getting angry and impatient.
    I noticed that Christoffe had gotten the book out of my bag. Good thing I was able to grab hold of it in time to get a firm grip. We had to make the fight look as convincing as possible, make it look like we weren’t friends.
    “Which spell?” I asked Christoffe very quietly.
    I looked back at the others. The book now in only my hands. I could see confused looks on their faces. I saw some scared looks too. I turned back to Christoffe.
    “He wants you read the spell that awakens the blood demon. The Lurithra.” he said.
    “What! There’s no fucking way I’m awakening that demon!” I yelled.
    “Rain get me the book!” Lucifer yelled. He was furious.
    “Yes master.” a young boy came in and when I say young boy that means someone around my age.
    He looked at me. I held the Tulore very tight. I looked at him as he drew closer. He was upset. I could sense it. Then as he got the book he spoke.
    “I’m sorry but there’s no other choice. I’m truly sorry Ash.” Rain told me.
    I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he knew my name and got the book from me, even. All those spells and enchantments.
    “Read the spell, Rain!” Lucifer yelled.
    “Yes master.” Rain said.
    After that he dug through the book and found the spell. It was in a language I didn’t exactly understand.
    “Shadow you’re glowing.” A voice said behind me. I looked and it was my friend Ashton. She must’ve been one of them in the cage.
    I looked down and saw strange markings on my arms and legs. It felt like something was trying to destroy me from the inside out. I heard Rain chanting the incantation.
    “The half-ling is the portal…” he chanted.
    I screamed in pain.
    “It will release the most powerful and destructive of demons…” Rain continued chanting.
    More pain. I scream again.
    “The half-ling will unleash the blood demon! It will unleash the Lurithra!” Rain yelled finishing the chant.
    I screamed really loud. It felt like knives were cutting through my body. I saw the strange markings on me were glowing brighter.
    “The creature is awake!” Lucifer yelled. He was proud.
    “Shadow! What’s happening to you! What’s going on!” I heard Rocky yell from a far distance away.
    “I don’t know Moonwolf! Ahhhhh!” I yelled. Another rush of pain shot through me.
    I looked up and there, in front of me, was a creature. It had the body of a snake, the wings of a bat, the horns of a demon, and the poison-spike tail of a dragon. It was the blood demon called the Lurithra.
    “Shadow! Run!” Dan and Anna yelled to me.
    “I…can’t!” I yelled.
    I couldn’t move at all. Then, suddenly, I found the strength to move. I grabbed hold of Christoffe’s arm so I could stand steadily.
    “You’re going to be alright. You’re going to make it.” Christoffe encouraged me.
    “Thanks. I needed to here that.” I said.
    After that we headed to the others. I was too weak to get us out. My powers were too drained.
    “Everyone gather around.” I heard Remarku say.
    I guess she had a plan to get us out. Thank goodness because I don’t think anyone else did.
    “Metallicus Sivaro!” She yelled.
    Then we appeared in front of the cage. I guess Remarku knew some spells. What surprise will she have for us next time we’re in trouble?
    A few moments later I was being lifted in the air. I was completely horrified. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen next. Which wasn’t good.
    “No! No! No!” I screamed in terror.
    I was filled with fear. I was right in the moonlight and it was bright. The moonlight was weakening me.
    The strange symbols on me were glowing extremely bright. Then a huge hole appeared in the ground. My friends and the others with them were staring at me. After a while they noticed the hole. They didn’t know what to say, I guess.
    After the that appeared, the Lurithra came. Then I fell to the ground. Luckily, Rocky caught me. Once the Lurithra landed I had almost completely regain my strength. I would have too if it weren’t for the moonlight. Then the Lurithra took flight and all Hell broke loose.

To be continued...

The author's comments:
This is what the story is now but I'll be going over it and MAJORLY editing after some time. Once I get the chance. ^^

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