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The Fourth Level

November 6, 2011
By AlexT.Wilson SILVER, West Carrollton, Ohio
AlexT.Wilson SILVER, West Carrollton, Ohio
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Then I heard a mysterious voice scream from within my head ,” Look up!" and when I did so, I saw a large black vault crashing down right above me. I dodged to the right and the vault hit the floor of the hallway plus a cracking sound went with the vault when when it crashed.

The key to the vault was already ignited so couldn't help but to open it. Once I opened it I saw a cassette tape and an old key. I took them both and with a weird feeling I examined them. The key that was in the vault was gold colored and was warm when I picked it up. The floor slowly started to crack as I looked at the key! Once I started to look at the cassette tape the vault fell strait through the floor! I looked down the hole that it made and what took me by surprise was, I saw under water sea life!

I played the cassette tape once I found in the vault. The slow deep voice on the tape played " Hello Alex Wilson, I want to play a game with you. There are three switches, one reads live, one reads die, and one reads 50/50 chance. Choose wisely, his life depends on it." I looked around; I saw nothing but a hole that had been made in the ground. Not long after I had looked around, the floor fell in!

Under the surface of the ground was a tub of water with fish and other sea life. There I found the three switches. I looked up and I saw a person wrapped up in duck tape and rope hanging side ways from a mechanical pulley! I thought to myself," Why would I want to kill this person!" I hit the live switch, but battery acid slid off a shelf in the back of the room like it was on a vending machine and spilled in. The person was lowered from the pulley and burned in the acid."NOOOOOO" I screamed as electric ells were dropped in the tub of water. I scrambled trying to find an off button, but all I found was a power switch. I thought to myself. It looked like an old faction joy stick.

I decided to pull it,”yank"the power went out! I was falling, down a stair case that came from the darkness. Some how I ended up stumbling upon the computer lab at my old school.

The author's comments:
This is an old story I revived, it needed some work but
I fixed it, this is the fourth level it is a realm that goes beyond reality.

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