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Little Green Martian

November 11, 2011
By procrastinating101 SILVER, Eatonville, Washington
procrastinating101 SILVER, Eatonville, Washington
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At 8 o’ clock this morning the U.S. Government released information pertaining to the mysterious shipment seen taken into a secret government testing facility. It seems that this time the conspiracy theorists were right. The strange shipment was, in fact, an alien life form excavated from the permafrost on Mars.

Earlier this year, January 5th, 2012, space probe XZ-429, overseen by NASA employee Capitan Jack Morgan, got a glimpse of a strange green hue beneath a thin layer of ice. The Capitan became excited thinking he had found a preserved plant or algae that long ago once grew and lived on Mars. He was surprised when finding this alien life form stating, “XZ-429 was originally sent to Mars to search for bacterium petrified in the ice. We never expected to find such a complex life form.”

After this alien was brought back to Earth scientists began to study and get to know it, even giving it a name, Martin the Martian. Martin astounded them. He is short of stature reaching a height of approximately 4’ 2’’. He is equipped to live both on dry ground and under water. He has lungs and gills, both of which seemed to have functioned. He has seven webbed toes on each foot and seven webbed fingers and a thumb on each hand. The fin stretching down his back reaches 4 inches high and is covered in tiny spines looking harmless to the eyes but deadly to the touch, each one containing two whole ounces of a toxic substance able to stop a beating heart in just thirty seconds. His head is pointed at the top creating an egg shape. Most of his face is taken up by his bulbous eyes. The bright glowing purple would be alarming to even the most adamant of sci fi readers. He has no lips only a slit for a mouth, the same going for his nose and nostrils.

Martin’s shape and size are shocking but not as quite as shocking as his color. Martin is green. What causes this tone are the chloroplasts inside of his skin cells. With these chloroplasts he would have been able to produce his own energy from sunlight through the process of photosynthesis. Martin is a complex life form showing characteristics of both plants and animals. This is an outstanding specimen for biologists everywhere.

So what does this mean for our world, for life as we know it? Some radicals believe it foreshadows the coming apocalypse. Doctors speculate about cures and advances in modern medicine. Geneticists believe they can mix the human genome with a DNA sample from Martin, allowing humans to develop the amazing capability of photosynthesis. This would help end world hunger and put less dependence on outside food sources. Many believe that life will continue as usual, uninterrupted by any more strange life forms from the cosmos.

The author's comments:
I felt like writing about an other life form that may be lurking within our own solar system from the point of view of a reporter.

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