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Machine of God

December 24, 2011
By praveen.Trichy PLATINUM, Thirchy, Other
praveen.Trichy PLATINUM, Thirchy, Other
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That was not such a good day in office. Philip had gone to his sister's home, and Jesse was
affected by pneumonia. Old man who is a senior officer of the company phoned Adam at
afternoon and asked him to meet him in his office. David went to Old officer's office and he
smiled at him. He showed him the small man who is sitting in the opposite seat.

'This is David, the cutest young boy in our company addressed the old man to small man.

'Hey small boy, meet professor White. He did a miracle. He designed a new machine. He wants
to advertise it through our company.'

'What kind of product?', asked David.

With our guessing the professor asked the old man, What are you thinking? Can we named this
product as 'Machine of God'?

David watched the box which is on the professor Ben's hand.Senior officer looked David and
replied, 'Yes professor Ben, this name is suitable.'

David watched in amazement and asked professor 'professor, can you please explain the
functions of your machine?

'It's simple. We know that the God is living every where.I will keep that God in this box.

'Oh my God!..Which God?'.

'Any God You like.'

'I hope you must be joking, is not?,asked David to Professor Ben.

'If you see it one time, then you will believe it. We can ably store electricity, is not?.
Electricity is an one kind of energy. Like God to be also one kind of energy. We are
storing electricity, which is an kind of energy, so why can't we store God, asked the
Professor Ben.

David does not believe in the words of professor. It's the policy of the company to hear
customer as a bible word.

David thought of joking professor.

'Since God is a kind of power, If I touch your box, is it will shock, Is not professor?',
asked David.

Yes,some time it will shock you. It depends on the type of God who is inside. If Ares, a
Greek god of war is inside, it will shock severely ,Jesus, Buddha are mild Gods.

'What are you telling, can you keep any God in this box,'asked David.

After a long gap, senior officer replied, 'He is telling he is going to shut God in this box
and to sell it.

'It's amazing, can you demonstrate it?',asked David.

Professor Ben took that small box in his hand and showed it to David. Small box is papered
colourful and it looks like old phone.A pleasant smell come from it.

'Let me see, Is god is in this box,'asked David in surprise.

'Yes. Just before few minutes I kept Zoroastrian God in this box.'Some time he use to play
flute. It used to sound excellent. David signaled to Senior officer that he wants to speak with him alone.

'What are you thinking, is this man came from the Psychiatry hospital?',asked David.

'Who cares that? Professor Ben was graduated in Cambridge university. We are just going to
advertise his new product. Who cares whether there is God is there or goat is there,
answered professor.

'But, are not we cheating people?',asked David.

'Old age people believed that God use to present everywhere. There is some logic in Professor's speech. If you have time, hear him. He is explaining all the scriptures of all religion'.

David called the professor and asked 'what is the price of this box'?

It's is expensive, but...

I know, yes God is valuable....Replied David.

Professor looked David and told, I can understand you are making fun. There is no price for God. But for to capture the God I to use Gold, You know gold will conduct electricity easily, is not?

David come near professor and asked, 'Dr.Ben,are you truly believing this' ?

'It is not a matter whether you believe this or not. God is true. He spreads everywhere.
Just I am keeping him in this box.'

'Well, show me how it works'?,explain it clearly so that people like me understand about
God, told David.

It's simple, See the plate which is in the top of the box. Touch it. With out taking hand
open the cover of the box. Think some God in your heart, he will spread on you,till time

'What is time out?'.

'There is an electronic timer inside the box.'...Do me tell what God do you want?

' Mm....I like Buddha.'

'Well, he is in the list. Telling this professor clicked the number eighth option which is
in the box.'

David touched the plate and opened the box slowly.'No, I am not feeling anything'.

'Is not Buddha appearing to you?' , asked professor.

David closed his eyes, and opened. All he viewed is only the door of the pizza shop.

'Oh this is the problem,'told professor and asked David to take his hand away from his box.

He took a small thruster from the box and told it was broken .

David watched professor in surprise. Is he a scientist or mad? He is working with out any
hesitate. Professor welded something from the box. He asked David to keep his hand again
in the box.

There are some changes appeared on the face of David.

Can you see Buddha now? The sound of flute? Song?

Then professor watched the box and told, 'oops,I increased the level' . He then turned it to

David got up and walked straight in one direction .He went near the window and climbed on it. He spread his hands like wings and shouted, 'All men are equal and there is no
difference, even in the blood.'Telling this he jumped from the window.

Did he able to fly?

The author's comments:
God Machine...lo!

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