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The Beast Within

December 21, 2011
By Dragonwriter BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Dragonwriter BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
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Strapped down to a table, I snapped my eyes open, quickly searching around the room for at least a hint to where I am.

Bars of cells lined the walls, some packed with people, while others may only have one or two, if any. As I looked, none of the people were dead, but looked very much damaged, either through physical abuse, or through a disease unknown to my knowledge. I tried to struggle free of my bonds, but cannot get out of them. The lighting all around me has a faint red glow, and feels around ninety degrees or so.

I then saw a being walk out of a corner of this dungeon. She looked quite healthy, until she became close enough to see that she is otherwise.

Her skin looks very pale, and the clothing she wears is very torn. Bumps appeared to show out of her head, but her thin layer of black hair is covering them fairly well only the sharp points of her ears are peeking through. She is holding a long needle in her left hand, emptied of its contents, and is holding an engraved knife in her right. On the blade was a red color in the form of dragon fire.

“How did I get here?” I asked her nervously.

“You cannot remember?” she replied in a breathy tone. Her teeth are very sharp, and her tongue like that of a serpent.

“I remember nothing.” I could not quite remember what happened before I got here.

“You are one of many experiments. See those in the cages? Do you know what they all have in common?” I shook my head. “Each of them were found wandering at night, all alone. I assume you know what I am?”

“Some sort of vampire, correct? The horns throw me off a little.” She smiled in her own amusement.

“Very good, and yes, we are not your average vampire. We have managed to alter ourselves slightly, as of the horn and the tail.” I peeked at the ground behind her, and noticed that she has a long stringy tail, with an arrowhead-like tip at the end of it. “You should also know that each of these creatures behind bars have been experimented on. No, not all of them are filled with our poison, but we have tried to test other forms to change into, so that our race can once again thrive through the darkness.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“You have already been injected with our latest potion, but I am not to tell you what it may do.”

A sudden rush of anger overcame me, and felt as if I must move immediately. I tightened my hands into fists, and pulled my arms towards my face, breaking the top half of my restraints. The vampire’s smile vanished in an instant, and she readied her small blade in front of her. I tore off my remaining restraints, and stood in front of her. She let out a loud hiss, and several more vampires crept into the room. I walked into a corner, and they all began to charge at me.

I have become very afraid, and the anger I feel spread through me, further and faster than ever.

I let out a yell, but it turned more into a roar. I quickly grew a few feet in length, gaining claws at the ends of my fingers, and became coated with brown fur. I roared again, and continued to grow in size, until I stood about twenty feet tall. The girl that stood before me became very fearful, and all of them froze into place.

I lashed my arm out, and the girl went flying, blood spilling as she hit the wall. All of the other vampires began to run out of fear.

I continued to rampage, striking anyone whom got in my way. All who managed to avoid me, or the injured that could flee, fled. I jumped up to the ceiling, and found a hole at the top. As I charged through the tunnel moving upward, I smashed through the layer of rock that kept me in this foul place, and bright sunlight filled my eyes.

I continued to run, until I became far from the place that did this to me, finding places to hide from anyone who could not take seeing my new form.

The author's comments:
This is a dream I have just recently had. I have many dreams with the strangest things, but they do make great stories, short like this one, or long like others I have written. Some drawings come out of them as well.

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